Monday, October 26, 2009

last warning!

One Copper has moved!

This is your last warning!

GO HERE! for your daily doze of the gold drug!
BTW: The first official podcast is up for download and stream at the new site so be sure to check it out!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

later today: ???

this eve the Podcast is being recorded and will be placed on my NEW SITE.
So be sure to check it out!
There you can also see: ALL the new posts. the Itunes link! and just a bigger and better website ^^


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


To all,

Don't forget that One Copper has moved to!!

Any links may be updated
So must your RSS feed.

A lot of tips and tricks can now be found there!

Sincere Regards,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

(one of the) last posts

So the new site is ready to go and while it's still finnicky I'm probably going to stop posting here.
With this I would all like to thank you for comming here on a daily basis. And I hope that you all find the new and improved site as great as this one. Both in Content and lay out.

Also please update your feedreader since this is also going to change.

For all who linked me in their blogroll:
Thank you.
If possible please update the link to

Also I got a new email: seth AT one-copper DOT com.
Any new questions can be sent there.

Hope you enjoy the new site!


preview: oooh my!

new one-copper site

Want something changed let me know.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Social pressure, eh?

I thought I had more goblins reading this blog tbh...

I had 10 votes over 5 days on the latest poll (should I continue the podcast)
Now yesterday I asked you all to vote or I wouldn't continue with the new site etc etc.
And I even said "social pressure, eh?"...
Now Hydra made a good comment about being in a goblin blog....

Social pressure is worthless... I don't ever do anything because I'm forced to do it by pressure.
If I don't do this, another person won't do that. That just doesn't work with me. Now from the 600 vistors yesterday, 30+ voted. which means that there are 30something that haven't yet learned the way of the goblin. Ofcourse I'm very happy to get the votes, so now I know to continue or not. But this was an easy lure and some of you got catched by the trap.

This actually also reinforces my statement that a lot of people are being let on by social aspects of life. Otherwise I would have had the normal +/- 2 votes a day.

So what did you think of my small trap yesterday? Was there social pressure to vote? If you have voted, why? and why not if you didn't? These things intrest me today.

Sorry for the small post, I'm having a meeting at work and don't really havethe time for anything larger today. This weekend I'll also buy the new site, so keep on the lookout for my farewell post on blogger.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hey all,
As said yesterday I don't have too much time to write something up but this was important enough to let you all know.

IF I get 25 votes (GOD YES!) before tomorrow eve, the new website will be bought and ready for use this MONDAY including a podcast next week friday for your weekly shot of goldmaking sweetness.

If not, I'm waiting another week before starting the podcasts and website.

Social pressure, eh?


Afternote: okaaaaj that was quick... Who cheated?
Afternote2: go and congratulate Zekta He just got up his 100th post! Gz man, you earned it.

Guest post: Inscription.

Heya I'm Carbon from A Gnome's Conquest and thank you for reading my guest post at One Copper.

I'm here to talk about Inscription and how its making absurd amounts of profit right now. In patch 3.2.2 Runescroll of Fortitude were implemented in the game allowing players to have the fortitude buff without a priest. Here I'll explain why Inscription is currently such a hot profession right now.

We'll start off with figuring out the cost per glyph. To figure this out we divide the cost of your adder's tongue or icethorn prices by 6. On average you will get 6 ink of the sea (12 azure pigment) from 1 stack of adder's tongue or icethorn. So if your adder's price is 20g a stack your ink of the sea will cost 3.3g each meaning your glyphs will cost 3.8g and 7.1g respectively (1 ink and 2 ink glyphs plus parchment cost). While this sounds expensive think about how many glyphs sell on your server for 10-20g. On top of that I sell glyphs on a regular basis for 400%+ mark up.

While that sounds great here is how you can simply make money just by milling your herbs without selling any glyphs. Runescrolls of fortitude take 1 snowfall ink and 5 resilient parchments to create. You will on a large enough scale get an average of 1 snowfall ink per adder's tongue and icethorn stack (2 icy pigment per stack). The recipe creates 5 scrolls for the cost of 1 ink and on many servers the runescrolls are selling for as much as 20g each. That means selling 5 runescrolls at 20g each is giving you 100g per snowfall ink. That stack of herbs that cost you 20g just returned 100g before you even touched glyphs. On my server for example the scrolls are selling for 7g each right now. That's still 35g per snowfall ink which is the same as 1 stack of high end herbs (my server 15-18g).

I hope you enjoyed my guest post today at One Copper and you can visit me at to read more.

Thanks again,

leveling enchanting: where did 1.5K gold go?

I logged in yesterday and was like: ok... I was at 120K and now i'm at 118K again... what happened to my 2K of money (1.560G to be honest)

Ooooh yeah the nether essences.... damn.

Leveling enchanting is a real pain in the butt. It's fairly slow and very, very expensive.
Ofcourse now that Vellums are available (since wrath) It's less painfull.
You can enchant the vellums and sell them on the AH, they don't have a cost to post so thats even better. Ofcourse you can also use the vellums for other characters, so If you are a altaholic like me it's nice to have about 10 diffrent scolls with enchants on your guildbank.

Nether essence is very difficult to farm (green weapons lvl40-45) so I didn't want to have my available time in Zul'farrak. And I bought the items: 1.5K gold for lvling enchanting from 200 to 295.

I'm keeping enchanting a bit around that lvl though, want to spend more time getting everything in order. (getting my alts to 80 and gearing the last 3 spots on my shaman)

Also: I don't know If I'm getting a blog up tomorrow. I can't play today (going to pool and poker this eve now that I have a bit more time between work, school and home situation) And I'm off to a booksalething. 20K+ books all for 90-75% cheaper then in a store. (if you live in Belgium or the Netherlands: Boekenfestijn, look it up)

A fortune starts with one copper.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well I'll be damned...
I've been sitting here the last months telling people: farm lowlvl stuff, and one of my favorite examples is Mithril and Thorium ore/bar.

MMO-Champion has made a new guide, using that farming info.
Ofcourse this is something any player with a mind can think of, so I'm not even suprised.

What bugs me though is: Now I have to find a way around my own lowlvl farming goldmaker....
And to be honest the only awnser there is: Farm yourself!


Crash the market... héhé thats an idea *evil thoughts*
Go into a bidding war so that the prices tumble down to below 50%, buy them all up, wait a week, and resell again at 80%

So that problem's fixed.

Monday, October 12, 2009

the path of life isn't written in stone

The path of life isn't written in stone
which means that everyone makes their own happiness and succes. Yes there are some things outside of your control. But be honest how large is the chance you are hit by a truck this morning?

YOU choose to work for something, to work at your own attitude, to work and get out of the snakepit you were born in. Don't go telling me that people that come from a bad background can't be succesfull... For every so many poor there is a "rich" one. And that one (most of the time) worked for it. When someone works hard enough he can get very far, not everywhere but very far.

Tools for the Needy
There are so many tools to help the "needy" out there, it's kind of a hoax.
Can't pay for university? Don't worry work hard and we will pay for you.
Can't pay for a house? Just take the effort to walk 500meters to the nearest office and we'll pay for you.
Came from another country? Don't worry we'll do everything for you
Can't speak the native thongue? Don't worry the people will adjust.
Don't worry the people will pay for your food, clothing, car, school, whatever you need! They will adjust.

"But he came from a 3th world country we have to help them"

Help them by learning to actually work for something. If he gets all the above thats fine. IF he actually starts working, and learns how to live in the western civilisation (spelling?) But if you got all that, would you even bother learning the language or work? It's a free day in paradise from my aspect. Getting EVERYTHING while doing NOTHING.

It always feels good when you see 3 foreigners in a BMW blasting music down the street, looking them stop at a OCMW (helpcenter) and get a paycheck where the working class is jealous off.
Why? because they came from wherever.

And dare to say anything about it and you'll be a racist...
We DON'T care about the race! It's just a great example, people from our own country do the same damn thing... it's called wellfare. WE work so we pay taxes, taxes in which are used to get wellfare money which in it's part goes to all the people that are too lazy to work.

Statistics in a random (truely) western country:
People from the country itself: age 18-67 working class: 89% (got to love decline in the economy)
Foreingers intigrated: age 18-67 working class: 42% (4% of total people in said country)
Total: 15% don't do sh1t with their lives.

so tbh.. They are just a "easy" group to pick on. It's more obvious. Though the group is waaay smaller.

The point being is: The Needy can get as much as every working (wo)man, by doing nothing.
IF you really don't want to achieve nothing in your life, if you don't want to have more then 90% of the country. Just stop working go to a wellfare office, and get the free ride through life.

How you ride your life is totally up to you.

I'm a goblin... I am that 10% And I'm not afraid to say: I feel GOOD about it. And I hate working for the 15% of people that don't do a fck with their life.
I'm a Goblin and I'm proud of it.

PS: can any of the 600 readers actually comment some feedback about the podcast? Thank you!

PPS: Just got my taxletter... isn't it pretty... another 6K spent on taxes this year, probz 4K to the welfare system. here you go take the workers money.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monday Morning Hang Over: Farming has started

My mate has challenged me this weekend to a race. A lvling race, since I lvld my first toons in a powerlvling guild I was pretty optimistic that I could win... but then I heard what he wanted to do.
Lvl all 10 classes to 80. Sadly enough I never turn down a bet. I accepted and am currently leading with: 2 x 80's / 1 x 47 / 1 x 40 / and others. Now I'm not going to extensivly lvl just yet. God knows that I have more time, now that I disbanded TSB. (my raiding guild=> wanted more time IRL so no more 3H a day raiding and 1H a day ahing etc) I'm going to grind Stonekeeper shards and Badges of conquerer things. the 10/20% lvling increase will hopefully get me the win.

Well that's that.

First off all Thank you for the comments on my first Podcast test show. All comments have been read and taken in account. Now depending on how many more comments and views I am going to get, the new site is going to be live this or next week.

So improvements on the Podcast that I'm looking at:
1. new mic. (really needed)
2. Being less nervous at the beginning of the show
3. better quality "cuts". No more roosters that make you topple of your chair.
4. Better research before recording
5. others on the way

Well thats it for this monday.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Podcast: Testshow: Finally here

So... YES the testshow is finally here.

first off all before you start listening:
1 - This is being recorded with a fairly bad mic, a better one will be bought if the podcast is to your liking.
2- In the podcast you'll hear me say sheep, I listened to the podcast again and I thought it came out as cheap, so trust me if I say it's meant as SHEEP.
3- any comments or ideas are more then welcome as long as they are constructive.
4- I was very very very nervous so be gentle. You'll probably hear it in the beginning and a little lest at the end, so be sure to give me info about that.
5- this podcast isn't downloadable at this point. I want to see how the reactions are before pumping money into a site.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Podcast: Almost here!

Yes Yes the podcast is comming today! hopefully not 12h from now it's online.
Since it's a test episode it will be posted as a video here at the site and on YouTube.
If you like it or don't don't forget to comment.

Also the site is probably moving to a selfhosted site! Again comments or mails about the hosting (suggestions with other words) are most welcome!

If there is anything else you want to hear in the podcast: Comment or mail.!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crafting: Drums of whatever.

The new Drums and scrolls (kings/fortutide and more I thought) are actually so... not needed.
Granted for leveling by yourself it would be awesome but tbh at lvl80 you aren't really lvling anymore. For 5 mans they are sweet too, but who wants to spent such gold on a pug? if 99% doesn't take a flask (when undergeared, if that is even possible) why take a drum/scroll?

Tbh, there are so many Paladins and priests that for a raid it's practicly worthless.
I have a leatherworker and the income of those drums is abmyssal. I had to repost 3(!!) times before 1 sold. No competitors even close to my figure (just above mat price+ ah fee + 1% profit)

I have checked the price on other servers, but ofc, don't know how fast they are selling.

Right now I do not think its worth the gold and is " a hole in my pocket".


PS: last day of recording on the podcast tomorrow. So that eve or saturday morning it's up!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deep thoughts: Got reviewed

First off all:
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, RL has kicked me in the B*lls yesterday.
Now back to the post:

I got a review from Sarainy over on her site. A review that was actually much to my liking.
There are some good points in there, and I actually didn't know that some of my labels where empty.
Now Sarainy if you are reading this: Great review, but ya missed a negative point...
My youtube link is broken... I said to myself I would fix it... like said it a month ago, and still didn't get around to fixing it. But really the negatives and positives are all to my liking and fairly objective. (from my point of view) So Thank you and great post!

The Podcast: Friday is the big day! last day of recording and it's up. Had some difficulties with my cat.... seriously she wrecked my headphones. Don't ask me how, it's like the dog ate my homework, but this one is acually true. It also seems that I ain't the only one doing this: JM2C also has released his idea's for his goldmaking podcast so, good luck with it.

The site: When the podcast has gotten good "reviews" on the test show, I'm going to change the blog and podcast to a site of my own. For direct streaming, and the ability for you guys to download it. If anyone has a good provider for a pod/blogcast . Let me know.

I'm out of time here, so wrapping this up.
Later this week I promise to actually get some tips up again because it's been a while.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday morning hangover: oh my I help people!

Hey all,

Well, I didn't have a post friday, why? I had a "gastroscopie" with other words, they stuck a tube in my mouth to look at my stomach, throat and the thing you use for swallowing.
I was kinda high the rest of the day, so a post wasn't one of my priorities.

Well Good news first: on the last episode of Twisted nether My blog came up for a question so jeuj. (= happy) Always good to get some extra attention.
Goblinism also got some extra attention this week so that was quite well.

Now as I am a self proclaimed Goblin, I get quite a few comments that are saying "you are selfish and selfcentered". Now this is 90% true. But I want to explain a point here.

Being a Goblin doesn't mean that I don't help people. It's just I don't help the dumb, the lazy and the other. I Help people that are actually trying to make their "lifes" or "WoW" better.

Fe. I got some nice whispers yesterday that went like:

Can you spare me a gold?
- Yes I can
*invited you in a party*
- Declined
Where should we meet?
- Why should we meet?
For the gold...
You said you are going to give me one gold?
- I said I CAN spare one gold, I didn't say I would.

I would never ever give the milk/money what ever to someone. I would however teach them how to milk/ how to make money. Thats also the reason I blog. And I presume Gevlon blogs. I try and teach people to make gold, Gevlon does, Zekta does, JM2C does...
Do we give gold in game? 99% sure: NO.
in Goblinism I said that if needed I would fire 100 people to save my company. Now that's true as ever, I would fire everyone if needed as a matter of speaking. But what you should know is that the people that are staying are the ones who want to learn to milk. they don't necesarly need to be te "best", they need to want to be the "best".
Fe. In my guild, I always took 1 or 2 people that wanted to learn. I didn't care about their dps, the rest off uss can easily cover for them if we didnt do hardmodes. And after that raid, the next time we run they will dps more/tank better/heal better. And not because of the gear, because of what they learned. Prime examples: Galeo, Stralight, Panndora, Shayline. They all started with uss with lesser gear and lesser "experience" raiding. When yesterday I disbanded the guild, I could look back and see that they all improved soo much that they were the people I wanted for my core group. I teached total newbs from making 10G a day to a real competitor on the AH. And actually cutting in my profits.

So with this kinda rantpost: Goblinism doesn't say: me and the rest can screw themselfs. It sais: everyone that isn't willing to learn: Screw you. And I'll profit of you.
Well atleast thats Goblinism for me. And as with everything in this world: Goblinism is relative to the subject. (subject meaning person in this context)

let the flames come my way.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Banned: Controlling the market.

Now this is pure pure bull.

If you force a market to a specific price, and control the whole market for a specific part. oooh let's say herbalism. You'll get banned. I'm not joking either. You will get banned.

Missuse of game mechanics....
I mean what the F***. Missuse of game mechanics? It''s just a monopolie...

First off all:
Everyone that reported persons for something like that, you should get banned and go back to school. A monopolie is one of the most risky things to do in game. The amount of money you have to spend to get that monopolie. And you have to camp the AH to be sure you can buyout everything thats lowerpriced then your goods. It's hard work, so don't go whining.

So this one is for my fellow Banker: Trissing, Bad luck man, hope you're alright.


Must HAVE!

This: Crafting Spreadsheet.

I haven't tested it yet (since I can't play today). But from what I have seen and heard it's really good. thanks to Sarainy, full Credit to her for making this piece of art.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get it!

PS I know this sin't an addon but I'm putting it in the section anyway since its equally important.


Podcast: TestShow

It's almost here folks, the testshow.
I still need to do some effects with audicity for my segments and stuff but the script for the first record is almost ready.

I just need one more thing before I can record. And thats: A mail.
I would like a mail from you, with a question or topic you like to see awnsered or discussed on the podcast.

So if you have something mail it to: onecopper.blogspot AT gmail DOT com

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deep thoughts: Comments

First off all I would like to thank Gevlon for the link in his blog. The topic I wrote yesterday have brought on one of the heaviest discussions yet on this blog.

And Thank you for all the comments, good and bad, ofcourse more the good than bad, but both must exist.

Did I took on a topic that normally is written by Gevlon? Yes. Have I copied him? No, As said when I started this blog, YES I share the same views, but if my views are given, I'll give them on my own. With my own thoughts and writing. So for the Trolls that say I'm a knock off: Do your research.. oh right a troll, you do not have the mental capacity to do such things.

A nice comment I got here was the following (in blue) My comments about his comment are in black.

Unimpressed. I could care less what other people think about my own thoughts about social pressure. IF you actually read the whole post you should have known that

I read this post and I felt it was useless and unnecessary, and not only because it parrots Gevlon's pet theme. Same as what I said before.

I find your perspective immature. I believe you will look back on it one day and feel the same, and perhaps even be ashamed of yourself. Aaah yes, the mature perspective is: oooh the world is so great and I need to help the people that are too lazy to help themselfs to make the world a better place for all those who are too stupid/lazy to think for themselfs. I will go and feed the hungry with my golden spoon and become a hero.... Sorry not interrested... The world is cruel and the only thing that you have to do while you spend your time here is making your own time here as bearable as possible.

There will come a time in your life when you do not need to worry so much about looking after yourself and your loved ones. Then you will be able to spend some energy making the world a better place, perhaps bringing some peace and security to those less fortunate than yourself. Same as with the golden spoon thing, get your head out of the clouds and see whats around you. If there would be peace in this world you would probably starve to death. About half a billion people get payed because they are in the army, make weapons, make vehicules of combat, make security systems etc. etc. No war = Good bad for quality of life. Every revelution in economy and technology has come due to war. If there is non the economy would take a serious hit and it will probably be you that are "less fortunate". Don't get me wrong, I don't want to redeem war. but before you say such things be realistic.

At the moment you seem so caught up in your own personal struggle that you have no ability to care for anyone else. What if that struggle went away? If you had all the money you needed or wanted, would you still want more more more just for the sake of it, or would you turn around and make a positive impact on the lives of others? I do not have a "personal struggle". I have a great and good paying job, got a girlfriend and do what I like to do. If I had all the money I needed I would get some extra, why? If things go bad I'll have the extra. If i had the extra I would never ever turn around to make a positive impact on the lives of others. why not? Again I will not help the people that can't help themselfs. It is better to give a thirsty man a shovel to dig his well, then to give him water to drink.

Open your eyes, look at the world around you. I'm not even going to comment on that one.

We are all one. All life is one. Where will we all be in 100 or even 1000 years? The very atoms which comprise our physical bodies will still be a part of the living earth, as they always have been. No That is wrong, I am me and all the rest is the rest. in 100 or 1000 years I'm dead and decaying in the ground. And for your information. Our bodies haven't been a part of this world for ever and ever and ever. I was conceived 21 years ago. Before that I didn't exist, or maybe you like to count those 40 days as spermcell too. That still isn't "always a part of the world".

There is more to life than yourself, your business, your girlfriend and your bank account. Perhaps once those things are no longer of concern you will see the wonder in the world around you.No there isn't. I care about myself and the people close to me. If I would see someone shot in the street, I would not help. Because I'm not going to risk my life for someone I don't know. And neither would 99% of the world. I'm just mature enough to admit it. Instead of go cringing in a corner when that moment arrives.

You think the life is one big happy family and that you are obligated to help others to make the world a better place. It is appearant that you follow the social laws of others. This is why you will probably never feel truely happy. Because the rest ain't as "fortunate" as you.

Why isn't everyone as fortunate as me? Because they didn't work as hard.
I am the one with the real world view, you are the small boy that thinks everyone should have the same amount of riches.... and that the world should be saved from capitalism.
Comunism started out the same way... a good thought just not applicable in this day and age.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Dark Legacy Comics last episode showed the real goblin-way.
If I would have seen this comic 3 years ago, I would have scuffed it, since I was of the aspect that one should always help his fellow man. After some events and the wisdom of years I came to the understanding that this is one of the worst ways to go through life. Right now I think about 2 people Me and my Girlfriend, and everyone else can do their own thing without my help. Why should I loan a friend money? Half the time you don't get it back. Why should I spend time helping them if they don't return the favor?

The only way to live a decent life is think about yourself. If you have a company that can survive a year longer by laying off 100 people. Do it. So what if those people have kids to feed and homes to pay? IF they don't get layed off, you'll go bankrupt and they will be in the same misery 3 months later. not only that all of your employes will be without a job, and even worse, you will be out of a company with bills to pay. The goblin way is the ruthless company way, and besides of luck the only way to get filthy rich or atleast more then average money.

I know that what I'm saying is "mean" and "uncaring". Why should I care about people that don't care about me? The only reason why I give money to charity (120$ a year) is because I can refund it from the taxes. I'm not going to give a homeless guy/gal a dollar, I'm not going to sponsor someones surgery or whatever. I deduct the maximum taxes of charity each year and thats enough.

We all live by social laws, the only diffrence between me and you is that I make my own social laws. I don't live by any other, I'm not going to boost because It's "Friendly" and "Social". I'm not giving the homeless guy a dollar because "it's the right thing to do". Go get a job!

Am I wrong with this post? Most of you will think so. But to be honest, I don't care. I'm right in my own rules. That's what I care about.

I Value people's opinion, on blogs and ways to work etc. But not about my train of thought, my social rules etc. I have the goverment telling me what to do and that's enough, My social views are my own. Deal with it. And while you are at it, make your own social rules and laws, don't let other people force them through your throat. Do what YOU want to do, not what people expect you to do.


Edit: Spelling + link fixed

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday Morning Hang-over: Visitor thoughts

Hey all,

A weekend has passed and I saw 2 things on my Google-Analytics that struck me odd.
First off all: If I talk about the Podcast, if thats on my last RSS I drop from 350+ to around 200
Now this is a bit weird, and yet it's normal.

People come here to read about gold making, How do I make gold and how can you make gold.
So it's clear that me being all excited about a Podcast is not in the readers pattern. So If I'm going to talk about the Podcast again (and I will) I'll do it first so that my RSS feeder sais: crafting whatever or farming this or selling that.

Second off all and this was the real weird thing: normally in the weekend I have about 50-100 (maximum) views, now The podcast was submitted Friday eve (the preview) and saturday and sunday I had 150 views.. so I have less people that are interested in the podcast, but those that are interested come back every day weekend or not.

Now for today, I'm at work right now, after work I have an appointment for another work and after that I can go to see a "specialist" which is actually just a doctor specialized in (my case) throat and swallowing, So that means I can't work on my Podcast tonight.
For the people that are actually interested in the podcast: it's comming out before 15th october.
always fun to sneak in some news between everything else.

What did I do at the weekend? Suprisingly not much trading made about 300G profit and thats it. If you know me by now you should know I hate peeveepee. why? Ganking, I'm a huge altaholic and my alts keep getting ganked. Well My girl got ganked by a lvl77 rogue, and she got grieved by it , sooo much she was getting pissed about it. So I went on my 80 shaman, got my dps spec up, got some random voa125 pvp gear on and Griefed the rogue a whole freaking hour. I murdered him over and over and over again. then he took rezsickness to rez in his own town in helfire, so we got 5 guys together from the guild and murdered the town over and over again.
When we were done with him he logged out 'cause I standed by his corpse for 30 mins...
Yes I'm evil... Nobody griefs my girl, or anyone from my guild. I'll corpse camp that dude till he starts crying irl. Well He just caught me on a bad day thats all.
Now my warlock is solely lvling through pvp and I actually love it, he's 28 right now, has been on the top of damage, flag caps, base assaults since lvl 24ish. and its going good.
I even got some arenas done again on my hunter, and I'm slowly starting to love it.
But thats not why you're here.

A new Blog popped up: A fistfull of coppers (its also on my blogroll) It's starting up and while I think it needs some work, Its off for a good start. If you don't have much time to read and want some basic and fast tips this is a great blog for you. Short and to the point.


Friday, September 25, 2009


After I've been messing a bit with all kind of stuff, I came up with this little gem... and my girlfriend helped me record it. well "gem" depends on how you look at it.
It only lasts 10 seconds or so but if you love it say so, if not say so too


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Podcast: Segments...

For my RSS readers: Crafters Corner: Alchemy Thats my real post for today.

As all of who listened to podcasts know, you need some segments in it.
The segments I'm playing with right now are:
-Crafters Gold -- What can you craft for money?
-1G please! -- making your first buck or make a stab at goldsellers/beggars
- My crops -- farming tips
- Hole in the purse -- On what NOT to spend money
- Ask Seth Copper -- Me awnsering your questions
- ....

Now those are all money making segments or at least to a certain degree connected with it. The poll is still going so it could be that there are more segments being added that are not about moneymaking:

-- Ding! -- lvling tips
-- Killing Blow! -- PvP Tips
-- In my old days... -- back in my day boy, we had something like Blackrock ......
-- Oh my you're so strong -- lvl80 tips (raiding/ dungeons etc etc)
-- ...

If you want to add more or have great Idea's make a comment! Because... I'm starting... THIS weekend... with recording... oki, I'm starting with recording tunes, and stuff. I want to learn how to work with audicity and implement some songs and stuff.
The Podcast itself could be only a week away or a month away. How come?
Well I need to get everything worked out , need to know what exactly you guys want etc etc.

Any questions for the podcast: send an email.
And guys Vote, seriously.. I had 400 visits yesterday and only 10 people voted on the poll, so if you want to have something to say, want something to hear on your mp3.. vote

Thanks all,


Crafters Corner: Alchemy

Alchemy jepz...
It ain't worth that much in the goldmaking aspect but it can be profitable.

Potions: Seriously potions, Greater Healing potions and mana potions sell very well these days.
Now that they stack in 20 and that pvp BG's are giving xp. people are buying them. I'm playing a warlock lvl23 (afflic) right now and seriously I have a full stack of healing/mana potions with me.
Why? It makes the BG easier, faster and increases your xp... YES it does. With those potions it makes it easier to carry the flag. It's easier to cap the flag, and if you cap the flag you get xp. It lets you live longer to do more damage in AB so that the horde/ally get less chance to cap a node. which means more points for you = more xp.

Also and I tried this and it actually work.. not for huge amounts ofcourse but it really does work:

[2. Trade][23:Damiän]: Now open for bussiness: The leveling [Alchemy] Store! Looking for potions and elixers? Get them here! Want to be a hunter with Stealth? [Lesser Invisibilty potion] Can help you! Want to kick that rogues butt in the BG's? [Greater healing potion] Will let you self heal and confuse him! I thought I was fighting a Warrior? Get them NOW!

Seriously I had 3 whispers from lowlvl (10-30) :
1 for a full stack of healing potions, 1 for for a stack of greater healing potions and a stack of mana potions, and one for 10 [Lesser invisibilty potion]s (and yes a hunter XD )

The first one said no after he heard the price, the second one bought the mats and gave me 10G gold fee and the third one just bought them with my mats.

So my tip for today: Don't forget the alts that are lvling through BG's they really want an edge to lvl faster and kick some horde/alliance butt.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Podcast Idea's

The real post of the day is right under this one so you can skip this if you don't want to read anything about me starting a podcast.

Okaj let's get started

Soooo right now I've got 8 people that want me to start a podcast (2 want Goldmaking 6 want it all)
and one that said: Heeeeelllll NO.

so of right now: the dude who said: heeeeelllll NO, I'm sorry but you'r losing and the podcast is probably going to start in the next couple of weeks.

Well about the post right now:
If the podcast is comming I don't want a 2minute thing.. I want the 30min-1h podcast every week.
But ofcourse I need a couple of things for this. Ideas, collumns, Q&A, etc etc.

Now to come to my point tbh:
IF you have an idea, comment, want something in the podcast: Comment/mail me.
IF you want to help, do a show with me, got some questions you want awnsered at the podcast: Mail me.
IF there is anything else: comment.

And trolls I'm talking to you too! I know I atleast have one so please give me some trolling love and do a comment.


1C to 100K : Inscription taking off ... slooowly

So My inscription is still only 300. No I'm not lazy or slow. (I just don't have any time to play these days - sounds familiar?)
Well just with lvling i make about 200G profit of inscription a day. now along with my 1K profit a day from JC i'm at a good 1.2K a day. Now that the drums are here too... i'm aiming on 1.5K before friday. this would ofc mean that I actually need to log in on my main characters this week... so I'm hoping I find some time to do this all this week.

how am I doing you might ask on the 100K thing? well about 30K right now so i'll only need 3-4 more weeks to actually hit the 100K.

How do I do this? quite easy:
buy epic gems.
Craft them
put them up

Really nothing more then that. fe. I buy something for 100G and I sell it for about 220G.
I do this for about 10-20 gems a day... so well do the math.
Now for the inscription: 5 of every glyph that even is slightly profitable, with about 100 glyphs a day.

And I only post once every two days, so i could actually already have more gold if I had more time and stuff.

I'll have another post up about the podcast a bit later today so stay tuned!
-- and vote if you can! --

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bloggers Blog: Podcasts and "stuff"

Welcome again for the second edition of the Bloggers blog. Before I start I would say: Welcome to the 105th post! seriously I went past 100 with out seeing. so yeah...

Oki I listend to my first Podcast: The Instance.. after the first episode I just downloaded all the ones on Itunes. then went back and downloaded Twisted nether too.
I loved it , seriously I love it. I'm sitting at work with my Ipod (120G baby!) in my ear just listening while working. And its awesome.

Why did I download my first Podcast? Well.... I'm thinking... of like... euhm... you know... starting one...

On other news... again have a look at my Blogroll, a lot of intereting things are going on on the blogsphere.

Most important (for me) is this:
Hit The Cap, Is a new gold-making money blog and it's great. Seriously it's off to a great start, nicely written and I can't wait untill the next post. The author said I - and many others - inspired her to write the blog and if that's true: Thank you.
Greedy Goblin left his guild and is switching servers! Great posts and fairly big news in my limited Blogsphere.

So to conclude I'm having a poll at the side: Do you want a general/goldmaking WoWblog by yours truly? (and friends)


Edit: changed the "around the blogsphere" part

Monday, September 21, 2009

QA: Mining

I got an interesting Question from Shayline the other day:
How can I make money with mining and only a limited time to play?

Well this is a very interesting question and one that is a real problem for the casual player.

First off all: you have 2 proffesion slots: so take another one with you (a crafting one)
But about the mining now:
1st of all: get to know whats high priced in the server and what can be sold in large quantities.
Since your on my own server, mithril and saronite are both good for their time.
2nd off all: try to get to an agreement with someone that they will buy lets say 5-10 stacks from you, every week for a fixed price. That way you are sure of income.
3th: if you can't get someone to keep buying your stuff: AH.. never ever sell something that can be used to a vendor.. always to a real player, either by /2 or AH.
Since mining is a gather proffesion, you'll always have to spend time to gather which means you can't make more money then the time put in. Ofc if you are grinding for mines in scholozar basin, you can get up to 450-600G for an hour of farming. which is significantly lower than what I make for 30mins at AH.

What could also boost your income with mining:
Get someone to prospect your ore, and sell the gems instead, and see if it's worthwile it.

My recommendation for "casual" players: Get some money together, then drop the gathering proffesion and level jewelcrafting or inscription. You'll earn double the money with only half the effort!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rant: Guild divorce

Aaaah the rant, its been a fairly long time since I really had something to rant about.

Well yesterday after 16H of work I came home logged infor WoW and saw 18 people missing! (9 people but each with alts)
Half of our core raid team, and an officer left. why? they wanted to start a Hardcore raiding guild (since TSB is Semi-Casual)
Well I don't blame them, for me and TSB members that stayed RL > WoW, if they want WoW > RL that ofc is their choice.

What bothers me is that my Officer, and some "close" WoW friends left with out saying anything, not even a mail. The one who left to set up his guild, let me a mail, but the rest? never heard of them again.

So after almost downing Yogg-Saron TSB is back at the first stage, not raiding and expanding our core team again. At least we are lucky enough that with a bit of training we can fill in our 2 most needed spots (Tanks).

oooh well, we'll see what happens next, one thing is sure though: I'm not giving up TSB is known and loved, and it's going to rise over the destruction, and emerge even stronger.
As always...
1 guild => officer left, i didn't have many time to play so we disbanded the guild
2nd guild emerged in july of this year.
2nd guild first problem: an officer got into a personall vendetta and tried to change the guild: he left, A week later Naxx was on farm and ul progression got up to kologarn.
2nd guild second problem: 2 core raiders didn't had time to play anymore. trained new people, recruited again: a week later we downed the keepers and another week later we were at Yogg
Now with this Problem we are going to down Yogg and ToC i'm sure of it.

I promise it even.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Addon: Panda!

it's been long since I last praised an Addon. Too long even.
So today I'm talking about Panda.
It's light, it's easy, its superb!

What is it? Well its used to auto (dis)enchant, mill, prospect etc.
Lil sparky's workshop works with it too so you can see if fe. the herb is worth more than the ink and vica versa.

I would say go to curse, download it and if you like it you may pay a donation.

Deep thoughts Wednesday: Q&A

So since I'm posting full time on this blog again. I want to give everyone the oppertunity to ask me some Questons.

Ranging from where have you been to what is leatherworking usefull for...

So post a comment throw me a Question and I'll post the awnser in a following post!

On other thoughts...
Cataclysm is comming out .. .yes it is... and my thoughts about it are:
BAD BAD blizzard! BAD BAD blizzard, OFF! OFFF!!!

no seriously, I love them for making the old world new again but I don't want to say goodbye from old world. make it an instance or something! seriously ... plz...

Other problem includes LORE.... so we killed ragnaros.. we defeated the outland threats, we are kiling Arthas.... but VanCleef is still alive.... and stronger then ever....
hmmm... I think I killed the bastard about a 100times already.
Why are we even going to Outland and Northrend when the new azeroth hits?
Arthas = DEAD , outland = Peacefull...

think about it, what do you say on all that?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bloggers Blog: something bad, something good

Let's skip the small talk and skip right to the bad news.

A few day's ago I got official confirmation that WoW-Coining it will shut down. Though It's not certain that the author of this excellent blog will shut down for ever, it's a blog that I certainly will miss.
So by this, I'm keeping the blog on my blogroll for a week or two more, to pay homage to the authors excellent writing.

Coffelord, I'll miss you around the blogosphere. Take care.

Now for slightly better news.
I'm giving one person the chance to blog along with me on (a Fortune starts with) One-Copper.
An example post and your credentials can be mailed to: onecopper.blogspot @gmail DOT com
No experience required. (everyone starts without experience and they should get a chance of gaining it -_- unlike what companies say -_- )
I'm looking for a person who can make 1 -3 posts a week (how much the person in question may choose himself)

So do you think you are able to keep readers happy? Find the right post at the right time? etc etc. Send me a mail and we'll see what we can do!


Monday, September 14, 2009

100 Gold to 100K : Scribe's Sanctum: 1-150

So Yesterday I started the Scribing bussiness. Well at least I tried....
Ari: Heralism: 300 ( ooh the grind, the grind! *horror*)
Ell: Inscription 150

Ell could've getten higher but I wasted enough time yesterday.
Now for the bad part:

Problem 1: 1-150: not many glyphs that are worth selling, or that sell for profit.
fe. kingsblood = 1.90G a piece = 38G for a full stack.
5 kingsblood = 2-3 usefull pigment x 5 = +/-12 pigment = 6 inks
6 inks = 3 x a two ink glyph or 6 x a one ink glyph. both of which only sell for about 4-7G...
so 6x 7gold = 42G okaj profit right?
42G - 10% AHcut = 37.8Gold

Problem 2: Even though I grinded most of the mats (so I can spend more money on the books of glyph) I still don't have enough and will have to buy more to lvl and lose money, granted due to my grinding i only lost about 60G yesterday (including buying the 32slot- bags)

Problem 3: From what I see : most money is made with minor Glyphs at low lvl and highlvl glyphs from books. Which means I have to spend more money on getting the books since they are one of the few profitables.

Now my question for you guys:
How do you know your glyphs are making money with the goblin way? (with other words: severe undercutting)

Do you guys use the same formula as me (blue in the post)? or do you have another one?

Monday Morning idea's edition

Hey hey !
*song* I'm back I'm back*

So I've been quiet lately, long hours at work, and some personal problems made WoW, blogging and others a bit difficult. Well it should be over now.

So i've been doing a lot of trading this week and now fully control the Rigid King's amber and the Runed Cardinal Ruby market. (post once every day for only 10G profit +/- 160G)
No-one is even trying to get under my price, and if they do I sell with 1G to even 50s silver. (including the AH cut etc etc)

But There was something missing... I Don't have enough time to do my daily JC quest everyday, and most off the tokens I use for the Dragons eye to improve my raiding gear.
So I needed another way to make decent money.
So what did I do?
invested 8K gold in gems, and are selling slowly to have a steady income. (about 500-600G a day)
Bought 2x Mychals botanic bag. (800G)
Dropped mining on Ari and picked up herbalism (240skill right now)
Dropping Skinning on Elloën. and....



Yes before all the rants start... I said I would never ever take inscription. Yes, uhuh I know.
Yes, indeed, uhuh, now SHHHH!
As a "bussiness" man I had to take the opertunity. The market for glyphs is so huge, and uncontrolled that well it needs a banker... seriously.
I see glyphs selling for 60-100G! I can cut the price in half (customer happy), Get some good and easy gold (I'm happy) and others will sell a lot less (sellers not happy, which in turn makes me happy)

So yes Ari is maxing out her herbing skill so that Ell has enough herbs to minimize the costs.
When the skill is maximized I can start making profit on it.
When that is done, I'm going to grind for some more herbs. Then drop herbing and take Alchemy. To get my hand in the Alchemy market.

So if all goes well in 1 to 2 weeks time I'll have my hand in:
-Parts of the gem market
- whole Glyph market
- LW market (not that this actually is worthwile -_-)
- Alchemy market (mainly changing and selling gems)

Hope all goes well!
Any ideas or some comments are welcome!!!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Writer's block

Just a quicky today:
IF you didn't notice, I've hit a writer's block the last days,
with almost no time on wow, and a busy RL the words don't flow out of my fingers as they normally do. So as I'm writing this, I'm working on a new Vid. and some pictures of my small Gem bussiness.
(Certainly now after a weekend with no WoW it seems kinda lame -_-)

So stay Tuned, better updates will follow in the course of this week.

Questions as always may be asked through every available way! ( comments, mail etc)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Deep Thoughts Wednesday: I missed ya!

Oooooh I missed Deep thoughts wednesday! Yes I have.

'Cause it's been so long I'm just going to spit out everything at once, just "smaller" as I would normally do:

First off all: Yogg-Saron. Our guild came in inches yesterday of downing him for the first time.
Time after time we failed. We discussed what went wrong, changed it and tried again. We didn't even made it through the first phase. A lot more trying and clear heads are needed before we are going to ever down him.

Officers: I love my officers I swear I do. But if they start messing up the schedule of Raiding that I made = Bad. Got one member pissed, 3 in confusion. It was bad. Though it wasn't drama, it could've been if we weren't as tight as we are.

Catacalysm: Can't wait... I want a goblin banker, just for the sake of it and I want a Worgen Druid and Warlock! Could they get on and give uss more info already?

Weekends: God last month I hated weekends, every weekend full with vacations and work.
Vacation to Ieper (ypres), La Roche, Spa and work on other 2 ... Can't I just take a breath?

Leveling: Started lvling with my girlfriend again, she wants a kitty dps, I started a mage and I don't know if it's the best way to go... also no 20% speed increase. God's help me but I want to see azeroth again before they fck it up and blast it into nothingness. (comments about something with synergy or a good lvling pair for druid kitty are welcome)

Banking: This is something I love and yet with all the raids, lvling, work, study etc etc I don't have much time for it these days... if I just got my weekends back... *mumbles*

aaaand all the other mashizzle.
Got something to get off your chest do it in this post, put it in this comment and hope it makes you feel a lill better.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Money Making: Jewelcrafting

Well after the changes to jewelcrafting (purple gems) I thought, okaj its short lived prices will drop soon enough and the money youll make of it will be nought to 3G a gem....

I was sooo wrong and I love it.

Right now the basic epic gem costs: 100-150G on my server. (most hanging around 120G)
So this is expensive but who cares if have some start capital.

The best thing to actually begin making money is get:
Red gem 130G: +spellpower
Yellow gem 110G: +hit rating
Green gem 145G: +Intellect and MP5
Orange 125G: +hit and spellpower
Purple 100G: +spellpower and mp5

I sell those for respectivly: 180;200;200;170;170 gold... I sell about 10 each day...
(well starting so hopefully)
so small math =
50G x10 = 500G
90G x10 = 900G
55G x 10 = 550G
70G x 10 = 700G

so 2650G - 400G+/- (relists+ ah costs) = 2250G (give or take a few coins) profit a day!
Yes the 2.2K gold is profit... total money in = about 10K and more...
which also means to do this you'll need about 10K gold...
ofcourse some of these gems have little competition so you can start in smaller nr.s on these.

The best tip I have for you before you start is the following: Start with 1 gem of each colors since the same color doesn't exactly enlarge your profits, it just makes the chance to sell bigger.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

100G to 100K; 4.9K worth!

Hey all! I'm back, I'm back, etc etc.
Well I'm slowly selling Runed cardinal rubys for about 200G a piece while the normal cardinal ruby costs 130G. So money is trickling in slowly. I haven't had much time for something else so gold is comming in about 1K a day. (200-300G profit)

This weekend I'll be unable to play again, so the money making bussiness is very unstable atm.
More updates and better explanations are comming soon.

Any questions related to the blog can be asked as a comment to this post, and I will awnser them this week.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Round-up: Epic fling and Vacation

Well after four tries of COS timed i finally got the bronze drake... 4 times.... did it every time and lost it: proves my luck in the game -_-

Oh well on the money making site: i lost 5K gold yesterday since I bought epic flying ofr Ari and got 1K on Sethcopper (getting bakc to 3K).

I also found that even with the fluctuated prices of titanium ore it can be still profitable with some luck. (got 3 epic gems on a stack) So maybe some of the gold of my banker is going to be redirected to that. rare gems are still selling, though in lower quantity and lower amount of gold it's still profitable. Due to my sickness I also lost control over the red and blue gem market. Need to pick that up and push the price again.

Since I'm leaving on a short vacation. ( from sunday till thuesday) I won't be blogging or gaming during that period. After that though...Well let's say It's possible that I will reveal part 2 of my master plan. Just because i've slacked a bit on the blogg. It's possible but I'm not saying it's going to happen for sure...
Also some screenies and video's will be comming up again so have an eye on the blog for it!

Not money making related:
Myri, Damn your anti-Linux thoughts! And I hope you get your stuff back soon.
Driana, Thanks for Raiding with uss and following my blogg, It was... euhm interresting and fun ofcourse.
The Guild: Sorry guys, really need the brake in healthy conditions from WoW.
All the Readers, thank you for putting up with this waste of space and sorry that I slacked on blog due to many reasons (sickness, work etc) just remember that RL > WoW!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thursday: Shopping for Raids: oooooh no!

Well as you all know Ari dinged 80 and is raiding.
Now the problems she has are the following:
- only 6 epics
- no enchants
- no flasks

So yesterday I took 3K gold from sethcopper (the new banker) and send it to ari to get a stock supplie of flasks, and get my gear enchanted.
Now This is a real setback for the money making since I have NOTHING on AH anymore.
I started scanning again yesterday and will continue today to do so to make up for the lost week of Data. Now hopefully I can start making some money again today so I can get my 3k gold back again.

Problems I forsee:
- On our server blue gems have dropped in price and they have dropped A LOT
- Epic gems are transmuted or bought with honour. So no real farming can be done. Or I should go for titanium ore but the price is still 2times the normal worth so it's better to actually sell them then to prospect them and hope for an epic gem dropping out.
It will be hard... But I will (hopefully) prevail.


Back from the Hospital

The day after my last post I was rushed to the hospital with a 40degrees fever.
Luckily for me it was just a couple of diseases that hit me on the same time. How? No Idea, well I'm back now, ofc, I haven't played in the meantime. But i'll start making gold again soon enough.

Ooooh and Yes I'm rerolling Goblins When/If they come out for my money making bussiness.
That's my memorial to the community.
Noobish quote: :-)

Grtz Guys hopefully see you soon!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1C to 100K: 39 degree fever baby

So still sick and not getting better at all... so auch

First of all:
Zupa, I'm crafting the spell power Ruby and the INT+mp5 eye of zul, and both give around 200-300G each. and I'm buying the gems at 150G a piece so ... ka ching ching. (gold sound)
This is also the way I'm making almost all of my profit right now.

WoW servers are down here in europe so I have no idea what I should have right now.
oki I'm off to lie in bed a few hours since I'm feeling like crap to be honest.


Monday, August 10, 2009

100G to 100K: 2K gold

I'm still sick, getting worse even, but the blog is something i want to keep alive.

so I continued my experiment.
Bought some epic gems and resold them: 2K in pockets and 3K on AH

all with rare and epic gems.
+spellpower and +ap are selling reaaaallly well.

For more to read I would suggest Greedy goblin ofc, and the new FU blog of my mate and Officer Myridin, both can be found at my blogroll.
ofc the others, like Zekta's are awesome too!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

something else: FU!

Hey guys,

still not good enough to actually start posting big stuff in here but here's a blog you MUST read: FU

Myridin, my man, Great job on that on , I actually laughed ^^

Thursday, August 6, 2009

100G to 100K: quick update

quick update:
started with 100G - and ofc the jewels ari made.
right now half sold: 500G in pockets still 500G on AH.
I don't feel quite good enough to right more right now, sorry


ps: ingame char: sethcopper (new banker)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

in health but not in sickness


I've been strucken by 3 viral infections one on my nose, one on my throat and one at my airways.

So i'll be taking a break of WoW and blogging untill I get better :(

Monday, August 3, 2009

from 1C to 100K: SethOneCopper stepping into the world

Hey all,
Since I got as much comments I can actually hope for. (about 1 for every 100 readers) I think it's safe to say, I have the general idea:

So this eve, before my raid starts I'm doing the following:
setting up my bank: Sethonecopper, which will be a lvl1 gnome.
Giving him 100G.
Getting on Ari and with her craft about 20ish jewels, to get off my feet and up to aboutish 500G
(crafted products will be: +32ap +16int and +8int/3mp5) Since she's still only 71 I only have 5-6 recipes to choose from but it should be enough.
I will not purshace a bank at this point, but it is going to be a "reward" from my hard work.
The DK will probably start this weekend and lvl to 65: professions: engineer and bs. the DK will only be lvld and powerlvl his professions with the funds of my new bank (sethonecopper)

My Main is a LW so he'll not interfere with my new bank, but merly keep the old one at 10K for as long as necessary.

My goal? :
1: Reach 100K
2: give you guys some tips, pointers and must do's along the way.
3: Dominate the JC, ENG and BS market. (high tiers of it lvl80 items)

Side goal: Eradicate the need to farm my own mats. giving me an extra proffesion spot on Ari.

1 Weekly report, maybe Biweekly if enough happens (with other words: if I screw up, you get 2 posts a week!)

My Challenge for me and you:
Mine: to make money with a profession I never used past skill150 -my bankers have the basic skill since the first rings make quite a good deal of side money -
Getting gold not primarly by resale but by prospecting and crafting.
Try and delete the need of farming my own mats.

Yours: If you want, you can start the same project, and send me a mail. I welcome you guys to try out the same thing, and write some posts about it, that will be posted here, full rights granted to the person who wrote them.

In my previous post i also used the word: Help, now this came out so wrong.
I actually wanted: 1: some one who may be interrested in doing the same. or. nr.2 which will be a subject for further posts. IF this seems a bit wacky, or interresting, you'll can't wait what I have planned for NR.2

EDIT: to avoid confusion: My jewelcrafter (Ari) already has ore farmed which I will use to start the project. The 100G is used as funds for bags and posting, eliminating me to buy/resale something the first days. which actually make it harder.

New Banker: New Idea: Interaction?

Soooo you'vel read my post earlier today I presume...
It's getting worse, wacky Idea's are running through my mind! and I can't help myself....

So this time it's YOU that will help me. Instead of hopefully the other way around.

These are the terms:
I'm setting up a scheme to reach about 100K gold again (or more whatever) I'm going to use JC as my first source of income (JC425 on Ariäni)
The rest I leave up to you guys:

I want awnsers on the following:

1. should I start a new banker?
2. if so A DK or again a lvl2 gnome?
3. if the banker is a gnome should i lvl a DK?
4. which proffesions does the DKbanker or the DKlvld need to have?
5. Whats the starting amount I should have? (maximum of 1K!)
6. What should be te goal? 100K,200K etc?
7. Should I make a weekly or daily report about it?
8. should it have it's own guild from the start?
9. Should I use another one to' help' me? -make a coalition with-(GF, Zéntrix, someone new?)
10.Would you like to "help"?
11. is there anything I forgot?

I'm giving you all untill Sunday to think about it!


Edit: corrected some errors

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hang-over:I'M BACK! ft. Manga & Zéntrix

Good God,
As usual I havn't sleeped well or much...
Though this time it was for a whole diffrent reason. Firstly some background: I'm a huge Anime fan, yes I know very nerdish of me. And so is my wife, if you looked at her you wouldn't say so but yes she has a bit of the bug too. So after looking at where we could buy some Manga and Anime, a small store in Antwerp was found, now the small store wants about 80bucks for a serie of anime. Which is kinda outrages since the normal going price if ordered online from a respectable site = 40Bucks... Goblinish as I am, I did not buy it. Now a mate of me found "some" Anime at a very low price (not even 1$ a box) so I kinda bought 450Gigabite of Anime last night... and the download was going alll night. 37 episodes of Ruroni Kenshin later, I wen't to bad, feeling a bit ashamed of staying up so long even though I began feeling tired at around 2 at night.

But that's not why youre here, your here for Gold!

If you read my friday post, I sad Gz and well done to Zéntrix. I did that because he dinged 80 and is looking forward to a place in our core-team. (with some help off uss gearing him up)
Now he dabbled around moneymaking a long time. And kinda succeeded in it. But as we all know Raiding is expensive, certainly when our core team raids a fast and hard 6 out of 7 days atm.
(minimum of 2 a week attendance required) So UL25 is a lot of wiping and pain. And it costs money. a lot of money.
Right now, after being tired of money making, I found that I'm turning to the AH more and more, buying up saronite and prospecting them. half of which is turned into Gems for myself, and the other half going on AH to break even.
Now after my proposition to go hand in hand with Zéntrix to actually teach him myself (instead of pointing to my and a few other blogs: blogroll) I kinda need to see whats changed this last month of non-active stock selling.

So beware and get the hell out of my way:

So what are my first actions?
-Scan for a week
- look at markets and use Marketwatcher to find trends again.
-going in whole diffrent areas: Armor kits and Jewelcrafting
-Setting up my DK in the near future (probz once ari's 80 so in twow weeks)
- undercutting the competition and destroying them by any means neccesary
- profit

What will I blog about?
All the above
-NOT about Zéntrix, like I said, I'm not Gevlon and while I share his idea's, and we do somethings the same, I have no intention of blogging about the exact same subjects or idea's.

So wish me good luck now that I'm exploring the deep and unknown oceans of Jewelcrafting and the shallow waters of Armor kits...

oooh and PS: Sorry for those 3 jewelcrafters in my guild, but you'll be out of a profit soon....
and sorry for the Alchemists/Inscriptioneers (or what ever) 'cause in 3 weeks time I'm taking your jobs too.
and sorry to the Blacksmiths... since if Ari dings 80 she's going to take your job too...
yet again: MOVE *insult here*, I'm back so get out of my AH!

One Question though:
Should I start a second banker to get banking again?
would be easier to track progress. but don't know if it's worth the trouble?


Friday, July 31, 2009

Goldsellers: My B***es!!

I love Goldsellers! I mean it love them! soooo much! yes indeed!

oki if your not a banker or going to love or hate them,
hate them because they spam and w you
love them if you need the cash and are stupid enough to buy from them.

As a banker I <3 them!
Serious... A lot of goldsellers, use bankers... learn who those are... and search them (auctioneer => searches => general and search on name) you'll see that a lot of their mats are around 50ish percent of the market price! and ussually at wednesday there is a big post of them on the AH. (at least at my server) that I buy and sell it saturdays at 20-25% profit. (including the AH tip otherwise it would be around 30%)

Do I help the goldsellers with this? YES
Do I care? NO
why not? Cause if I don't get money out of it somebody else will.

So I get gold from Goldsellers without buying it! Do you catch my drift?

How to spot them?
lvl1 humans most of the time, still in their first outfit. and most of the time a normal name (only the spammers have a xfmdrs name)

So look for them, and use them!

PS: Totally of the record here: Zéntrix My main man, Gratz! you'll know why ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Death Knights can be usefull...

As long as you get them out of the battlefield and in the sanctuary of Dalaran or Ironforge.

I waited with this post soooo long and I still don't wan't to write it, why not? Well I'm not following my own advice on this one. Still not... and I should really get started.

First off all lvl a DK to 65. Yes I hate them too, just grid your theet for 4 hours and take a shower after that, 'cause you'll feel dirty and nubbish.
Second get 2 manufacturing skills on it. (JC and Inscription are both goodsellers)
Third: ? jk... get max skill.
Fourth: make gold.

Why Am I not doing this? Well to do this you need some seed cash or atleast a farmer.
I have neither, my shaman (lvl70) and warrior (lvl45) have the mining and herb skills. but both under the lvl cap, my main (for now) has Skinning so thats pretty useless since I have LW already. (and am not dropping it!)
The cash is also a drawback, i'll need about 5K to get him up max proffesions. And since my banker is at 10K for the last two weeks and I'm not even going to try and make more money on him for the time being, I don't want to spend that amount.

I'm thinking though that once Ari hits 77 I'm needing about 7K on her. so Once she's there I'm going to get money again. Why not now? well.. RL, Raiding, Guild, Work etc. I love making money but right now it seemed like a drag, I did the same everyday, no niches in EU Ravenholdt-A whatsoever,
Maybe if Arï's skill get maxed out...
goldfever has struck again!
*picks up pick axe and runs like a mad man!*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep thoughts: uhm yeah well...

This is the best part in a writers life: Writers Block.

Too much going on:
dinging Ari
raiding with Ell
WoW issues

so deep thoughts today about selfishness and guilds.

We all know that you play the game to have fun, and this actually gives everyone the right of being selfish, you play, your fun, don't care about the rest right?
Well no and yes actually, if your not in a guild this is a great way to play. though endgame raiding will become difficult.
If your in a guild it's a bit harder, even harder if your the leader or an officer. As an officer or leader you put the rest before yourself, you give up raidspots, donate cash, pay repairs, keep the morale up etc.
When the officer or leader doesn't do this we get GuildDrama.. and it's feared by all.

So let me know your guilddrama, your moneydrama, any kind of drama thats good for a laugh or tear.

Is it right to play selfish? if yes, even as a guildleader/officer?
if No, what about banking? aren't we selfish by ripping off other ppl?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hang-over: Feels like real

ooh God is it monday again? Already this late? Jeeez, I slept 4h from saturday morning untill now. Probably sick but refuse to go to a Doctor so bah..
The Hangover feels like real though, I crawled in bed at 5 in the morning, at 7ish I was awake again.

Well, I'm putting up a small post today about WoW, and its pixels.
Last week I had someone saying: "You don't know what I'm giving up to be here tonight"
to say it ingame my response was much like: O_O
You saw those guys too saying: "I'm poor"... No your not You are playing WoW, probably have a house, family, job.... How can you be poor? Go to Afrcia and have a look what poor is you *dirty comments here*

So today While you are reading this miniscule update, I would like you all to think about the game and RL. About the value you give to "Gold" and "Titles" and even the game itself. If you have done that, please post a comment about how you feel about the game and all it's glory, can you miss it? Do you feel bad if you don't have gold? Do you envy "rich" pixel goldfarmers etc?

These things I would like to know.

If it's too personal you may always mail me at: onecopper.blogspot@gmail DOT com. If you want to write a post about it, AND want to get featured here mail me the post and who to credit.
Otherwise leave a comment.
So we can all check how the state of our minds is, or we believe we are programmers or cabdrivers or what ever. Or do we believe we are a dual two-hander axe weilding killing machine.


PS: I'm also looking for new reading material, and I think my readers could also use some, so if you have a blog you want me to check out: Mail me!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

1 gold plz:Outland content

Hey all,

Remember when I said that Knothide leather sells well? Remember that I said to have a look at the AH competition, and that it should be quite low? Well a char of mine (Ariäni from Heroic totem)
Is alsmost done with Outland content, yes indeed 1 and a half more lvl of it. And I saw that it was the same for Fel Iron, Adamantite and really really good for Eternium.

Now this struck my interest a while back and I should have drafted it then, but as said most of this I write on the fly. Well some research later and I have come up with:

- Fel arnament sells gooooood and there aren't many of those actually on the AH
- Ores, herbs and leathers are in low quantity on AH and sell reasonably fast. (personal experience: max 2 relists)
- for Alliance: Elemental and Resto Shaman Gear! Serious! If it drops put it on the AH, especially the lvl58-60 ones, one relist needed and sold for a nice profit!
- Paladin healing gear: not that much though mainly the hands, feet and bracers that sell, a lower profit as the shaman gear though
- Disenchanting: The mats for Outland are selling for a price that I can't actually determin, on 3 servers 3 very diffrent prices, ranging from so low to moderatly high. Check your server for it.
-Aldor and Scryer reputation tokens (mark of kiljaeden) Sell fairly well, most by 1 or 10 get sold on the first listing.
- Gear req. lvl58 sells fairly well, as long as you don't put up anything stupid (blablabla of the wolf)

What not to sell?
- glowcap mushrooms and armanents of UB/SP the mushrooms are payement for the Sporegar and the others are reputation for cenarion (I think)... Don't buy them, too high of a price and they don't sell.
-Gems.... Seriously Ariäni is a JC and made about 100ish gems green quality... I always put them on by 3 (so 3x +6str, 3x +6agi etc) the only thing that remotly sells are the +str ones thats it.
-self made gear: Made gear by a proffesion (ex: Drainic boots) Don't sell at all, the quality is vastly infirior to what drops in the world, an dfor the blue items, you just need too much of mats (mats > good = loss)

I hope this were some good tips for the lvling Banker or player.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let's look around...

Hey all,

I hit a writers block today, can't come up with anything.
I would suggest looking at:
Heroic Totem for a good read about shamans, leveling and healing

and if you don't actually know what you want to read have a look at:
WoW Headlines
Which has every important class and AH blog (including mine ^^)

Sorry for the no-update update.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Deep thoughts: Goblin thoughts

Deep thoughts wednesdays brings the mind of no-one less then myself.... well at least it clears the cobwebs in there a bit...

If you have been here from the start, you know I started this blog in the honour of Gevlon.
I was a bit scared he would say farewell to blogging after reaching the goldcap, even worse when he reached it a second time. From the moment he started blogging he was bringin uss great tips and deep philosophies. Hereby a Thank you for being honest, greedy, not being "social" and for sharing it with uss.

As I also said in the beginning of this blog, I will not copy his style or blog like him. Why not? well I have my own style, I post "airish". I post light stuff, and most of the time I try to be somewhat funny. Not that I succeed in it though... (1g Plz has a post with moderate succes in humour though)

So I started this blog to actually fill up an emptyness within myself. Though Gevlon kept posting and kept the blog, I didn't stop since I enjoyed this, I enjoyed that the numbers and guests rised on my blog and that I got moderate succes.
I started at around 10ish viewers a day, and went to 200 a day. Right now I'm not even sure how many views i actually have a day, sometimes 250 the others 450 to even 700! (1012 views on this)

what I notice though is that the Goblin that started this, actually is also responisble for half my traffic.

So does this mean I'll mimic him? I rather not, since I like to be original.
Does this mean I should set up a project to take someone under my wing?
Hell no, since no-one would actually care and I don't have the time. I'm already guiding 4 persons to more wealth (a friend, my gf, a guildie, and a random who /W'd about the blog)
Should I continue making gold? I'm sticking my new banker on 10K and he's staying around that number. just because I don't need more, if I lose some (buying flight fe.) i'll make it up in a day or 2.
Should I stop blogging? Still don't know that yet, but thinking it over slowly.
Should I continue this post? Probably not, since it's sounding like a rant to me. Which it wasn't supposed too..

oh well, you'll read me later, I"ll see your traffic another day.

bb for now!

Jewelcrafting: Prospecting

I still don't know what to do exactly with the blog, my mind is twirling about the subject. Yes or No? Continue or stop?
But in the meantime I can continue posting some golden pearls... or at least the dust of adamantite.

One thing few Jewelcrafters and bankers realise is that lower lvl ore is quite profitable. And I don't mean grinding it, i already said that a couple of weeks ago. What I mean is prospecting, A small example of my server is thorium ore. The prices are down to 30G for a full stack which is about half it's normal price. This is a bussiness oppertunity not only for resale (for about 45G cause of the major competition) but also for the value it holds inside.

A full stack can be prospected about 4 times. And everytime you get a blue sapphire or large opal etc. Those gems go for about 10-20G a piece on my server, and most of the time you get 2 out of a prospect so lets say that we get 6 jewels and all sell for 15G....thats worth 90 gold... 3 times your investment! Thats something you don't see on a daily base, 3 times the money you put in if you sell it back on the AH....

Now thats a goldmaking oppertunity for minimal time and effort.


A fortune starts with one copper

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hang-over: They are quiting all around...

If you haven't noticed already, the blogging community is getting thin... not even that, the wow community is getting thin...

It's summertime and a lot are quitting the stuff.
To be frank, I had some lvl of succes in blogging, but I'm beggining to wonder myself...
I mean what do I offer to the readers that's diffrent from my blogroll?
Zekta, Greedy Goblin, jm2c, AH antics...
They all talk about making money, they all talk about personal exp and filosofie (spelling?)

I don't blog to get my thoughts on paper, I blog so someone could read them, pass time, or just find it interesting.

Now most members i get here, are comming from above sites. So that means that they already found something interesting... Is it really needed that I continue this Blog?

I don't know...I'm doubting actually...
You tell me ...


Monday, July 13, 2009


I've been informed yesterday eve, that i'm leaving today (in an hour) to Germany untill Friday evening. So I have no idea what so ever if I can continue the blog untill then.

Updates on this problem will hopefully follow, but if you don't see me untill monday At least you know why...

Sorry guys.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday Morning Hangover: Experiment Explained

After this weekend's view on my Blog, i saw that a lot of people actually read the 1G plz!: Experiment. While it was nothing more then a personal experiment to have a laugh this proved to be quite interresting.

So here by further explanation of the experiment.

Approach: My approach isn't the standart need G plz, no money for mount plxxxx lolol! I used a more sofisiticated and friendly approach in the lines of: Hello , I'm sorry to disturb you, but it seems I'm a bit short on cash for my lvl30 Mount, is it possible ot receive a donation? or
Hello, I'm collectiong Gold for charity. A poor boy (me), needs a mount since the beasts have crippled him, sadly enough there isn't enough money to buy one, care to help out?

These mostly gave me a: hehe, where are you man? And a gold went into my pockets.
As one of the commenters said, if a reason is provided, people will give in easier. Not only that it let's them feel social. And WoW is played as a social game isn't it? Also a thing that you can't underestimate is the power of laughter. by whispering or /2 spamming in a silly but good humoured way you will likely have a better reaction. (which is also true on /2 in low population hours)

For the record: This experiment was done at Ravenholdt EU (A) A medium server with about 5K Ally people. (give or take a few) And it was done everyday around 5-6 in the afternoon. (also give or take an hour).

For an awnser to some of the questions that have been asked by people in my guild / mails etc.

1.Why? Well this is how I keep myself and my readers Entertained. And an experiment like this was overdue

2.Aren't you ashamed that you have done this?
NO, NO, NO....I share the Goblin point of view (well about 90ish % of it). They are being Social, and it's my right to take advantage of it. It's my duty actually, As a banker it's yours too.

3.Are you continuing this experiment?
No, I have learned enough, also its a 400G/2H = 200G/H... i make 5 times a much at the AH.

4.Did friends respond yo your whispers?
Well I was incognito, so yes a few responded. Though I think only 1 or 2 actually gave Gold...

5.Are you ashamed for taking the gold of friends?
Bussiness is Bussiness.... see nr.2

Any others may be asked by mail or Comment.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

1G PLZ! : Experiment

I've had a little experiment going the last week...
just for the 1G plz section of this blog, I did something I had never done before...

I begged in WoW!

More actually I begged 4 times!

At lvl 5, 15, 30 and 40 I begged with a warrior i created: Bedelaar (dutch for beggar)
(All begging did in IF by the bank)
So my findings of my experiment:

lvl5 (2h begging) 50Gold not many wanted to give me gold, low lvl you don't need it etc.
nothing to report with hmi

lvl15 (2h Begging) ~67Gold Same reason here, low lvl's don't need it...

lvl30 (2h begging) about 400G!!! I said i needed gold for my Mount... And actually a lot fell for it ! even some in /2 /w me to ask where i was. A lot of people seem to think that the mount is needed, that its needed to survive. Very interesting though

lvl40 (2h begging) About 150G. I was begging and my reason was i wanted to buy plate.. Not many responded

Well if you see these nrs. I certainly Know why there are beggars around. Do note that this begging that i did was from 16h to 20h. and always no more then 30mins a piece.
So 30mins begging, 30min wait, 30mins begging ...

So if your a Goblin and you don't mind taking money from helpfull people: let your lvl30 begg for a bit and it'll get enough money to lvl70ish.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crafter's Gold:

Hey all,
Yesterday i checked prices from Mining materials on my server. And as we all know end-game mats of vanilla (thorium/mithril) are expensive. Now what i also saw is that (on my server atleast) they are worth more then saronite...
Saronite full stack = 20G
Mithril full stack = 50G
Thorium full stack = 70G

Even old gems are going for 15G a piece! some even for 30-50G (I'm looking at you Azerothian diamond!)
While I see hihglvl gems going for the same and even a lesser price!
So my advice for you: Are you lvling mining? or lvling a character? or just a high lvl miner and bored?
Try to go to some old locations with mithril/thorium (every 50-60 area is great! except for feralas) And see how much money you can make..
Ariäni lvld the past week, and while I didn't go out of my way to get anything. I came up with 3 stacks of mithril that I couldn't use anymore, and some stones and lowerlvl gems.
While lvling I made 250G just from those stacks. in a lvl 50ish area...
I don't know if you remember but...250G was a big deal back when on vanilla. Now 250G is enough for a raidnight and thats it, but while lvling this can get you a long way.
So again, if your lvling or want to start it, get mining... It's a pain in the ass from tin to iron (gap is quite big) but after that you'll thank me.


Deep Thoughts: So you want to be money capped?

Let's think about this for a while....

Greedy Goblin made 200K+ gold. Seriously: Gz for that.
I mean what do we need to do with so much gold?
Make another character and start a new with that one to reach it again?

Come on!
I have found a new Way of living actually, Right now my small banker has 10K gold on it. and 2K on my main on that realm...
And I am happy with that. I don't NEED anymore, and once you realise that you won't want anymore.
Elloën (my main) Does NOT have epic flying, why not? I don't need it. He's a skinner, so I can skinn anywhere I want to. I don't quest a lot with him, and if I need to fly to a raid, i can use the time to explain tactics etc on Vent, give the orders to the healers, figure out the tanks etc...

I have 10K with that small banker on Ravenholdt, and if I decide to take epic flying, I just need one week and i'll have the 10K again. I don't buy armor for my alts, I don't need to buy mats for my alts, the only thing i spend my money on is my guild. 50G for repairs, if we wipe too much (500G total = 1H of AH work), mats for great feasts: 100G for 10 great feasts which is enough for a week, and those 100G i get back by Raiding.
This doesn't mean I'll stop banking, I love it too much, and got too much to share with you all.
In my own freaky way ofcourse. But I will take a step back ingame. I don't have the time to Bank an hour a day. Certainly not now that Ari (my shaman) is speedleveling to 80. (40->57 in 20h anyone? - without rested, or help 10% from shoulders though) I'm raiding daily, blogging, keeping my guild running, working on the guildsite, working at work, learning in my free time and ofcourse giving the love to my wife that she deserves.

So AHgame, thank you soo much for the 100K on DMF but I'm content with what I have on Ravenholdt, so I'll be seeing you a bit less, maybe 10mins a day, just enough to post up all the trash i get by doing raids and lvling Ari.

PS: Don't worry, this blog will keep his regular posts

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

skinner and leatherworker? Do some Heroics!

Ahhh yes, Heroics! they almost give you nothing in gold, or things to sell effectivly (since every 80 wants epics) and yet they make me hordes of money!

If youre a skinner and leatherworker do the following:
run Old kingdom, VH and Ahn'ketet something... every day!
Well you skinn leather, chitin and dragonscales from there.
yes indeed most of these don't sell for a lot of profit... about 20-40G for a full stack (server dependent)
you can make ==> nerubian legarmor and even the purple icescale legarmors. These sell for 50G and 400G respectivly on my server.

Why running heroics then? (or even normal dungeons)
1) extra money while your doing it
2) chance of getting a boe blue
3) gearing up if your a Raider
4)to do something fun... if you don't wipe half the time ofc
5) emblems of heroism => jewels => profit

So doing about 1h-2h of heroics, gives you 5 benifits!
True not all in the form of money, but still just to get your mind of a hards day work. I know that a lot of people refrain from playing the AH since they view it as an half hour of pure boredom. And this is my little tip from today to get your money from minimum AH-"work".


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monday morning hang-over: it feels like I lost a week...

So It's monday again, and i haven't been on the blogosphere a whole week!
This took a lot of control on my part, not to check it every day but i managed.

Not only that, i haven't played WoW except for my daily Raids and keeping my guild inorder.
So For now, I suggest to have a look at my BlogRoll and take your reading material there.

On another note:
On my last post i got the comment of: Thuesdays are great for flask selling...
Well: I'm on a European server... Wednesday is THE day to sell flasks my man, Wednesday!

Small post I know, but i want to check up onPTR patchnotes, and other blogs before I start giving advice that maybe outdated!


Friday, June 26, 2009

1G plz: let's take a break

Hey all I'm back for a small post

Don't you ever have that something just won't sell, or it just doesn't work?

If you crafted item doesnt sell its because of 3 reasons:
1) too much competition: wait untill the competition is lower and sell it then
2) not enough people online: post it in the weekend, when there are more searching the AH
3) it's just horrible: remember the "of the falcon"? agi+int isn't the most topseller or the "of the boar"? they just don't sell! list them for about 145% vendorprice, or let the mdisenchant, otherwise you'll not sell them.

And today I'm taking my own advice, my week's leave of work is comming (last day today!) and I'm taking the week of blogging most probably.
I'm against all the nerfs Bliz is giving old content, and it seems that my muse isn't happy with it either, i have about 500 idea's but they seem to melt on paper. (or pc screen)
This will also givem e about 15-30mins extra with my wife over next week, and we can really use the "alone" time. Since i don't draft texts, i all write them on the day they need to be posted, this will save me some time and frustration.

So This was my last post for June. I'll be back the 6th of july.

and remember:

A fortune starts with one copper!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deep thoughts continued:

Dàchéng said...

I notice no mention of real-life friends. Keeping friendships requires effort on your part, and I notice that your general day desn't include anything there. If this is not just an oversight, then you will lose your non-WoW friends if you have not already done so. Letting friendships wither could be a sign of addiction.

This is a great Comment I got on previous post.

I thought it was good enough to continue yesterdays topic.

Dàchéng, Yes I have friends. Though not a lot anymore. In the week, we don't have much time/energy to go out and see each other, but they also play WoW so we put up Vent, and talk while we play. In the weekend, we mostly hangout at my home or at a bar playing some biljarts.

Yet I must say when i was younger, i had a lot more friends, as time passed by though you naturally lose sight of each other. (diffrent home, school, work etc)
The first year i started to work full-time, AND did univeristy I didn't had a lot of time to spend with them, and i lost about half of my mates, later when I met my wife, that little time I had got split in 2. Most of my friends said then and there and litterly: it's uss or her. (Do mind that this was not the first time) I chose her.
My cell has about 348 numbers in it, of which 24 familymembers and 10 worknrs. (i got an extra cell for work so only emergency nrs) The rest were mates. Now i call 3 nrs...
I realised that "Friends" are people who call you when THEY need something. And when you need something, they all dissapear. So I'm left with my "family", my brow's, my Dearest Friends.

You should do good to listen to this piece of advice:
For every 50 friends you got, there will be 1 that's a true friend, one that isnt a M&S to put it in goblin words, only 1 that you will see between being a young-adult and adulthood.
Everyone else, will leave, forget you,find other friends...
there's a line from a song that goes: "Friends are enemies with secret identities, who come around and stab you in the back when you ain't looking"

Now that's exagereted by far. But do think about this: how many friends of yours would dump you for 1 million dollars? how many would you dump? There's probably only one or two that you won't let go.

I'm not saying this out of bitterness, I'm saying this out of wisdom. You (my readers who are saying no) are probably below <24 years old, and think that those friends you have will stay with you all your life. Go to your family and ask how many childhood friends they still see? my mom and dad don't see any, my aunt doesnt see any, my grand-ma doesn't see any, etc etc.

Don't think that having fewer or no friends is a result of addiction. I chose to have less friends, and there wasn't one day I was depressed about it. I make one phonecall and i know that my mate will be running to me. For me that's better then having to call 348 nrs and hoping that half of them show up.
I chose to let the relationship wither, not for the game, not for time but for me. I am happier now.
So right now i have: aquintaces (? spelling) and "family" (my dearest friends)
the first group, I see at work, at my favorite bar, at wow.... And they are fun to be with but thats it.
The second group, is the one I rely on, and those that can rely on me. And I take pride in it, that that group is small.

For the ones Thinking I must be 44 years old and a loner to write like this:

My real name is Dave V.D. I live in Belgium and was born at 18th of august 1988.
So I'm 20y old,
weight: 54Kg
height: 1m72

My favorite hobbies: biljarts, spending time with my wife, reading, programming, hanging out with my brotha from anotha motha, and anything that can test my brain/body to its fullest.
(except contact sports: cant do those anymore - accident) and gaming (including WoW)

Work: I work as an ITer at N-allo and a programmer-analyst in my spare time.
Studies: Management, Acountancy and IT + IT-degree + degree to start my own company.
My IQ: 126-139 (from the tests i took these are my lowest and highest scores)

Favorite colour: Black and red (and green)
Music: HipHop, old rock and hard rock/metal
Movies: action, thriller, comedy.
Food: steak and fries

Anything else just ask.

How can I have wisdom then? Well, let's just say I crawled out of the snake pit and have seen a lot.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Deep Thoughts: When enough WoW is enough?

It's a big topic here in Belgium: Game addiction

When are you addicted to the game?
Yesterday I came in touch with this topic.So i thought i'd write a small post about it.
Can people really say: "your addicted"? What are there parameters? Let's take me for example:
My general day is:
6h30 get up
7h leave for work
7h30-15h30 (normally) working
15h30 -16h driving home
16h pressing the On button of my pc, and checking my mail etc.
17h-18h dinner (including dishes) yeah i eat loooong, since i love the peace and calm, and family time.
18h10-19h banking (about 30mins i just sit and read a book of it ,while my scan is running)
19h10-22h Raiding and keeping my Guild in order.
22h - ??h (mostly 12h) Rent a movie, read or finish my rubikscube since it takes me an hour or 2 to complete.

Note: i smoke a cig every hour or so, so i need to go downstairs, and do it in my "smoking area"
Note2: the playtime in the weekend is about the same
Note3: i try and Not game on Thursday (personal time with wife etc)

So you should say: well ain't you adicted? you come home from work and almost instantly play!
Valid point! But:
1) I see that my work and work @ home are done first.
2) I don't watch TV (I really don't like it)
3) I read books at work (on my brake) aswell as the newspaper.
4)I don't have kids yet, and my wife is mostly @ school or something like that

So is that addicted? I don't really know. If you say to me: Quit a week.
I wouldnt mind, what i would mind though is: Who is going to run my guild? I saw at TAOW what happened when 2 officers took a brake... 25left the first week(!)
Second i would be bored half the time. I read a lot, but i do that at work and while smoking at home. I don't like TV so thats out.. I do like videogames... but heck thats the same.. i like boardgames, but you got to find people for that... I really really like sports, sadly with my injury a couple of years ago, the only thing i can do is jog and run. So no contactsports.. which were my alltime favorits (Basketball on concrete, hockey, soccer, ...) I could go out to a bar and play some biljarts (which I also really love) and thats something i would do, but not a whole week, cause then i would be an Alcohilic, since i'm at a bar all the time. Next week i have a week of liberty (no work)
So i'll be home with my lovely wife the whole week and this is what i'm going to do:
-sleep a bit longer as my 4h a day i have now.
-Go for a walk with my wife
-Go swimming (and this is a real achievement for me! since i'm an aquaphobic)
-Go to our yearly feast here in Heist, so shop and have some fun.
- just doing nothing ! (for about an 1h, i can't do that too long)
- reading
- blogging
- being romantic for my wife ^^

So you judge are you addicted? what is addicted? and as long as you keep your RL straight, is that really addiction?


Edit: For the record I do have 2 addictions I reallly like: 1) My wife, and i will never give her up!
2) Smoking, yes I Like IT! so I don't care what you say about it, though I'm cutting back for my wife, she doesnt like it. And as said: She's my prime addiction, my sweet and perfect little drug!