Wednesday, April 29, 2009

how to start?

So you only have about 10G or less.. and you want to start making money?

i'm here to help you with that (at least in this post!)
let's say you have 10G, then i would strongly recommend starting in the enchant mats secotr.
why? no depost fee!

frankly: the first week: scan 2 times a day, (minimum 2h apart) and seach in ah for vendor. (go to search tab, click searches, and look for anything that you can buyout and sell to the vendor for instant profit). don't do anything else, or you'll use money.
after the first week: buyout or bid on low lvl enchanting mats that are below 50%
and relist them. if there is a big market: relist them for the lowest price possible, while still making profit (undercut by 1copper) if there is a small market, put your merchandize in the dead center of them. they will sell! also try listing them just before the weekend. (thursday eve. or friday morning).

oh well, times up for today back to work..

what do you guys love to resell?

Addon's: Auctioneer

Hey all!
so you wanna start Auction house trading?
Well one quick tip for you: Auctioneer!
get this get this get this! with out this add-on youll make far less money!
Download it here and watch the money flow!
It takes time to get used to it. but once you can use it, your profit will skyrocket.
Info and pictures will come later.

which addons do you use to trade at the AH?

Everything starts with one copper

Welcome to the jungle!

I'll be writing about my daily gold transactions at World of Warcraft in this Blog!

I'll write Tips, bids and buyouts etc etc...

why am i doing this?
Well after Gevlon reached the money cap, i started to think what to do.
i loved his blog, and share his thoughts. So this will be my way to honour him.

Do realize though, that my writing style is very diffrent. And i'll not be trying to copy his work. i have my own idea's and views, and will write about those.

Mission: Monetize!
i started anew one week ago, with 25G. and right now I am worth 2.5k (bigPicture).
I'll be using Ravenholdt EU for this experiment. We have a small AH (around 250-300 pages) so let's see where it will lead uss!

the goal?
for the blogg, is entertainment, expressing my personal views, and donating some tips to my readers.
for the experiment: getting 100K (i feel this should be enough to supply my characters for the comming year or 12...

oh well, a better post will follow this. but i'm at work right now. (i just got the idea to start this blogg) so i'll have to leave you all hanging.