Friday, June 26, 2009

1G plz: let's take a break

Hey all I'm back for a small post

Don't you ever have that something just won't sell, or it just doesn't work?

If you crafted item doesnt sell its because of 3 reasons:
1) too much competition: wait untill the competition is lower and sell it then
2) not enough people online: post it in the weekend, when there are more searching the AH
3) it's just horrible: remember the "of the falcon"? agi+int isn't the most topseller or the "of the boar"? they just don't sell! list them for about 145% vendorprice, or let the mdisenchant, otherwise you'll not sell them.

And today I'm taking my own advice, my week's leave of work is comming (last day today!) and I'm taking the week of blogging most probably.
I'm against all the nerfs Bliz is giving old content, and it seems that my muse isn't happy with it either, i have about 500 idea's but they seem to melt on paper. (or pc screen)
This will also givem e about 15-30mins extra with my wife over next week, and we can really use the "alone" time. Since i don't draft texts, i all write them on the day they need to be posted, this will save me some time and frustration.

So This was my last post for June. I'll be back the 6th of july.

and remember:

A fortune starts with one copper!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deep thoughts continued:

Dàchéng said...

I notice no mention of real-life friends. Keeping friendships requires effort on your part, and I notice that your general day desn't include anything there. If this is not just an oversight, then you will lose your non-WoW friends if you have not already done so. Letting friendships wither could be a sign of addiction.

This is a great Comment I got on previous post.

I thought it was good enough to continue yesterdays topic.

Dàchéng, Yes I have friends. Though not a lot anymore. In the week, we don't have much time/energy to go out and see each other, but they also play WoW so we put up Vent, and talk while we play. In the weekend, we mostly hangout at my home or at a bar playing some biljarts.

Yet I must say when i was younger, i had a lot more friends, as time passed by though you naturally lose sight of each other. (diffrent home, school, work etc)
The first year i started to work full-time, AND did univeristy I didn't had a lot of time to spend with them, and i lost about half of my mates, later when I met my wife, that little time I had got split in 2. Most of my friends said then and there and litterly: it's uss or her. (Do mind that this was not the first time) I chose her.
My cell has about 348 numbers in it, of which 24 familymembers and 10 worknrs. (i got an extra cell for work so only emergency nrs) The rest were mates. Now i call 3 nrs...
I realised that "Friends" are people who call you when THEY need something. And when you need something, they all dissapear. So I'm left with my "family", my brow's, my Dearest Friends.

You should do good to listen to this piece of advice:
For every 50 friends you got, there will be 1 that's a true friend, one that isnt a M&S to put it in goblin words, only 1 that you will see between being a young-adult and adulthood.
Everyone else, will leave, forget you,find other friends...
there's a line from a song that goes: "Friends are enemies with secret identities, who come around and stab you in the back when you ain't looking"

Now that's exagereted by far. But do think about this: how many friends of yours would dump you for 1 million dollars? how many would you dump? There's probably only one or two that you won't let go.

I'm not saying this out of bitterness, I'm saying this out of wisdom. You (my readers who are saying no) are probably below <24 years old, and think that those friends you have will stay with you all your life. Go to your family and ask how many childhood friends they still see? my mom and dad don't see any, my aunt doesnt see any, my grand-ma doesn't see any, etc etc.

Don't think that having fewer or no friends is a result of addiction. I chose to have less friends, and there wasn't one day I was depressed about it. I make one phonecall and i know that my mate will be running to me. For me that's better then having to call 348 nrs and hoping that half of them show up.
I chose to let the relationship wither, not for the game, not for time but for me. I am happier now.
So right now i have: aquintaces (? spelling) and "family" (my dearest friends)
the first group, I see at work, at my favorite bar, at wow.... And they are fun to be with but thats it.
The second group, is the one I rely on, and those that can rely on me. And I take pride in it, that that group is small.

For the ones Thinking I must be 44 years old and a loner to write like this:

My real name is Dave V.D. I live in Belgium and was born at 18th of august 1988.
So I'm 20y old,
weight: 54Kg
height: 1m72

My favorite hobbies: biljarts, spending time with my wife, reading, programming, hanging out with my brotha from anotha motha, and anything that can test my brain/body to its fullest.
(except contact sports: cant do those anymore - accident) and gaming (including WoW)

Work: I work as an ITer at N-allo and a programmer-analyst in my spare time.
Studies: Management, Acountancy and IT + IT-degree + degree to start my own company.
My IQ: 126-139 (from the tests i took these are my lowest and highest scores)

Favorite colour: Black and red (and green)
Music: HipHop, old rock and hard rock/metal
Movies: action, thriller, comedy.
Food: steak and fries

Anything else just ask.

How can I have wisdom then? Well, let's just say I crawled out of the snake pit and have seen a lot.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deep Thoughts: When enough WoW is enough?

It's a big topic here in Belgium: Game addiction

When are you addicted to the game?
Yesterday I came in touch with this topic.So i thought i'd write a small post about it.
Can people really say: "your addicted"? What are there parameters? Let's take me for example:
My general day is:
6h30 get up
7h leave for work
7h30-15h30 (normally) working
15h30 -16h driving home
16h pressing the On button of my pc, and checking my mail etc.
17h-18h dinner (including dishes) yeah i eat loooong, since i love the peace and calm, and family time.
18h10-19h banking (about 30mins i just sit and read a book of it ,while my scan is running)
19h10-22h Raiding and keeping my Guild in order.
22h - ??h (mostly 12h) Rent a movie, read or finish my rubikscube since it takes me an hour or 2 to complete.

Note: i smoke a cig every hour or so, so i need to go downstairs, and do it in my "smoking area"
Note2: the playtime in the weekend is about the same
Note3: i try and Not game on Thursday (personal time with wife etc)

So you should say: well ain't you adicted? you come home from work and almost instantly play!
Valid point! But:
1) I see that my work and work @ home are done first.
2) I don't watch TV (I really don't like it)
3) I read books at work (on my brake) aswell as the newspaper.
4)I don't have kids yet, and my wife is mostly @ school or something like that

So is that addicted? I don't really know. If you say to me: Quit a week.
I wouldnt mind, what i would mind though is: Who is going to run my guild? I saw at TAOW what happened when 2 officers took a brake... 25left the first week(!)
Second i would be bored half the time. I read a lot, but i do that at work and while smoking at home. I don't like TV so thats out.. I do like videogames... but heck thats the same.. i like boardgames, but you got to find people for that... I really really like sports, sadly with my injury a couple of years ago, the only thing i can do is jog and run. So no contactsports.. which were my alltime favorits (Basketball on concrete, hockey, soccer, ...) I could go out to a bar and play some biljarts (which I also really love) and thats something i would do, but not a whole week, cause then i would be an Alcohilic, since i'm at a bar all the time. Next week i have a week of liberty (no work)
So i'll be home with my lovely wife the whole week and this is what i'm going to do:
-sleep a bit longer as my 4h a day i have now.
-Go for a walk with my wife
-Go swimming (and this is a real achievement for me! since i'm an aquaphobic)
-Go to our yearly feast here in Heist, so shop and have some fun.
- just doing nothing ! (for about an 1h, i can't do that too long)
- reading
- blogging
- being romantic for my wife ^^

So you judge are you addicted? what is addicted? and as long as you keep your RL straight, is that really addiction?


Edit: For the record I do have 2 addictions I reallly like: 1) My wife, and i will never give her up!
2) Smoking, yes I Like IT! so I don't care what you say about it, though I'm cutting back for my wife, she doesnt like it. And as said: She's my prime addiction, my sweet and perfect little drug!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Group Therapy: Price WAR!

Thuesday is the day that I bring other experienced players and bankers to this site.
We are all short on time so It's just Me and Grodus. But we'll do fine

Grodus: Getting into a price war can be extremely detrimental to an item's value. If you're in a battle with a vicious undercutter, there are a few things you can do to minimize your losses:

1) Wait awhile. If it's a rare item, there's a good chance that your competitor's will sell and then you'll be able to set your own price. This technique doesn't work as well with crafted items or items that are easy to come by.

2) Keep undercutting. Either your item(s) will sell, or the price will go so low that you can buy out the others and relist at normal prices.

3) Stealth auction. If your competition is posting auctions for a 48h duration, post yours at a 12h duration before peak playing times. In all likelihood, your auctions will sell before anyone even notices.

There are more ways to effectively deal with price wars, but these are the ones I use most frequently.

Basicly Grodus already mentioned most of the tactics, Including what I do. Mostly I wait awhile for posting, or i push the price so low that i can buy most of his stock. What i also do is: creat a new charactar and undercut with him. If he sees 2 people (me and my alt) undercutting he can do 2 things:
1) give up, if he does so i can cancel all my auctions and relist.

Another tactic, which i don't use a lot but can do if he's persistent. Sell via Trade. Take the AH price -10% and you'll sell while he's wondering how come nothign is selling.

So these were the tips for today.
Thank you Grodus for your view!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday Morning Hang Over: Friday's post

In light of my Fridays post, i got a lot of commetns regarding the Alts.
Why Wait untill 3.2? => its only one month away since the ptr patchnotes are up.
So if you haven't got one, this is valid advice, if you already have an alt let's say 20+ well go ahaid and lvl it.
On the Part where i say that it's sad that bliz lowers the difficulty of Old Content And to my commenter on that:
It's not only the mounts... It's the heirlooms, recruit a friend, the quests, the leveltime (remember the 20-60 lvl nerf?) the nerfing of dungeons (byebye Mallet of Zul Farak) about EVERYTHING that was Vanilla has fallen away or is shrinking in a corner crying and hoping it won't get cut down! And YES it IS sad! I don't care that you have lvled 4 alts... i have 3x 60's 4x70's and 4x80's All leveled over the course of 4 years. And i Loved leveling them, Yes loved it. Why cause it made sense too! It made sense to Pug and wipe in silly lvl30 dungeons to know your class, it made sense to buy that blue lvl40 items since you would be using it 10hours instead the mere 2hours you'll be spending now? It made sense to swear at lvl40's with mounts, It made sense to love your Travel form, Ghost Wolf or Aspect of the Cheetah. What is left of it?

Absolutly NOTHING... And yes it's Sad... Newer Players will love the changes ofcourse, and people who want to blaze to endgame will love it. Personally I want to learn how to play my class before lvl80, I want to learn how to tank with my warrior in old dungeons, i want to heal ZulFarak with his hammer again. IF you want to take the easy road and love it? Be my guest. But don't say it's for the better, no, heeeelllll no, It's just because your to slow,tired,dumb, new, burned out, what ever. to do it the old way.
So here is what I and Half of the "old guard" want: Blizz make uss a VANILLA SERVER!

Some people want it easy, well do your thing.
Personally i want to raid Molten Core again, 40 man ragnaros, and raid 5hours at one piece cause there inst something like being saved. I want the absolute and total dispair agian when you see 20guys getting one hit because Fire Resistance mattered.

So this was my Rant for today. I want to say though that I don't mind that people want to play an easier game, just dont' think that everyone wants this. Some people want a challenge. If i Wipe 3 times at a boss i'm happy, cause then it's something worth trying, if you don't know tactics and still beat a boss... whats the fun in that? the cheer? the joy?

So my conclusion:
50% of the players want to take it easy = do yar thing
50% want to keep the game interresting, alive and Hard (in the context of wow at least) = These want the fun of the game.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

1G plz!:In light of 3.2: Saved money = profit

I'm sitting here for the last two hours, and I have a writersblock. I haven't slept decently in the last week or 2, Work is getting a pain in the butt and to top it off i bought another game, which me and my wife played for hours yesterday, only doing my cooking quest on WoW.

But maybe I finally found a topic.

First of: if Titanium ore is under 2G a piece on your server buy them! and hold them untill 3.2 drops. (Most of you should already know this, so sorry for the late comment on this one) The reason why is simple: Titanium ore can be prospect for epic gems in 3.2

But up for the post:
We all know about the travel changes in 3.2 if not here's a small list
ground mount = lvl20 (5g for learning and mount together!)
epic groung mount = lvl40
flying mount = lvl60 (flying will now decrease with your standing)

Why Am i talking about this, well aside from the fact that it makes the lvling easier... again... (personally i htink it's a bit sad, Bliz is so ready to give up the difficulty of old content)
It also saves you a lot of cash! And that from the Banker or Goblins standpoint is the most beautifull thing in the universe! So my Advice here is quite simple:
- Don't lvl alts untill 3.2
- Don't buy epic flying! (normal flyspeed = 150% in 3.2)
- If you do want epic flying = get it when 3.2 drops
On the epic flying this can save you about 1500G! now, when is the last time you made 1500G in one day? Well if you are reading these tips you probably haven't (or you just like my blog very much)

Again sorry for the video's, i'm still deciding what to do with it.. Comment, hint, hint *cough* HINT *cough* /giggle
This weekend I might get off another post, since the last week I noticed my posts getting smaller, so i'll game a bit, look at AH find something usefull and I'll be dumb and share it with you guys, so my server will be flooded with it. Nah, ok serious now, i'll find something decent to write about this weekend and search for that golden tip I like to give.


Remember: A fortune starts with one copper!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Crafters Gold: and for something totally diffrent

We all know that we can sell, armor kits, tailoring threads, belt buckles, glyphs, potions, flasks and gems. Even the mats for these products sell well. We sell, leather, ore, flowers, meat, cloth etc.
Well you can sell more as just that, no im not talking about enchanting mats, everyone knows that. But i mean food! and even Hunter's pet food! (mammoth snack) These sell really well! Thats not allSometimes from the daily fishing quest you get a grey quality hat, even though its grey, these can be sold for a good 10gold at the AH. Also some not so well known items that can be sold are: Frost oil that alchemists make (old Quest item) for a couple of Gold (i sell 1-3 of those every week for 5gold) and gyroatom (engineers make this, and also used for a quest item) for some gold (also 1-3 a week for 3-10G) even bronze and copper tubes can be sold!
I can't call this a real niche market, just because it isnt that large, but can earn a pretty penny. Same as Gromsblood, on most AH's this is non existent and can grant as much as 1-2G a piece!
Also.. and a lot of people dont mind this... but make your lvl10-19 and 25-29 Blue items! These sell like sweet candy! ex. thoughened leather armor, blue quality +19 stamina and made by leather workers, i can buy the mats for a mere gold (or farm them) and sell it for about 10Gold!
i mean thats 900% profit margin!
Something for the skinners: Have you been playing for more as a year? Do you still have that shadow cat hide? Strange but true i still had 20 when they took it out of the game, i have sold 10 of those and made a solid 50G! a piece.... why? well like i said, i probably have the last 20 on the server. And some people like to collect "vanilla material" that is unbuyable!

I know these tips are small, but trust me its free gold i'm giving you all here! I hope you enjoyed the small post of today!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farmers Note: Geh youh hands dihty boooy!

Farming is needed...sometimes...if there is absolutly no other way...none, what so ever other way...nothing else... i'm not kidding!

but indeed sometimes it's good, sometimes it can be awesome even!
So for my fellow skinners and cookers:

On my server worm and mammoth meat are expensive... so i don't want to buy them a lot. The only thing you can do then is go farm... and I hate it so... Well northern Dragonblight is your salvation: lots of jormungar worms, even a cave! which drop their share of Arctic fur. You are also just a small distance away from storm peaks, which in it's south has a motherload of mammoths who again drop their share of Arctic furs. What i do here is i go out for an hour, (for the worms and an hour for the mammoths) and i get an average of 30 worm meat 30 mammoth meat and 60 chilled meat, above that i get about 120 borean leather and 2-5 arctic furs!
now i hold half my meat for cooking dailys so lets say i sell about 90 ofthem. and they sell for 2G a piece= 180G, i convert the leather to heavy leathers and i get another 140G of them, the arctics sell on my server for about 100G (!!!) so thats: a mnimum of420G and a maximum of 720G! but that ain't all, if you buy spices with your cooking badge youll get about 10 northernspices + 3orso in your goody bag, which also sell 2G a piece. (26 gold give or take)

It isn't an incredible amount of gold, but its good enough to afford you a week of raiding. And you'll have enough meat for the dailys this week. (or they must be shoveltusk.rihno meats - but these cna be farmed about the same)

Well small post for the farmers here,
time to get your hands dirty!


Deep thoughts: Who are you? - I'm me!

Well, it seems that the money making has taken a little dive this last week.
Probably because i haven't spend that much time on it. The new guild has taken a lot of my time lately, so does work, and does my wife. I promise it'll be better... soon... i hope...plz?

All the silly things aside, I'm getting used to the 5 -10 orso emails dropping in my mailbox a week for a thank you note or a help me question. I'm getting used to the ppl i helped on the server, Wing me for more moneymaking goodness... But this one was a first: I stumbled on a reader! A guildie even, someone who i haven't recruited even a week ago... so that was a pleasant suprise, what was even better: he liked the blog... so that was double good. I know the blog is becomming more popular, I started out with about 10pagevieuws a day, now I'm at 250~ orso.
Not a whole lot but still a good number. So ....

hehe ^^

Okaj sorry about the sillyness again, I just can't help it!
There will be an extra post here today! so just hold up and get your farmers weekly when it's out!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Group Therapy: The Pet Show

One of the things I like to do on a RPPVP server is reselling
animals... jupz living breathing animals... I put them on a leash and
leave them in Booty bay with a woodenboard that sais "500G!". No
seriously I do Resell Pets, more specific: Faction Only Pets. from the
normal little dragonhawks to the Teldrassil sproutling (the argent
tournament one) I must say on my server they are pretty profitable, i
buy them at the crossfaction house and put them up on the Alliance AH
and instant profit. I Also buy cats from the old catlady and put them
up at the crossfaction AH, but they don't seem to sell quite as fast.
Though ofcourse I'm just one man, and one man's view isn't always
enough... I bring you my fellow Bloggers, the True Gurus of this
Blogsphere, The Inventor of Gold and the Mistress of Pets...

I don't dabble too much in x-faction trading, there are a couple of guys on my server (low pop pvp, horde 2:1 alliance) that already have this covered which in itself proves there is a market for it. Re tournament pets there does seem to be a x-faction market but personally I just have an arrangement with a horde to swap pets as do quite a few of the "hardcore" pet collectors, on these particular pets, asking prices have tanked from about 2k to 800g on my server, I think its a case of 'sell them NOW' if you're still thinking about it.

We often hear a lot of Engineers complaining they don't have any way
to make money, well the three BoE pets from engineering sell very well
on my own AH, that is the Mechanical Squirrel, the Lifelike Toad and
the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. On my server I can sell 3-4 squirrels
per week, up to 3 toads and maybe one yeti but the yeti is a lot more
expensive to produce and I guess therefore not as attractive to people
going for volume (to hit 50, 75 etc) over 'quality'.

One pet a lot of people don't realise is BoE is the Mechanical
Chicken, obtained from completing the distress bot quest chain. People
going for Loremaster will probably end up with this pet and it sells
on my AH for approximately 1.2-1.8k.

I list my pets one at a time on a 24 hour b/o. Especially at weekends
when more people are playing I make sure to keep the stocks updated.

The other tip I can give you is to list when something in game draws
attention to the pet world. By that, I mean ingame holidays such as
Halloween, Easter, Brew Fest, Valentines and Summer Festival, or any
others where pets drop. These are the times people realise they've got
24/25 pets etc and are looking for something quick and easy (ie the
AH) to get them that achievement.

For some further coverage of which Vendors are of interest to people
planning to list pets either on their own, or the neutral AH, you can
find links on my blog post -

Until next time, Glinda, Mistress of the Pets

Guilty, I admit, I am the cold-blooded pet smuggler for selling those Noble Dragon Hawk to those pathetic Alliance. With help from those greenish goblin of course.

I am doing cross faction pet smuggling, rather than just putting it
on Goblin run AH. I had a travel thru Azeroth with my Horde DK, spend
around 25-30 minutes on traveling, and gather each type of pet for 12
each mail to one of my Alt parked at the Neutral AH, (Orgrimmar,
Thunder Bluff and Silver Moon). Transfer to the Alliance counter-part
on my girlfriend account, and start selling on Alliance's AH. Listing
3-4 at a time.

The average price on those pet would be 8-20g depends on competition.
Reasonable profit margin for covering buyer's trouble on smuggling it
themselves, but since we are doing it in bulk, the profit is nice.
They are selling like 5-7 per night, so one smuggle is able to supply
for 1-2 weeks.

Rare Faction based pet tend to gain high profit (but not in %),
however, they are much harder to sell. I found that once the price >
500g, buyer tends to shop very carefully, the price different is so
stiff that, they'll consider smuggling the pet themselves. So I am not
in the Argent Dawn and Whelps-like selling. Another reason for not
doing the Argent Dawn is that, I expect the price will drop soon due
to more and more people will do it for profit. Once those pet
collector done their collection (And got those mount as well), they'll
join the pet-selling group, similar to the Oracle's pet. (They are
sold at 5g on my server now!)

The main drawback of pet selling is that it takes up lots of space.
Since pets are not stackable. Storage space, relisting bag space etc,
will consume space pretty fast compare to glyph selling and flask for

Also, Pet is a good item type for market manipulation; we'll talk about it later I guess

A great inventory for your pet sales can be found at: (thanks for the linke Zekta!)

You heard it all! You can make serious gold of these creatures! Even you "I'm poor and can't make money untill late game-engineer" can make gold out of this one!

I would like to thank both Zekta and Glinda, for this great post they have written!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Monday Morning Hang-over: Headache from Raiding

Hey All,
I'm back after a weekend of trial and error on WoW. As you all know the Raiding guild has started (my own Raiding guild again... God i'm happy) but it took some gold to start up... around 2.5K actually. The Bank tabs (350G) was about the easiest and less expensive to obtain. the flasks (1K) were a bit harder, the food (550G!!!) was the hardest to obtain. I needed to powerlevel that thing... took me a lot of hatefull grinding and overpriced food to get to 400skill. the rest of the gold went to cheap glyphs, belt buckles etc.

Since it's been a while since i've leaded Raids, i did that a lot this week. Raiding Ul10, Ul25 (both just the first boss, since i don't wanna pug the rest) Raiding Naxx25 which was the downfall of my old guild really.tried some pugEoE10 (never again!) and OS10/25. I've led the Ul10 and OS10 and It wen't fairly well. (made one mistake in Ul10 causing a near wipe). Why am i telling you this? well i went from 18.3K gold to 19.2K this weekend... Which is about 2K less then i make normally(!) on my small banker
Monetize. And yes the raiding is responsible for it. Every Raid has a minimum cost of 50G. (2 flasks) and if I wipe i can add another 50G for repairs. + rebuffing me and my pet with food.
Well lets do some math: 6x50G =300G... EoE brought in a whooping 10 wipes! (im presistent what can i say?) = 500G, Naxx25 = 3 wipes in spider quarter (i never wiped more as once before on spider...) = 150G, OS25 (1D) = 2wipes = 100G, OS10 (tried 1D once) 50G.
so thats = 300+500+150+100+50= 1.1K that i spend on RAIDING! omfg... i mean ffs, 1337 raiding. No seriously thats a lot of cash... I know i can Pay it, certainly next week, when the guild costs are down. But still it's been a rough weekend for my goldpile. (but ofc we need to spend it on something right?) I know you"re all thinking what about that other K? well i dual-specced my resto shammy to Resto/Ele to lvl faster to 80.

So this got me thinking... if doing every raid in the game takes 1.1K a week.. (granted pug raids but still lets say 500G if your doing guildraids) How can most people keep paying for it? I saw a graph a week ago that said most ppl have less then 1K gold. Grinding? Dailys? certainly not AH atleast not on my realm.. only 280pages on ah, don't tell me the majority of my wooping 5000 fellwo alliance players use that thign a lot.

Another Gold related thing:The Movie... yes i know i've been saying it for 2 weeks now... I'm sorry but this week i did 12H workdays (minimum), i still had to learn for my exams (free Uni ftw!), needed to support my wife who's doing full time university so she wouldn't get a mental brakedown, and needed to be online so my new guild wouldn't fail from day 1. I just didn't had time... and to be honest, this week is going to be the same (except the exams they are done) but i've gotten a new project and a new deadline just before i wrote this... Anyone want to create some programs in C++ for me, and install a couple of servers? ooh well it'll be alright.
To be honest, i can't wait to tomorow, thursday and friday.. no more beating around the bush at those days .. its straight moneymaking info there!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

1G plz! : the needy without shame and a whine/rant

So you have a lvl10orso character without gold? Your broke and don't know where to start...
AH is to difficult or too time consuming? Get these Dirty tricks...

Do note that all of the following are frowned upon and will give you a name not worthy of remembering.

Guild charter signing: If you see someone spamming I'll give 1G if you sign my guildcharter do it! It's easy gold, just /gquit sign the charter get your gold, and get invited back to your guild. It'll get you the gold you need, and the guy had his sign for A couple of minutes. I haven't done it before but yesterday I was setting up TSB, and a guy Wd me that i had to watch out for it. Like i would spend a gold on a charter sign....

Beg: We all know this method, and frankly if you beg to me, you'll get more then you bargained for. But ofc its the ultimate do nothing get gold tactic.

Boosts: You can always boost people with your lvl80, though the pay is low, the work is hard; It can be fun... *cough*

Ninja: Ninja that BoE item! Ninja that BoP item, what ever just getthat piece of blue shiny things and sell it!

Master Ninja: Be a Raid leader/Master looter, and give the item to a friend (or yourself ofc) that didn't even roll or need it. if you take it = gold, if you give it to your friend = a favor to ask next time. (You tried it didn't you Water?)

Be a newb: say that you are a nub in a dungeon run and ask for help and have crappy gear. You'll need on everything, and you can sell it afterwards! then just take your full blue gear out of the bank again and go lvl!

Bah I'm sorry for this rather short and unhelpfull post. I'm just a bit mad right now, My former guildleader was a jerk yesterday (again!) tried to ninja something from a guildmember for another guildmember, did a horrible job as RL, forces people to play a certain style/way while we aren't even a raiding guild and discriminates certain people in the guild just cause they don't like Anime....

I'm terribly sorry for all my Fellow Guildmembers, I'm sorry for you blogreaders that you don't get a real update today, Sorry to Raven: Your a sweetie, but I can't take this S*** anymore from a 15y old. And ofc, I'm sorry Fraz and Ofan. It was good being together again, a part of the old guild. come and visit TSB again will you?


PS: sorry for the rant! I'm working my 14th hour straight now, i know it ain't an excuse, but It changes perspectives ^^

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crafter's Gold: Diamonds and necklaces

You're weekly post that makes even the sadest of proffesions in a Gold-Making Machine!

We all like some Bling-Bling! And from lvl 25+ it's easy to get some rings and 30+ for your necklace... But you have to admit below that there's almost nothing to be found... except for jewelcrafting.
all lvl10-20 rings you have are goldmines, Yes, i know that every jc can make them. But almost no-one does. Even if your a high lvl character, you can easily make 5 rings/necks each of below lvl 20 and i promise most of them will sell. For the lower-level characters this can be your way to your first 100G, for others this can be a nice "side" income of a couple of G. Even when buying the mats for it, you'll still make profit. Ofc the high lvl gems are always a good seller.

And for those Gems (sockets) i have a tip for you. A lot of people post at the AH. And let's be frank, do you like searching through 7 pages of Red, 4 pages of purple and 6 pages of orange gems just to find the one you want to equip? A lot of people don't like it, they will still do it though since its the only way to get them. But you can corner it a diffrent way:

[2 Trade:] [Monetize] Selling some \Jewelcrafting/ for the guys and gals who love the bling bling! whisper me for a complete list or let me know what you are searching for!

The latter of this ad. Gives the customer the ability just to say: +16str Red plz. Which means less trouble for him = he's happy. when he's happy: he'll buy from you the next time he ,needs something. you may not believe it, but this can get you more to sell, and actually also a bit more expensive then on the AH. Also remember this: If you raid with your JC, try and bring a full bag of jewelcrafting mats, and after a boss, ask the raid, or W the person who won a socketed item, if they need something. 50% of them will want it.

This was my small post of today, since I'm low on time I'll keep it with this.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Deep thoughts: Raiding, Alts and some

Ok by now all of you should know that I love two things in WoW:
1) Gold, Gold, Gold and more Gold. Did i say gold yet?
2) Pure Slugfest, wiping-eve Raiding. with a bit of Sadomachosism, just enough that takes me to PuG's and wipe half the eve.
oh there is one other thing i love: Alts

Well my inscription Warlock is on Hold right now, even with the 10% exp increase from his shoulders, i don't really have the time to lvl him now. so he's waiting at lvl18 until half of july i think. Yesterday I spend about a days profit (1K gold) on Cooking on my "main" on Ravenholdt...
i went from cooking 1 to 375 and it only took about 3h of grinding and a whole lot of cash ... (BTW: THIS is why you MUST post your fish/meat on the damn AH, so i don't need to go farm and you guys can gain some profit! ^^) So just a bit more and i'm 450 and thats one step closer to my raiding guild. Though my co-Guildleader to be, and best mate in RL (my brotha from anotha motha!) got this GREAT idea... We are both hunters, both 80 and both well-equiped to start ulduar 10/25. (though i really need one more trinket for ul25, thats about it)
He said and i'm going to cite him as best as I can in english: "You know we are both dps, huh? Not to bad either, but there are a lot of dps out there... and you already raid healed and tanked raids untill 70..." At that point I was like: yeah, but thats a long time ago, I quited raiding with the shammy at january and i haven't touched that warrior in a years time! (overpopulated PVP server, and im not going to transfer another char) "Yeah but still you could do it... I mean you were pretty good, and we can both powerlvl (thank you Rizzen Again - my old powerlvling guild) So how long would it take to lvl a Druid?" Now i was getting suspicious of his idea and i feared the worst. I dunno, 2 weeks tops to get out of azeroth and outland I think, you know with work and all... " aah yeah so we could start one tomorow and be ready before the guild starts?" (29/06)

Well you get my drift. So against my will I'm forced to lvl a druid to 70 in 2 weeks time. So thats 3H a day x14 =42hours... thats impossible! But i'm going to give it my best shot. This is another challenge, lvl it as fast as i can so it's certainly above 60 before the guild starts.
Problem 1: Gold... another gold pit though i'm taking herb/skinn to compensate.
Problem 2: Homelife... I DO have a wife that needs attention and the love she deserves, so this cuts in my playtime (which is a good thing actually) A lot (not so good anymore)
Problem 3: My main char still needs a trinket!!!! and I want to raid as much as I can to get some achievements before the guild starts... (since this is a newly dinged one, i dont want ppl to think i can't raid just cause this toon doesn't have 50% of the achievements yet)

Pfew look at me a wall of text and not about money? Can't be.. let's add some.

A lot of people also say, when you are 80 you should take 2 Crafting proffesions. (for gold and bonus in raiding) And I agree upon certain aspects of that thought. But here's the clifhanger: It costs money to lvl and sometimes a lot! so how much may it cost to get gold out of it, afterwards! I mean engineering can be a very good seller once you cna make arrows and bullets. but it costs tons of gold to get there... so I'll need 3 weeks of crafting before i can even half my loses of lvling it.
So this is the point I'm going to ask for YOUR help. Or at least let you decide.
I'm a 80 hunter and have Leatherworking and Skinning, i'm going to drop skinning and pick up a crafting profession. Which one should I take? Do note that it needs to be: profitable and useable. (so no Engineering, sorry but that takes just forever and costs me too much on the new banker with small ah (10K in pockets now btw) , dunno about inscription, since i can't really use it)
So let me know what you decide!


Monday, June 8, 2009

Group Therapy: Reinvesting

Whenever we have profit, a piece of it gets reinvested back in to the AH. But what if you'd have 10K+ , 100K+ or 200K+ (!)? Is it possible to keep reinvesting? If so, how much, in what, and even why?
Personally, i invest 50% of my profit. with other words, if i earn 5G profit, i would use 2.5G for the AH and keep 2.5G. Yes, this makes progress slower, but then atleast I still have some back up money if something goes wrong. Ofcourse no two minds are alike and some would even shoot me for doing it this way. I know i'm not the all powerfull Guru, there are others out there.... well, for once they are here. And they are sharing their thoughts....

Zekta:I keep a comfortable level of cash (currently 4k).
my balance will be always on 5-6k level. So whenever opportunity hits, or I need for spending, there will be 2k cash for me. (if I need more, e.g. for a given gear, I'll save them up up front)
I normally invested in Ore, Ethereal, Pets, Leather, Gem. Whenever they're cheap or will raise for patch later. Sweet Deals are much harder to find lately, so I called for COD for Nether Cloth, Books, Herbs (For ink, I had 1-2 month ink supply now :( ). Am looking into noble card for that, but seems not so profitable in my server. I am still looking for other business to do (or to burn those extras ) peeking on JMTC's forum now.

Grodus: I play on a heavily populated horde server. Many of the markets are difficult to break into because of this, as there are some players who post auctions almost constantly, but I've learned to reinvest very strategically. In a given week, I tend to spend 2-3k gold to make back around 5-6k gold. It's not a huge amount of my overall gold as I'm usually sitting at around 20k, but it's a good number for anyone who wants results with less risk.
It's very important when reinvesting to know when to buy and know what to sell. I've found that the two best times for stocking up (and this will vary from server to server,) are Monday night before server maintainence, and Friday night. A lot of farmers will post their items Friday night to get ready for the Saturday rush. There's gold to be made there.
As for what to reinvest in, do some research on the items people need to have for raiding. Flasks and gems are great to buy on slower days and post them again on heavy raiding days. Even better if you have an alchemist. If you know of items that are useful for raiding, do some research. Even if someone has cornered one of these markets you can still make a profit by supplying the supplier.

Three seperate views gives a nice depth to the post don't you think?
Thank you Grodus and Zekta for doing this with me!

And remember A fortune starts with one copper!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Monday Morning Hangover: Politics

oooh Boy it was a weekend.
Saturday most of my day was Wife, WoW and mates. Doing VoA 10 and 25 and clearing 2 wings of naxx i severly lost track of time, and just forgot about the video. (im still searching on a subject for that one too!)
Sunday it was aaaalll Politics. It was the day of the European election but also for our Flemish Goverment, so most of my day was spend in front of the tube. Crying and swearing that the guys where i vote on (and am a member of) we're losing severly.

This got me thinking about WoW though...(hopefully that ain't an addiction warning)
In RL if someone makes a mistake in politics they ussually pay for it. And Pay bigtime sometimes. (10% loss in the election)
Well the same happens in WoW actually though slightly diffrent. On my Naxrun of Saturday, it was my first time with Elloën as a RL and my first time ever to lead a PuG, my main was a RL untill the guild quited raiding and i transferred here to Ravenholdt, but i never ever leaded a pug before. Well i got everything together, took some extra flasks with me (bought them cheap) and sold them at pug members for 2G profit, (always take flasks to a pug raid, most of them forget to buy them)
Well i've had a great run the first two quarters. then things got hot and heavy.
Construct quarter: Patchwerk. First mistake of a member: didnt repair and died. so He needed to fly back to repair come back again, and died 2 more times because of the slimes taking half the raid (about 11) along to his death! Flaming started and i really needed to spam Raid to keep everyone in it. (god i hate not having ventrillo)
We died 3 times at patchwerk, as the RL this is my fault, someone not dps'ing enough? undergeared? i'm responsible for the deaths and trouble. So ofc my head rolled after the 3th time and we broke apart. This small ex. to just show you that even in WoW you take your respnsibilities, sometimes without even choosing it. If you pût something in AH and it sells for 25s instead of 25G = you lose money! if you like it or not you will lose money. trouble in the guild? officers are responisble and the guild can turn against them.

Oh well posts to read up:
Greedy goblin asks you an Easy Question.
WoW enomics is being funny on monday.
And Zekta gives his Weekly report.

Enjoy your first workday of this new week!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

1G plz!: Watch your step: Armor ahead!

For all the new players starting their that don't want to beg for their first gold, here's another edition of 1G plz!

One of the biggest money sinks at lowerlevels, and through out the game is gear.
People and certainly new players think that they need the latest and greatest... you couldnt be farther from the truth...
If we just level, with some instances you'll probably be wearing gear that lies in the range of up to date and outdated 10lvls ago.. well i'm here to say: this aint a big deal! One of the prime examples is: Delzoun (Ravenholdt EU) he's a lvl 45 prot tank, who dungeons a bit while lvling. if you'll look at his armory page you can see he's not wearing the latest and greatest gear, hell my chest is a quest item from lvl30 (okaj, a blue Q item, with awesome stats but still).
I tank throughout dungeons with "outdated" gear, and still i have to see my first wipe with him. Granted i have died a few times in instances, but always managed to save the group. This is just to say: You dont need Expensive gear! quest for it, then dungeon for the rest, and you'll be geared in no time.

A few very important tips:
- Don't be sad if your still have a white or grey item the first 15-20 lvls, just look at the following tip.
- really really need gear? => dungeons!
- remember: you don't need that extra +1 intellect, its only 0.03% crit and 15mana! take a look at your spells... what costs less then 100mana at lvl40? nothing! So that 1% intellect increase won't matter!
- Sell your green gear that you find and don't use at the AH! remember others are still dumb enough to buy it. (only list it once though! and don't overcharge it)
- don't buy new armor when you can wear mail/plate at lvl40!
- Sell all your mail/plate items from lvl40-46!!! (great, great cash!)
-if a blue or purple item drops and its BoE don't you dare to equip it! it'll be outdated in 5lvls instead of 3 so just sell it on the AH and youll have enough gold (or more) for your mount! (believe me i once did this with: bow of searing arrows)

Yes, i know this post doesn't "teach" you how to make money, but it will save you about 100G+ through out the first lvls, so i made you money anyway HAH! Seriously, these tips will make you money, though you won't "see" it, youll be a gold richer for every equipment slot every level.

That's it for today, stay tuned!

PS: An "AH-config" movie will hopefully be made this weekend.

And remember
A fortune starts with one copper!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crafters Gold: Low-level Inscription... andi mean low

So Remember my warlock? he's lvl idunno 16? right now. I didnt have much time to play him, or even log him on the last 2 days, what i do know though is that my prejudice of Inscription was wrong... so terribly awfully wrong.

Damiän's (the warlock) inscription is up and about 90skillpoints, which ain't worth nothing for most proffesions. well, i'm 90 and have done 3 orso daily minor researches. with that i got ofc 3 minor glyphs.
2 out of 3 sell well: Glyph of charge (?) and glyph of bloodrage. Both are for a warrior and both can be sold at my ah for about 10G. while the mats to make them cost about 1G. I sold 3 of each, every day for 3 days. which gave me a 54G profit, just to log-in on an alt (!) now ofc 54G isnt much but its something, certainly if it's your first char, and you farm the mats... do you hear the money rolling?
Ofcourse this can expand... if i'm getting 10glyphs to sell at 10G ... just do the math.

If you just started playing, or want a good way to start making your money, this is really it.
farming herbs and leather can be nice profit, same for ore and leather. But inscription, really takes it to a next level. Though i still believe with some effort i could do the same with low-lvl Jc, i'll need more mat's to buy (less profit) or more time to do it (less profit).

quick recap:
1) low-lvl Inscription = Amazing
2) probably the top gold maker for characters between lvl5-20!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Deep thoughts: being active is expensive

My newly dinged hunter (80) is getting a bit expensive... and by a bit i mean holy hell(!)
After raiding with other mains for the last 4y (and taking a break from it since january) I decided, with my current time schedule, i could do it again. So i said to myself... let's get this guy geared up...
What do i spend my money on then?

Heroics... yes heroics... sunday and monday where The Ocolus dailys... we wiped 9 and 6 times at the last boss... which means 50G repair a piece = 100G.
Leatherworking, i needed to get my lw up from 43? to 440... which cost me about 350G
gearing up... good cloacks almost never drop at heroics so i made my own... 250G
Flasks... My guild is going slow these days with my raidleaders being off on vacation and the GL being online about 15mins a day. so i had to buy them. (ofc i checked mats to flasks) so thats 22G a flask x 10 = 220G
Cooking... and this is the worst... already at 100G and only skill200... why didnt ever bothered? i mean its a hunter for godssake... ooh well.
4000 arrows a day. (minimum) = 100G

So yesterday i spent 1020G on my hunter...(!)
I mean i love making money and i love getting it in my mailbox, but i forgot how expensive endgame is. on Ravenholdt i now have a total of 10K in my pockets. and still some stuff thats worth 2K (avools sword of jin) but jeeez(!) i also decided not to get the fast flyer (i dont need it anyway, everythings explored and i dont herb/mine)

On the Raiders side:
I've done 2 pugs this weekend OS25 and Naxx25, both times i came in 10th of dps, which is considering my lowlvl rings/trinkets pretty ok. I've got one good item out of it so i'm happy. The guild is starting to raid again in 2 weeks (Raid Leaders will be back) and I need to get geared up... and deep down inside i hope that i' can get my own raiding guild together by the end of this month (thats going to cost me!) , probz not happening.
So if anyone of Ravenholdt reads this... if you want me to raid with ya, just ask! Elloën is at your service.

On a Brighter note:
My best mate decided to join me on my new server (Raven...) and he brought me 10 arctic furs, for 50G a piece, which is awesome since they cost 110G here.. can you hear Ka-ching, Ka-ching!

My tip for keeping your money up: work your proffesion(!) cooking,fishing, leatherworking, what ever, all of them have something that lets you sell for profit so USE it! I'm selling a lot of icescale legguards right now for a 50G profit a piece.

So what do you all think? is Endgame too expensive? did you saw your money drop a bit when you started raiding again? And any tips to the blogreaders to keep your money up?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Group Therapy: Family and WoW

Hello all,
A lot of people say that "Videogames are anti-social", "Videogamers are nerds" or "he's a loner, he plays videogames". Well 90% of the Time they are probably right. But WoW is so diffrent. Myself and my wife as example.
When i met her, she already played WoW. Granted her highest character was lvl26 orso. But still... she played(!) Weirdest thing about it is beautifull, yes yes i know a lot of people say that his/her mate are pretty. But i'm not saying pretty here. She is gorgeous weird but true. So "Videogamers are nerds" isn't always true. I'm work in the IT and do know too much stuff for my own good, but still i don't look like one. Why is it that people are so hung-on on clichés?

Well my wife and I, we still play WoW and a bit more than we used too, with a bit more time on our hands and that we can see each other a lot more then we used too, helps with that. We have nights (certainly in the weekend) that we can put up our lap-tops next to each other and just game a few hours. Some of the nights, my best mate (who i made a WoWer) comes over, and we play with 3 in the living room. Even my lill sister joins in from time to time. So are we loners? I think not, Granted we don't "party" as much as we used too, but i'm feeling too "old" (read: mature) for that stuff.

Normally this should have been an interview with my wife. But due lack of time and memory (we kept forgetting to do the interview) we kinda forgot. So this is my way of saying thank you.
For all you have done for me, for all you mean to me, for letting me do the things i do and believe the things i believe, for loving me, but most importantly: Just for being who you are. Sweetheart, I love you.

Note that from next week, other bloggers will join this Thuesday post. I'm not telling who yet, just to keep you reading this blog.... (as we say in wow: ^^)


Monday morning hangover: eating money

pffff weekends eat my money away, friday night i was up to 6K in money and 10K worth, today i can say without blushing im at 5K and 7K worth (!!!) my "main" on Ravenholdt dinged 80 and needed some stuff....
1) powerlvling cooking
2) buying flasks for raiding
3) heavy repair bills (about 100G a day (!))
so money is a aspect of the game which i need to pay more attention on these days, but ofcourse the small AH isnt in my favor, a lot of niche markets have dissapeared, (arrows and bullets are now selling cheaper then the boxes) markets are overflowing, and others are dry and too hard to farm (arctic furs, which i need myself)

So trading wasnt that good this weekend, i also didnt have time for a vid (i'm sorry!)
But this gives you the chance to give a comment on what you want to see in the video... (hint hint)

for (more) reading material you can always visit the folowing blogs:
Greedy goblin is talking about uproar and trust.
Wowenomics is being funny again.
And ofcourse don't foget one of my personal favorits: Zekta's sunday report.

and take care