Thursday, May 28, 2009

1G plz! proudly presents: your first Gold!

Your broke, your new or experienced or something in between and can't seem to make money... what are the basics of getting you to those first couple of golds?

outside the AH
The first gold can be made at AH (i did on my first character) but it can be faster if it comes from something else, And i dont believe i'm going to say this but: Farming!
leather, metal and flowers can be easily gathered and put up on AH for quick profit, this is a great tactic for the leveler. just do your quests (= money), kill your mobs (=money) and gather every node you see along the way. it's quick and easy money.
As a lvl 80 you can just do some quests to get your starter money. 5daily's = ~100G. which is enough to start playing the AH.

Try not to gamble, try to forsee:

So the basic AH tips for the low-on-cash first timers:
Stick with what you know! if your a miner, you'll probably know what the price of ore is on your server, and you'll have no idea what that pretty flower sells for. (the auctioneer addon can help you with that after a week of scanning)

Be patient! If you see a lot of ore's at half price don't start undercutting, just wait untill trade pick's up and sell your goods then. also if you have some left over cash for investing, buy some of the ore and sell it when the price is up.

Don't overflow, i say this a lot but its very important, if you put up to much your goods wont sell, know how many to sell! (this you will learn in the process)
make friends! Yes make friends, guys who DE stuff, farm mats etc. for you at lower prices! (= Trade agreement)

Take advantage: If there are almost no X ores at the market, put up yours at 125% they will sell (if the demand is high enough) If someone is in dire need for your product and asking over /2 Trade WTB X ore.. w him with your highest price possible.

Get to know your server, your clients, your fellow bankers, ... Take some time to get to know your AH. what is cheap and what is high priced, when to sell what and what is needed. when others are posting and who is posting waaay under the price. If you know this youll find some markets that are very profitable (at my server for example, cross faction pets are selling quite well, and almost nobody tries it.)

Those where my basic tips for today, i hope you find that gem you where looking for.
Every week there will be more and hopefully you'll be here to find that winner for you!

Crafter's Gold: Riding the train to 450

We've all been there... we need to craft itemX to get some skillpoints but we don't have the mats... You go to the AH and see that the prices are so high you want to cry in a little corner... *cough* i mean you want to Swear the hell out of it!
Now what do 90% of the people do... they buy it anyway...
Crafters are the most impatient buyers that have ever walked this earth. you know it, I know it, damn (!) even they know it! Well let's make some gold out of it!

- Do not buy the mat's when they are skyhigh! I know this looks like a no brainer but still half of uss do it. Ex. i'm at 435 lw with my newly dinged 80hunter. and i need 10arctic furs to lvl up to 440...(in total i need about 20) Yesterday the price was about 190% of value (130G!)... be honest now... how many of you would have bought it just to get that skillpoint? huh? am i right? Bad habit! go to rehab, don't do it! it ain't bad if you need to wait a day orso to get that skillpoint.

- Let the braindead and needy pay for your skill up. one of my advertisings are simple: Crafting [Proffesion] your mats 5G fee, free if I get a skill up!
Yes, i actually lose a little on this one. i lose Time... but that's it. if you want to get to 450 and you are at 400+ it is a reasonable loss. (once you get to 450 the gold can come rolling in)

- Movement: charge for your time, as said in the former example, you lose time by crafting. okaj not much but still, let's say your in dalaran, and someone at ironforge wants you to come. you can try to get a extra gold or even just 50s for the effort, 85% of the people will pay the 50s for your trouble!

- not the highest skill! This is so true that most of uss forget it! It ain't true that only 450skills pay the bills... my borean armor kits and nerubian leg armor both sell well and are around 400 skill lvl... and they give about 20G profit a piece!

- buy mats when the prices are low and sell your stuff when their prices are high for some extra profit! easy and simple trick!

- know when to sell, kind of a duh, but still. sell your potions before raid nights, sell your armor kits/enchants just after it. and look at them fly out the door!

Well this was supposed to be a small post about crafters and AH but here i went and constructed a wall of text. Though i feel like this has a lot more info in it, i hope you all enjoy it.

Remember: A fortune starts with one copper!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blog Updates!

Hello all,

i'm back in (near) full health!
the real post of today will be posted shortly after this one.
But as you all can see the poll is comming to an end, and the results so far are pretty clear:
You all want Video's and a Weekly routine. The vids i'll probably start making in the weekend (any idea's are welcome!) but i'll give you my weekly routine right here and now!

Monday Morning Hangover huh? how did i get here?
Thuesday: Group Therapy Interviews & thoughts from Fellow Goldmakers
Wednesday: Deep thoughts my thoughts about drama...
Thursday: Crafters Gold turn that metal/fur/linnen in to gold!
Friday: "1 gold plz" Starting out ain't that difficult!
Weekend: --------------- RL taking over, sporadic updates

I hope you all are a bit happy with this set-up?
if not, you may always comment.

Deep thoughts: What's expected from you...

Hello all,

Everyone remembers the guy that one-hitted certain dungeons right? you know using an item that belongs to a gm...
Well i'm not going to rant about that one, but a couple of days ago i saw the following on ah: Green woolen vest. it's a low lvl item with +4 stamina and +1 crit rating... now the normal "colour" of the vest is Green... (if you dont get the joke: its an uncommon item). As i bought it with Damian though i saw it was bleached (common item) and that means that i can wear it and then sell it again at the ah...
ofc, after what happened to the gnome with his vest... i decided to report this, i dont want myself getting banned you know. And there the GM said, that i may use and resell it untill the next patch. I wonder if it would be the same if i didn't report it and just did it like that? Would Bliz be as understanding then? Are they maybe other things that are bleached? bow of thousand needles perhaps?
hmm i'm going to stop this post right here, since my deep thoughts are full of sickness and seem to.. well they don't make any sense...

Special thanks to my wife who posted this item.

Seth & MissDavidson

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mission Monetize: In sickness and in health

Hey guys,
I'm sorry to tell you this but today and tomorow I wont be posting a wall of text. My wife got sick a couple of days ago, and it seems that I took over it over. So sitting up is a real pain right now.

Though i'm going to give you a little update about monetize.
yesterday i made a little 250G profit, a lot of the stuff came back from AH, and the prices dropped on a lot of things that i'm selling daily (armor kits, vision dust etc). So i'm waiting it out before putting the auctions up again. Instead i'm buying it all up.

Again i'm sorry that i can't post a lot so here's some reading material:
Zekta's Blog which i find a good read anytime is prolonging her report.
While Markco is talking about the cost of buying low and selling high.
Also have a look at how funny money is, at WoWenomics.

again sorry for the short post.
I'll try to write something while i'm lying ni bed orso and let my wife put it up if she's willing.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Grinding & Inscription madness take over!

aaah heck...I've fallen in the trap... everyone keeps saying oooh inscription is soooo good for money making, it's aaawesome etc etc. Curious as the human being is.(read: I am) I decided to try it...
others say.... ooooh grinding can be soooo goood, look at all the herbs i sell.... damn... oki, let's see what it is then... So here I am... wanting to get herb/inscription. (no not mining, already got a miner/JC and not skinning since i already got a skinner/LW and i wanted something diffrent).
but hey, my main already has 2 proffesions... REROLL! (again...I'm seth and i'm an altaholic)
So here before you stands not only a lvl80 resto shammy, lvl80rogue (dmf mains) lvl77 hunter lvl45 prot warrior and a lvl26 resto shammy (ravenholdt toons) but also a supa imba facerolling OP awesome... lvl11 warlock. Feel my super hits of: 20?

I admit i have a problem rerolling everytime i want something new... Oh well this new toon will probably go unnoticed most of the time in this blog. (or you want to read about it : comment) But while lvling, i'll "grind" (The horror!) for herbs and lvl inscription (*feint*).
As you all should know by now, i hate grinding and don't like inscription, but i loved my lvl60 warlock sooo much... till my account got hacked that is (about 3y ago) and weeped in a corner like a little girl (just kidding guys...
please don't hurt me) So everyone will fear Damän the Warlock soon... well... after i get my hunter, warrior and probz shammy to eighty... and i got 100K gold on ravenholdt...

[2. Trade] Damiän: WTB Time!
[2. Trade] Braindead: WTF Nuwb ROFL LMAO!
[2. Trade] Whiner: that ain't for trade!
[2. Trade] Discuss: Yes it is, he wants to buy it.
[2. Trade] interest: Damiän what did you want to buy
[2. Trade] 1337 : Scroll up, newb!
[2. Trade] discuss: Damiän didn't you just lose time by asking and reading all this?
repeat this 5 times before you have the awnser:
[2. Trade] a "friendly" person: Sorr Damiän we can't help you with that
[2. Trade] Braindead: just stp plaing, dud. reelly nuwb! ROFL! crying in a corner...

Ah well i'll fix it.


ps: Again the real post of today can be read by clicking this link.

pps: The above is what actually happened yesterday in Trade to some guy, i reported all but the original buyer. Yes i know Time can't be bought, but he may still ask for it. If you say wtb [BOP item] no-one has the right to report you just for making a mistake... same for this guy (sort of)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Other: How the Poll is going

Hey all,
I see that the poll is getting some attention, so i would like to ask you all some Questions:

I see that most of you want a weekly routing of posting and some videos.
So my weekly routine will include the following,
Monday: Monday Morning Hang-over
Thuesday: ?
Wednesday: Deep thoughts
thursday: ?
Friday: ?
Yes i know a lot of questionmarks.. What i'm personally thinking is doing the following:
Thuesday: A fortune starts with one copper, just like my motto, to give some tips to starters.
Thursday: Expanding your wealth, for the readers with wealth to give info going from wealthy to filthy rich
Friday: Weekend Celebration, videos thoughts, mission updates etc.
Thue, thurs and friday may all be changed by your views, so let me know if you want something else

A lot of you also want some video's, well what do you want? video's for Tips, what i do (who i am ingame), getting the maximum of searchers etc?

Guest posts:
I've also seen that nobody wants guest posts.. i would like to know why that is?
loss of quality, originalism, style? A glimpse of what you all want would be nice!

You may make any suggestions by comment or mail ( if you don't want everyone knowing your suggestions.
also, if anyone wants a shot for a guestpost, you may always mail me with what you want to post, and your name(credentials) so i can give you full credit for the post.

for the Feedreaders: the Monday morning Hang-over post can be read by clicking this link.


And remember a Fortune starts with One Copper!

Monday Morning Hang-over

Monday Morning Hang-over, is my newly created monday post. It will let you know what the weekend brought and more... or at least it will when my headache disappears.

It's been a busy weekend. though for some reason Monetize, still has 4.5K and 7K worth... i think it was my shopping spree...
I bought all the bagsslots of my personal bank, including netherweave bags to match them.
I also bought around 300-500 borean leather (!) to lvl my lw on my main. It's 433 now and have my full gear ready for lvl78 (im 77 3/4 right now). I'm also converting a lot of borean to heavy borean leather and making several armorkits, which are bringing me steady money (about 45G a kit, mats cost: 24G or so right now). I'm also using snatch more and more for cheap mats, though i will keep scanning manually. (yes i know this ain't efficient, but i trust my eyes more then an add-on) So i kept my worth up but didn't make a lot of profit.
Also my arrowmaker => saronite razorheads-bussiness has come down (again) since the guy knows what i'm doing (again), so i'll have about 50G profit less a week. I didn't start the Frostweave-bag selling since the prices keep hanging around 70G/piece. Though i did find a lot of resales. and had a stunning 50% bid-wins (!). i'm still waiting for them to sell.

How was your weekend? did the thursday-friday vacation bring some extra gold?

Friday, May 22, 2009

The World is ever changing...

As we must adapt in-game, so must we in the blogosphere.
With this post (and the poll at the right side) I want you to say what you want in this blog...

More Videos?
Pictures next to the posts?
Another layout?
A weekly routine of posts? (ex: monda = deep thoughts, thuesday: starter tips, etc)
Guest posts?
nothing = it's great already?

well let me know what you think!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

starter: Selling sweet candy to a baby

Hey all,
Since the blog is becomming more popular, i'm getting quite a few mails and even tells ingame, off people who like the blog but don't know how to get started... Almost all of them are lvl70+...
For uss it's simple, we know the market, and know where the money lays but for a lot of people this isn't so clear.
That's why i'm giving you crafters a little layout today:
So today... i'm going to give you some info about what sells REALLY well and what doesn't.
Though, i must say, that this is easier if you have the required proffession, you can do without.

Sweet sweet candy:
Flask of Endless Rage: i bought them yesterday for 22G each, listed 10 and 2h later they all sold (for 27G each) no brainer here, you can easily sell 10-20 a day for a nice price in the week/raiddays.
LegArmor: the highest leg armor (nerubian and jormungar) sell for about 45-55G at my server and the maths (2 of chiting or jormungar scales) cost 10G/20stack + 35G for borean leather. so that means : 35G + 1G (the 10G stack can be used 10times!) that you can have a profit of 9-16G! and they sell pretty well! (about 4 of each a day).
Heavy borean leather: hmmm this is sweet candy right here.. (at least on my server) have a look at normal borean leather, at my server its about 7G a full stack. while heavy borean leather = 120G(!) You need about 6 (i think) borean leather to get a heavy leather sooo. 20x6= 120 borean leathers for a full stack of the heavy one's. so 6stacks at about 7G cost you: 42G... and you sell it for 120G! this is a nice profit and sells pretty well, ofcourse, you'll dry out the AH if you do this every day. So be carefull!
Titanium bars... this is a buy by stack and sell by ones.. which can get you a decent profit and can be done for about 6-9 bars a day. pretty simple, not too much profit (about 1-2G a bar) but it gives you a steady stream of money.

It ain't that sweet, but it sure ain't a vegetable!
Transmutes: The long cooldown transmutes can get you some money, even just the mithril => Truesilver can get you a pretty penny! ofc, this can't be done very often (cooldown and all)
Titansteel: i've looked at this and the maths here are higher then the bar, so at my server this can't be done, but you should have a look at yours and see if it can get a nice penny.
Belt buckles: you are certain that these sell, and they can be worth a lot. though from what i see, is that they sell slowly (about 1-2 a day).
Glyphs: Once you are in, you can get wealthy fairly fast. the problem is... getting in. Greedy Goblin and JM2C both are in it, and look at their money: HUGE! problem though is getting their, whats making money in glyphs right now? the glyphs that come from books.... so before you can get rich, you'll be poor once more. You need some Northrend glyphs that gives you an edge, even if someone else has it, you need to be able to control it. Once your in control its a safe haven to money, its just the getting there thats hard. (and for me not worth it)
JC: low lvl JC (lvl10-19) can give you some nice gold, even at those lvls about 1G profit for a necklace ain't bad. higher lvl gems are also nice for profit though it's a bit of a search when you first get there.
Spellthreads: well look at the beltbuckles, they sell for nice profit, just a bit slower.
Shoulders... Yes shoulders.. but only the first you can make.. and for tailors this goes with headgear too. They sell fairly fast, and for a small profit. so low lvl crafter and need some money? => make shoulders!
Enchanting: barking it over /2 is a fairly common tactic, add a bit of flavor and you'll be selling some in no-time.
Scopes: good sellers (all of them) though they need some time.

eeeewwww Daddy, i don't like no spinage

Low level armor kits aren't sold .. if you have the maths for free and need to lvl up try it some time, i'm not getting this moved even if i gave money with them.
some scroll enchants, sell very badly too. have a look at what sells first. put up an enchanting scroll and see if it sells , if it doenst, don't put it up again.
gear (requires engineering 150): is probably the worst seller out there, why? 'cause they can make it themselfs! maybe an enchanter would buy these, but you'll have to go very low with the price, and you can wave byebye to your profit.

I think this is enough for now, test these tips, and let me know what sells for you.

for comments: anything i forgot, or that you say, this worked really well for me?

other: sharing happiness

aaah very short post and only to share my happiness:
yesterday was an all day high: 200 visits! and... i capped 1K visitors! thank you all ^^

real blog of today is the one just before this: (wrote it yesterday , but posting today)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tip: Flooding or an all time low price: What to do?

What i've heard from others is that there are real problems with flooding and goods that are too cheap.
Practicly they are the same thing (or the good has become worthless due new recipes etc)
I've already posted my solution somewhere else and got some good reactions on it so i'm posting it as a part of my blog.

So the goods are too cheap... what do you do?

- wotlk has been out for a while now and probably some gatherers have seen the prices and (not a bad) droprate from the Goods , so they are (mass) gathering it. Which in turn means that they are undercutting each other and pressing the price down.

- Crafters don't have a real need for it, they craft other goods that don't require it (or at least not a lot). This can effect the price (less demand) most probably they don't need it because: other goods have more profit, price was too high, better gear, etc. Though some will still need it for skill up, haven't got better gear yet, profitable again...

Personal solution:
i would say start buying slowly (very slowly like 1-5% of the market) each day. the Gatherers will see that profit is too low, and that it is selling badly and will eventually stop posting it. When the supply is limited again, start dropping the goods very slowly (at the rate you bought) on the market again. this will ensure that the price stays up for a while. If it starts dropping again, sell untill you aren't making profit anymore.
rinse and repeat.

This tactic can mean though that you have the goods in your bank for a month or even more if the gatherer is really persistent (braindead). And you need another income to compensate for your investment. But in time it will pay up.


other: If you would all look towards Seth....

My cheecks are turning red, i'm blushing and can't stop it!
I've already told that my blogviews have tendoubled (i went from 10 to 100 pageviews a day!)
but reccently my name and this blog has popped up on several other blogs,
and with this post i would like to return the favor:

Thank you Zekta,
For the nice posts you bring us every week, and for including me in your Sunday report

Thank you AHantics,
For dedicating a post to my blog! As always it was a great read, The Good, The Bad and the Lazy will love it.

Thank you WoWenomics Team!
For including me in your blogroll! The updates to the site are fantastic!

It seems that i forgot one other person... Sorry Skrooge!
Skrooge has also added me to his blogroll today, thank you and sorry about forgetting you!

After my 3th post today, i'm throwing in the towel, well at least untill tomorow,
See you all then!

Addon: MarketWatcher

MarketWatcher is an addon that lets you track specific items and draws a graph for it.
This can be very helpfull for items you trade a lot or items with an unstable price.

You'll need to scan with it apart from the normal AHscan. and after 5 scans you'll get the graph.
This let's you follow the minimum, medium and maximum price from the auction over a period of a month. I use this to see if the current price is low compared to other dates. You'll probably also see a trend, That in the weekend the price is lower/higher then in the week. So you'll know when to buy and sell. This is extremely good if your new to the game or to a market you want a piece from.

the Addon can be downloaded at Curse

A fortune starts with one copper
(yes i'm addicted to that sentence ^^ )


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mission Update: swords and essences

Aaaah Monetize, yes... monetize...

Well this lill' fellow is up and running at 4.1K again, though my worth is decreased to 6.3K
A few things are responsible for this:
- I've had to relist sword of jin for 1.3K instead of 2K (undercutterss goddamn them!) which means still 400G profit but not the 1K i hoped.
- The bagindustry collapsed, 3-4 people joined in with their products (frostweave bag) and they are selling for 70G instead of 100G.
- Razorheads are selling slower, and the guy from mammoth cutters has figured out what i'm doing, so he evened up the prices... (smart man! ^^ )

This all makes my worth lower and selling harder. which in turn makes profit harder. Yesterday though i was happy i also manually scan and not blindly use a configured search. i found 3 stacks of greater eternal essence at 41% while the rest of them where listed at 125%, for some reason my auctioneer missed this... (i think it is because it uses other pct then my normal search)
Oh well bought them up and put half of them on the market for about 124%. 2h later they sold out, and i put on the other half, another hour later all of them sold.

I'm having trouble right now though keeping my auctions up and above of 100-150.
There was certainly an increase in bankers (i saw 6 new ones over the last 2days!) but the amount of auctions are at an ever low. (230 pages) I'm looking for a few niché markets but haven't foun any others yet. Also the glyph market seems to have a free fall going on. even the normally high priced ones are down to 5g a piece! Oh well more updates will follow later!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tip: using [/2 Trade:]

"Yes It's being spammed all the time, yes there are braindead's there, yes Bliz ignore's it and yes, a lot of people are afraid of it. There is a chance you'll be infected by a terrible disease, but you must learn to use it, and venture in it's cold scary depths!" - Seth

We all know that Trade channel is an extent of Barrens-talk (read: ain't worth anything at first sight) But it's one of the best tools we've got. And on an RP/RPPVP server this tool can do things for you that you haven't dreamed possible!

I'm goign to start with an example, in this post that I'm sure is going to be a wall of text:
Enchanting: Have you noticed that selling the scrolls isn't so popular? I'll tell you why: half of the people don't know what the enchant they want is called. and are a) to lazy to search or b) braindead. So Selling your goods over trade can be a nice extra.
Same goes with your Cooldowns (titansteel, alchemy: transmute, etc) a lot of people don't want the hassle of going to ah and browse, and rather buy it straight of Trade.

So what to do with Trade?
First make a macro!
typing = time consuming
time = money
typing = less money = less profit = BAD!
use the macro when you're in a capital city. once when you enter and once when you're about to leave.
Never, ever say : W me offer! ! ! i can't stress this enough, you'll be sucked in by the braindead and get their infection in no time! no seriously, don't say it, you'll get a hundred whsipers that they are willing to pay 15Gold for your titansteel bar or 50G for your sword of jin, etc.
Say th minimum price you want + 25%. they will haggle and you'll have some manouvering space.

Learn to take a look at Trade (yes i know its disgusting but do it!) You'll see some poor snob spamming ah with: WTS 200 saronite bar or something alike. When selling by trade they expect to get rid of their goods, as fast as possible. Which means they are selling cheaper (and sometimes a lot!) then AH, which in turn means that you can sell them for more on AH... getting the point? (point = Profit!)

the Braindead and rude people:
Report them! seriously Report them! Yes they will only get a 3h ban the first 3times but then it'll be a 6h ban and after a while a 24/48h ban. Then they should learn. Also Ignore them! use the tools given to you by almighty Blizzard, ignore the hell out of them ( ^^ ) If there are too many, search for an add-on that grants you an extra ignore list etc.
Do not ask them to stop, it will become worse if you do. I'm on an RPPVP serve with monetize and use /2 a lot. (for selling items i don't have but i can buy from ah if someone awnsers) And i'm known there by the Braindead since i've gotten them a couple of bans (read: about 243+) I use things like: Selling some excellent boar meat, perfect condition, prime meat! (you catch my drift)
First reaction i get: OOOhhh it's monetize! selling some overpriced stuff again? or don't you already own half the AH? etc etc first time i saw this it was: i'm just trying to make a living, and they went on for 30mins! (i know i logged in with an alt after 10mins and flew to IF and they were still at it!) so now i do it the easy way: report them! i also use NotesuNeed so i can make a note everytime some braindead's invade Trade. and if you're consistent you'll see that there are a lot of names that keep popping up!

I went a bit of topic so i think it's about time to close up, last tip:
Keep your eyes on Trade, you'll see at least 1 good deal a day

and remember:
a fortune starts with one copper

EDIT: typos (sorry!)

Deep thoughts: Being braindead is rewarding...

It has proven itself over and over and over. And still the majority of the 'normal' people, the working people, fall for the scam.
every half-wit can make money in WoW, if shown how atleast. still there are beggars, and still there are people who give them a gold to shut up. for me such a beggar is a braindead. 10 seconds on the internet and he should know how to get money, enough 'endurance' and he even could earn a pretty penny with questing or farming... yet he doesn't do it, why not? well he can just beg and get money, why going through the 'trouble' of learning or playing the game if he can get it such a way!
This is the same not only in WoW but even in the Real World. 90% of the homeless (at least here in Belgium) don't even try to get a job, since they get paid by the goverment to do nothing! they get payed by 'innocent' working people just to stand there with a cardboard reading: ' i need cash'.
Yesterday a guy approached me and handed me a piece of paper which read: " i don't speak dutch and don't have work. i have 6 children and need to earn some money. could you give me some."
This text was written in perfect dutch... so the I don't speak dutch is sucpicious. He went over the whole process almost 4hours... which means he doesn't want to ge a job or he would applied somewhere. etc etc. He'll probably earn more then me, just showing that damn card to every living soul in Antwerp.
This is also true on forums. the same troll who gave me the idea of this topic "Deep thoughts" is doing it again. Why? well he got attention so he was rewarded, so he's F*cking up my new (actually the same but the old one got swiped) thread on the new (upgraded actually) forum.
If we all could stop rewarding such people, if the goverment would stop rewarding such people, it would be such a better place. I'm 20years old and earn 1800€ a month netto, which means that i have a bruto of about 2.5oo€ a month. And i don't like the idea that i'm paying 700€ to the braindead, to the bum, to the troll, to whatever. And don't kid yourself, the 10G or the 700€ is used to reward those people. you beg? here is 10G! you don't work? oh here's 700€!

for me it's simple:
I ignore beggars (on WoW and RL), ignore trolls and ignore people that "steal" money by doing nothing and getting payed for it.

my question here is: what do you do?

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the weekend...

Hey all,
sorry i havn't updated lasst weekend. I've been quite busy with RL activities which didn't allow me time for the blog. Therefor i also didn't have much time to think about a blogpost, and will keep a short mission update: (more tips and info will ofcourse follow later today or tomorow)

With Monetize I reached 5K in pockets yesterday morning, well i fell back to 4K in pockets, since i swa sword of jin for half price. (bought it for 950G and selling it for 2K right now) so if htis works i'll have 6K :-)
i'm only worht 6.7K right now, and only have 70something auctions left! the market is falling a bit, and went from 270 to 200pages over my 2 scans in the weekend. I'm still figuring out a solution to this problem, since this is by far the lowest pagecount from AH i've seen so far!

on another note: my razorheads are selling well (buying saronite arrowmakers for 44G and sellign the 2K arrows for 60G). Almost have no titanium left (7bars) but waiting untill there are less singles at ah before i'm posting those again (somebody is posting a lot of singles on them right now... maybe a blog reader?)

oh well thats about it for now.
so how was your weekend? good trading? and what about your AH, is it small big or something else?


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mission Update

finally i got myself up to 4200G in my pockets and another 3k in the AH.
So it's going gooood :-)

these week top winners are:
Titanium bar x 1 buying them buy 20 and selling by one this is awesome
soul dust!, since yesterday controlling the market there and got me a good 150G out of it. (todays last batch is up only worth 3-5G profit.
and the bags my last bags sold at the starter of the week for another 100G profit, and now i'm buying some more to sell thuesday again.

small update today, since nothing much happened, sorry guys


Friday, May 15, 2009

tip: know who youre competing with!

Today i saw Qü again, i hate that fellow... he makes a living by undercutting me.
This though reminded me that i haven't updated the blog today, and give me a todays tip right in my head.

If you see a fellow auctioneer/banker. add him to your friends list. and put up a note (i use notesuneed for this, but blizz's note is sufficient.) Mostly you can see the serious fellow bankers from a mile away... dressed out in tuxedo's or dresses. But why would i do this you ask? Well it has a couple of advantages: you can see when they are online. (for example: if your seeing 10orso online, wait with posting and buy stuff since they ussually lower the price) You can use the general search to search by name. so just have a look at those bankers in your friends tab, and see if they have some low priced mats on it (this is ussually true sunday eve and monday -since they want to get rid of their maths) or to just have a look at what they are doing. (for example: if you see 2-3 bankers posting lets say borean leather dont post it right now, they are competing and probably overflowing the market!). You'll also get an idea of when to bid, no other bankers online = Bid now! bid bid bid! ^^

Well this was my small tip for today.

A fortune starts with one copper!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a skinners tip: knothide leather

It doesn't matter on which server i am, this almost always seems to be true:
There is almost no knothide leather on the AH. I don't know why, but i've hopped over 6 servers (from heavy populated to new ones) and there's never enough knothide leather. I don't know why this is, maybe it isn't farmed because people are blazing through content when they are so close to exp. the frozen wastes of Northrend? or it just drops very bad? (believe me it does, i still hate outland for it. 50% for one leather per kill pffff) Well it doesn't really matter why there isn't much, what mathers is: there isn't much! ^^
If you've been reading my blog you know that i hate grinding... really really hate it. for me It's pointless and after 30mins i just quit it. BUT there is a way to get the leather. without the feel of grinding: Nangrand.
It's full of beasts (jeuj leather!) you can do quests (all kill beasties quests jeuj!) and you get an achievement! (jeuj!)
It's simple: go to the easteren part of nangrand and do all the nesingwary safari quests. if you complete them = achievement. And all of them let's you kill beasties. (one of the beasts - the owls - can't be skinned though). I discovered this after my leatherworker dinged 70 and still couldn't use the borean leather. aah noo i still needed 10points before i could go on to the next step. but i really really didn't want to grind. and there was no absolutly no knothide leather on the AH. i've let a lvl 66 grind it for me, but after 2h he could only show me one freaking stack.. (about 1 skillpoint :( damn the outland recipes needed much leather) So i decided to fly around a bit in outland and see what i could do. thats when i remembered the nesingwary Q's and that i still hadn't done them... it made my day. So do you like to grind,do you know someone who wants to do it for you or do you still have a pile of them in your lw bag? Sell those things at the AH! you'll be one of the few selling them. (in my exp.) which means ==> others have skyrocketed the price. (since a fair amount of people need it, but there is no supply) and you'll be able to get pretty easy profit.

Now don't go expecting a lot of these "grind untill you die" tips now ;-). Though i will let you know what you can gather and sell while you lvl, the above is a expetion to my rule: don't grind Seth, or you'll get cranky. (spelled right?)

and remember:
A fortune starts with one copper!

Is it true for your server? are there anyother normal gathering materials that aren't sold a lot?

Mission: Monetize - small AH = not good for bussiness

Mission: Monetize is slowly progressing or even comming to a stand still.
Yesterday i reached the 6K worth but with half of it in cash! (about 3.3K)
The problem is the AH, its too small to make big and fast profit, so it's going slower then i'm used too. A lot slower actually. But i'm not going to whine here. I'm going to let you know what brings in the most profit right now:
the stack to singles rule, is currently the one bringing in the most gold. i buy 20 titanium bars (already have 4 stacks of them and a couple of singles at ah) for about 100G or less (so thats 5G a bar) and sell them for 8G per single. I sell 3-5 of them a day so thats a steady income of about 10G. (oooh the horror only 10 gold!)
i sold bone-framed bracers yesterday for 190G so thats 40G profit on them. and various herbs bought at Darkmoon faire, gave me around 8G profit this weekend. some glyphs that i aqcuire through a trade agreement are selling but only with minimum profit (about a Gold per glyph). The Soul dusts i was collecting are finally paying off and are selling on 100% which is about 1.10G profit a stack and 15s per single. (so i'm selling those in singles right now)
Apart from that its all the 20% deals where i make the rest of my money.

If you remember, i made a trade agreement for 3-5 bags frostweave a week. and well her price went up. So i'm paying 80G a bag and putting them up for auction at 100G. The problem here however is that some of my fellow bankers discovered this (apperantly) and are posting them too. which is resulting in a undercut-war. Since i have not much cash on hand, i dropped the trade agreement for the frostweave bags for now.

On the buying side of things, i finally got my full wardrobe. When i started, there where cheap tuxedo's at the market so i already had that (vest, pants and shirt). This weekend, i also bought the diamond tipped cane, silver cuflings and a monocle.. just because i want him to look good! This "investment" set me back about 100G. I was thinking about buying a mug for my hand, but i ain't no dwarf. also while questing with an alt, i bought a red rose, to make my banker a Don Juan. looked pretty nice.

and last but not least, on the blog side of it all, It's been a good couple of days with a lot of updates, and visitors. Which gives me the strength to keep going untill a 100K with this fellow.


Deep thoughts: Drama about a name!

Hey all,
This is something I want to share with you all. I'm not going to give names or the site where it happened but i need to get it of my chest.

On a forum a discussion broke out, and someone said i "steal" information and "copy" names!
Now i want to let you all know that
- I never ever steal/copy other blog's posts! If i do a post on a similar topic, i see that i don't post it at the same time, and that i use my own tactics and views.
- I did NOT copy the name for this blog from markco's jm2c (note: Markco isn't saying this either its a 3th party) my name comes from: a fortune starts with one copper, which is a saying in belgium ("een miljoen begint met een frank" translated: a million starts with one buck)
- This blog started not because of jm2c or doesn't want to "reign on his parade" this blog has started since i thought gevlon was closing his, and i got my idea to start my own from there.
- i do NOT want to duplicate any information out there, while ofc there are a lot of common tactics, i try to give my own view on the subject/tactic.

I also know that most of you know this already or at least believe me.
And for non-believers: yes a lot of visitors are comming from blogrolls and markco's forum etc. but isn't that the proof that i'm doing something else? and doing it fairly good?

So with this, a thank you for my readers who like this blog.
and even a thank you for the non-believer who tried to put me down, since you just gave me a new label to post once a week.

grtz Seth

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tip: All alone on the market

I'm on a rather small server and AH with monetize. This means that some trade goods have a very low quantity on the AH. For example: Yesterday i was manually going over metal&stone for a look at the pct there. (yes i still manually search sometimes) and it hit me that there are no tin bars and no bronze bars, as if to emphazise this a shout went over /2: WTB 100 tin bars (clearly a blacksmith/engineer who doesnt have mining). Now i have a miner, and have 40 tin bars sitting with her (for Jc). So as a good banker, i logged out, went to my alt, sent the bars, logged in with monetize agian and posted them, at a price of 130%.

If your alone in the market and there is no competition this will happen:
- others will see that you have a monopoly and they are trying to undercut you. (im lucky since i'm on a small server, that gives me a bit of time)

So you want to make as much of a profit as possible! What do the most do? they double or triple the price and dump all what they have on AH. This is Wrong. So wrong!

First off all, the customer has a "plafond", which means, if they are used to paying 5G for a stack of tin bars, and you are putting them up at 15G, 99% will not buy them. ofcourse there is that one M&S (to put it in Gevlon's words) that will buy it. but then you still have the other 9 stacks or so to sell.
Second, if you are posting all your stacks, then there is an overload of goods and prices will drop again. which becomes a problem since you can't undercut anymore! (all your stacks are already posted remember :) )

Two ways to handle this:
first: put up 1 stack at 300% with an alt of yours, wait untill your being undercut. then put up 3orso stacks (again depending on demand) at 200%. People will think your cheap and buy your stuff instantly (for use or resale = which keeps up the price) This is a good strategy when you'r certain, you can check the ah the first 3-4h after your initial post.

the second way is a bit 'easier' and refrains a lot of people from undercutting but needs a less active AH or a low-mid lvl product. slowly drop the goods in AH. at a price of 125-150%. This will refrain farmers to farm like crazy for your goods. why farm an hour for only a small profit? (low lvl goods = less gold for their work.) If you do this with higher lvl goods, farmers will be more anxcious for a piece of the pie. When they undercut you, simply undercut them again by 1% with 1-3 stacks (again depending on demand).

What do you guys do when your alone at a market?

other: blog traffic

So i wanted to double my 100visits yesterday...
well whow! => i got 131 visits yesterday! (116 unique ones)
so i doubled my total visits (100) and did it in one day...
right now i'm in love with marcko's Forum :-)
Thank you all for reading my blog, and keep it up!

Real post of today comming soon!

Video: indepth configuration of Auctioneer

Hey all,
my sec video is comming up!
It's a quick review of the indepth config of Auctioneer, sorry about the low quality but i have a max upload of 100MB here on

Edit: oh my god... i hate my own voice and was waaay to nervous.
If anyone wants it changed, just leave a comment ;-)

Other: Double it baby!

Hey all!
this has nothing to do with AH or WoW, but i thought i'd share my happiness with you all!
Sunday eve i had a Total of 100 visits over 2 weeks on my blog, and i was happy since i thought it wasnt bad.
well monday alone i had: 67 visitors! so i'm hoping to double the total 100 today :-)

I want to thank Zekta and Marcko for this increase!
Zekta, thank you for including me on your blog roll! (which i hope will increase it further in the future)
and Marcko Thank you for the forum! (It's responsible for about 60 of the visits on monday!)
And Special thanks to you all, the readers! who make this worth posting!

later this eve or tomorow, I'm uploading (making it first) another video for y'all.
Since it was quite good from what ive heard.

Thank you all again ;-)
have fun on the blog!

Starter Tip: stocking up and selling by ones

Hey All,
Today i'm going to give a few tips about:
- buying low, selling high: stocking up
- maximizing profit: from stacks to ones

so let's get this started,

buying low, selling high: stocking up
You will need to have some seed money for this, and the ability to be patient. if you have both go on reading. On my server the prices of soul dust tumbled the last week, and about 60-70% of them are selling for 20-35% of their value! If your selling this is probably the worst that could happen and you should wait to sell your goods. though for the aspiring AHplayer. The thing you need to do here is actually very simple, buy 2-3 stacks of the goods every day. Do NOT buy them all out! yes i know a lot of people do say you have to do that. but here is my opinion:
if you buy them all out => it stops right there, the prices go up again and the next day the market is back or almost back to normal. if you keep buying 2-3 a day (or more depends on how many there are or how many sellers are posting a day) the depression will continue and you can keep stocking up. so i can buy 10 at a time but the depression ends or i can buy 3*7 (=21) for a week and wait untill the depression ends or buy everything out after a week of gathering the goods from the AH.
After the depression on the market, the price will steadily rise again, once its at your desired value. start selling 2-3 stacks a day. (or more depending on demand)
so for a small example: let's say i bough 21 stacks of the dust for 1G a stack. (30%)
once it reaches 2G a stack i post 3 stacks, and keep posting 3 stacks a day. after my 21 stacks sold i've made: 42G-5%(2.1G)-21G=18.9G profit.
Use more expensive mats or wait untill the price is higher to make more profit using this fairly easy technique!

maximazing profit: from stacks to ones

This is what I do on my server with Titanium bars, and to be frank yesterday it made me 50G profit. (on one day!) and i only sold 5 from the 40bars i have.
This technique supports on 2things: first you'll need to compare full stacks to singles.
Ex. Good X is selling for 5G for 1 and 50G for 20. if you can do some basic math you'll see that the 50G for 20 is severly underpriced. (2.5G for 1) and you should buy it.
Do notice though: that it could be that the 2.5G is 100% and 5G is 200% of the price, but you don't need to worry about that since it doesn't matter for the "customer". so you bought the stack of twenty. now you need to see if there is another one using this technique or that your the only one with singles. (ex. on my server the titanium bars (stack) was selling for 100% and the singles for a smacking 350%! i can tell someone is using the technique just by looking at that)
now post 5singles (NOT more!) just below the 5G (lets say 4G95s) and continue this everytime the opertunity arises. now lets do the calculation: for every itemX you sell you'll get 4G70s25C and you sold it times 20 = 94G5s you bought the 20 items for 50G soooo... 44G5S pure profit!

These two techniques can be used on large scale and can make an enormous profit! The other good thing about them is: no farming needed, personally i don't like farming, i only do it about well... once a month? i farm while i quest and i hate to go kill stuff or fly around just for some ore or leather. it has no sense, no purpose. With these techniques you can eliminate the sensless killing or flying.
do note that this is time consuming and youll be at the AH 5mins longer for every item your using one of the techniques with.

thing to think about: you can use the two techniques simultanious, increasing your profit even more! (about 150%-220% of your normal profit)

suggestions or comments are welcome!

Monday, May 11, 2009

first video: Auctioneer configuration

Hey all! ok my first video is done!
God help me!

oh well, time to make myself ridicules (i hope this was spelled right?) for ever and past it ;-)

have fun

Sunday, May 10, 2009

suggestions on daily posts!?

Hey all,

I'm asking for YOUR help today! Yes Sir/ma'm!
As you can see (if you follow this blog, or read it often) my updates are sporradic. Sometimes i update 2-3 times a day, other times i leave you all hanging for A day or 2.Why? Well to be frank, my inspiration doesn't come every day, and sometimes it hits me like a hammer! So I'm going to have a weekly routine of posting. 1 a day minimum post. So you guys my choose my "routine" for example. mr X comments: " i would like you to have a suggestion box on wednesday" or mr. Y "would you like to talk about addons a bit more? doesnt matter what day." So something like that.

Though i would like to do: mission: monetize x1 a week, tips x1, open-discussion or guest post x1 a week. or more doesn't really matter.
If you guys want something to say in this blog, this is your time ;-)
On another note, i'll make an email adress today or tomorow so guests can ask me questions without anyone else "butting" in, or submitting guest posts or what ever you like.

Thank you all for reading this blog!

EDIT: just saw i had my: 100st visit yesterday! and that this last week i'm getting a steady visitors stream! jeuj! (read: whooohooo *arms in the air*)

my First: Thank you! so Thank you!

Sunday there were a lot of deals so i went from my 3.4K back to 2.5K and I am waiting untill i can repost the lot (mainly soul dusts since they are sooooo cheap at ah right now)
While scanning I got a whisper from my guildie that asked me about a week ago how to make money, so i'm going to quote him:

"Hey Ell. (its a piece of my Ravenholdt's main name) Thank you sooo much, i just reached 500G, especially your blog and tips on ench(read: enchanting) mats we're awesome!"

Ok, i admit 500G isn't "off the records" but he started with 5G not a week ago! that certainly means He's doing it right! That was my first thank you on the Blog so far!
I had some well done comments before from guildies and ppl that visit the blog, but this made me feel very good and squishy inside! :-)

This and his comments here on the blog, make it all worth doing,
So Chiman, This Post is for you!
Thank you for your input, your comments on the blog and your ingame Whispers!
Keep it up!

anyone else had some good experience with this blog?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

MIssion: Monetize

Back again with an update:
got 3.4K in my pockets (mainly due to two objects i made a great deal on, spiked titansteel helm and a lot of frostweave bags)
my auctions though lost a lot of value and i only have a 1.6K in auctions right now so i need to start buying and selling a lot more.
also bought a lot of vision dusts, since the price dropped about 70% in the last two days ,and still ahve some glyphs that arn't selling.

oh well it could be better, but it also could be a lot worse.
that's it for now, i'll get back to you all later ;)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Tip: Low lvl jewelcrafting!

So you all get yet another update today! (third already! im on a roll ;-) though don't expect it too much)

with an alt of mine (Ariäna) i'm a miner/jewelcrafter. And she earned me 250G in pure proffit this week!
And its very simple and doesn't neccesarly mean grinding. Ari quests and mines if she sees one so i dont go on an hour mining spree or something like that. whell right now i'm past the copper/bronze bars (well almost beyond the bronze) in jewelcrafting, but i still get a lot of copper ores while Questing. Sure i can sell the ores or bars for +/- 2-3G a stack but, well be frank that ain't a lot!

so when i have 40 copper ores and some gems, i prospect 20 and smelt 20, that ussualy gives me enough to make: a couple of rings etc. well i make about 8-10 malachite pendants or tigereyes band or such. which sells for about 1-2G each (depending on the time and competition)
Now say for your self:
40 copper bars = 6G
8 (lets take the minimum) rings (1G each) = 8G
10 (lets take the max.) rings (2G each then) = 20G!
so thats 20G profit, jsut to lvl my alt! i don't even have to do something extra!
So you just started playing? this is a serious lowlvl goldmaker!

172 Add-ons(!)

Aaah i just saw that it was quite awhile ago since i last talked about the add-ons I use, so i'll give you an update on that today!

As the title sais: i have 172 Add-ons (! - I'm Seth and i have an Addon problem!)
Not all of these are running at the same time but still, thats a freaking big nr! (and i still have to add one! (mini map buttons are cluttering up!)

Well with that said, i'm going to give you an overview about which Add-ons i use on my banker.

- Auctioneer advanced suite (duh!)
-BigPicture (so i know how much i'm worth)
- AHhistory (this adds a nifty tool to draw a graph of the prices your following -a max of 1month)
- Analyst (a small plugg in that tracks my sesion proffit/loss - I also got this on all my cars)
- One bag (a handy add-on that gives you one huge bag, with diffrent coloring options for proffesion bags)
- Sexy map (to get my clutter of buttons away)
- Bejeweled and Peggle (both can be downloaded at - very handy if your scanning and don't know what to do)
- Mobmap (yes mobmap! so i can check what the droprate of an boe is)
-Titanbar (need it for analyst - also very handy bar with a lot off stats, but its not for a banker

I think those are it.. could be i forgot something though... oh well :-)
All addons, exept Bejeweled and peggle. Can be downloaded at or through WoWmatrix.


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mission: Monetize = 5K+ worth!

Hey all!

I got Monetize up to 5K yesterday! (worth) and 3K in tha pocket!
With the tips of Markco I finally got myself back up to 150 auctions! So what did i do with 3K in my pockets? went to DMF with an alt, and bought a lot of herbs there. back at IF AH I bought an eternal belt buckle that was going cheap (half price) , a lot of vision dust (all about 40%) cheap herbs (everything below 50%) and some saronite ore. Ive let a mate of mine smelt the ores, and selling the saronite barsfor double that i've payed them. eternal belt buckly sold about 10mins after i posted it. An alchemist produced somoe flasks of endless rage for me (giving the herbs i bought from ah) and selling them. the rest of the herbs are going back on AH a couple at a time and the same goes for the vision dust. I've also stumbled on some primal mana (10%! of worth) so thats going backon AH again 2 at a time. But what i think was the biggest catch is this: Bone-Framed Bracers. I already sold them once with a 25G profit, so i know it sells. Now yesterday i bought them for 120G which is about HALF its worth on our server! i looked at AH and yes there where 2 of them one at 290 and one at 310G!... my eyes rattled with dollar and euro signs! so i posted them at ah for a nice 289G and waiting on them to sell :-)

God i can't wait to get back online later!
I hoped you enjoyed my post today!

have fun,
and don't forget...
A fortune starts with one copper

Wednesday...slow Day

I had a slow day yesterday, only made 100G and a couple of vendors (I still can't believe someone can be so stupid or ignorant!... check the vendor price first!)
But with Help of Markco and his guide, i'm going to do something new! (or atleast i'm going to do it at a bigger extent/market)
Right now all my income is comming in as, as we call it "Shotgun bursts" I buy something up if its low priced and resell it. ex. Nesingwary 4000 and combat plated shotgun. bought for 200G under value and resell it. Boom, Boom, 2x 200G profit. then its quiet for two days (getting an average of 100G profit a day (+/- 500G incomming that is). Boom! 5 frostweave bags sold (5x15G profit) - Extra profit i mean.
So extra profit is nice and shotgun bursts work nice, for the first 2K orso...
But now i need some extra streaming profit.
So i'm going with commoditie selling. probably low lvl(1-60) ores/herbs and mid-endlvl(60-80) leather.
It'll be a big risk (draining all my money steadily before i can get my cashflow rolling but i have trust that this will work. (hopefully...please?)
So i'll let you know in the following days how i'm doing. and what I'm selling.


don't forget, you guys can still ask me for a video for what you think is worth showing!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cashing in on Darkmoon Faire!

I love Darkmoon Faire, certainly now that they are selling sweet sweet Northrend herbs!
As everyone (or at least a lot of) people now the Darkmoon Faire is being held in Shattrah. (for the moment at least)
So i took a look there with Ariäna, bought my self some herbs, mote of ... (make your pick) and some leather. I'm selling all of those now at ah, and the motes/leathers already are sold (bought for 25S selling for 1G = ka-chingching (gold!) ) half of the herbs are also sold (selling for 2G bought for 17s)

So a tip for you: buy all their herbs! and resell them at AH! (though make sure, you can make a profit first!)

Tip: low on cash, and want to trade at AH!

Hey all!

Yesterday a guildy of my "main" on Ravenholdt (not really my main, since its on Darkmoon faire) asked my help with making cash. He picked it up very easily, and 30mins later, he got what he had to do, and was halfway there to making money. Now he had only 5G and thought it wasnt enough to make money with it. Well that's not true and i'm going to tell you how to turn 5G in 1K.

first off all, you need to have auctioneer! (look at my previous posts) and scan 1 week before trading on AH. since you need to build up the database.
after that, you can start reselling and relisting items for profit which is about 50-73% of my income (5% comes from vendoring ah trash and 45% from mats i gather around the world)


so you have auctioneer, now you can immediatly start making a bit of gold (read: silver) How?
go to search tab and click searchers (left of the screen) and click vendor.
now you get a lot of options, for now, just change this one: Allow bids, unmark it.

after that press the search button at the lower left of the screen and your on your way.
Auctioneer will list some or a lot of items. buy them , all of them! (or as much as you can afford) and sell them at the Vendor.
BEWARE! do not buy fel hides with this method! they are bugged

this will get you between 10s and 10G each day (if your lucky 25G but it rarely happens)

your first AH resales
After your first week of scans you can start buying items from ah and reselling them.
for a resale there are usually 4 thing you need to think about:
- competitors, in weekends there are a lot more seller at AH so you'll get undercut faster.
- AH deposit, a deposit to list your item at the AH
- AH cut, alliance/horde ah takes 5% of your value (selling for 100G = 95G for you+the deposit)
- How many X (item you are going to buy and sell) are there at AH right now?

I would recommend:
-Buy enchanting mats (as a starter). why? well they dont have a deposit. so thats "cheaper", since you can relist it just about a 100times.
-try and buy something at sunday or monday : items are cheaper during this time, since each weekendseller dumps everything they got on the AH for last minute profit.
-list them Thursday eve for 48h. There are (almost) no competitors then, so you can list it for higher value, and it will probably sell friday afternoon before the weekend gamers come on.
- if there are 50 Items called X at a price of 45% ,23 for 53% and some higher. buy all the 45%'s or don't buy any of them, also only put a max of 5-10 back on the AH so you don't flood the market. (which will bring prices down = lose money!)
- always make sure you are making profit! if you buy something for 10G, dont put it up for 10.1G (since youll get: 10.1G - 50s5c (5%) so you wont make profit, youll actually lose money!

what to do with whites and greys
These can get you a lot of gold! for example, boar meat x20 is worth 2G!
So this is what i do: sell anything thats white on the AH, with exeption from: Armor/weapons food/water. the smallest things can get you a lot of gold! best example is spider's silk, which goes for 5G a piece on my server! everything thats cookable, light feathers, shiny fish scales everything! dump it on AH! it makes a lot of cash.
Now for grey items: do NOT destroy them! a grey items is worth something (at lvl 1 its 5c at lvl 80 sometimes a couple of gold!) see it this way: if that grey belt is worth 50S and you destroy it, you lose 50s with out you knowing it, so would you take 50s out of the bank and delete it? i dont think so!

these small examples can get you a long and i mean long way! i have more of those tips (ex. sell a common cat or frog companion for 25G! or a white kitten for 200G! (which you can just buy for 50S!) so keep tuned to this blog folks ;-)


trade agreement

So went to 2.5K and back down to 1.7K (in pockets i mean)
i bought a cheap nesingway 4000 (500G) and am selling it for 544g at ah. (small proffit)
and i bought a couple of frostweave bags (x4 at 70G and 3 at 66G) from a tailor.
selling them now for 79G a piece at AH (2 already sold)

Now with that tailor i got a trade aggreement: she's selling me the bags, for 70G (max price) 3 bags a week. why am i doing this? why i get to sell them for 79G! well why is she selling only for 70G then? biggest reason: she knows she can sell them, she doesn't need to worry when to sell, if they will sell, and to what cost. (and shes still getting skill points for it)
so its double proffit, and a trade agreement, she's selling to me and not at the AH, which is one less competitor.

on another note, there is a nice discussion going on at Skrooge about moral's
so take a look there if ya want ;-)

what's your view on trade agreements? got any?


Monday, May 4, 2009

bad news (for me) and good news (for you)

Hey all!

oki, i'll start with the bad news... i made 250G loss at the AH yesterday (damn...) with damn Borean Man'o wars. how come? i bought them at 50% value a week or 2 ago. for 22G/stack. now after my purchase, prices crumbled and are now worth 5G/Stack 100% value .. /cry. so i cut my losses and hope to get them back today.
what my "brotha from anotha motha" pointed out though this saturday, is i should buy horde only pets at cross faction AH and put them in the alliance AH. and that indeed works, and works very very nice! 25G a piece pure proffit! though has a better review about this, and i suggest you should read his view about it. Damn you Marcko! you were one step ahead of me!

good news:
Well i promised some video's didn't I? yes sir i did! Yesterday morning i downloaded the firmware of frapps, and am playing around with it now! Ofcourse, i'm still getting the hang of video editting, but its going to be ok i guess. today or tomorow there is going to be a video of me soloing Sneed and Sneeds shredder at lvl23! so check out Ariäna's blog for the video.

why is this good for you? well since you guys may choose, what you want me to explain in the video! So Basics, addon's (i'm a junkie i admit it!), what to buy and trade etc etc!
You choose!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mission: Monetize... slowing down?

okaj i just reached 2K gold well went over it and bought some stuff for resale,
but everything is slowing down... i can't seem to find any good deals anymore, or atleast not as i'm used to it. Maybe it's noblegarden, or temporary drop in the market.
then if i see a good price. you know a deal for 45percent orso, there are hundereds of them! literally hundreds! 4 pages full of 40percent wool cloth to give a dumb example.

are you guys experiencing the same problem? or is it just me?