Monday, October 26, 2009

last warning!

One Copper has moved!

This is your last warning!

GO HERE! for your daily doze of the gold drug!
BTW: The first official podcast is up for download and stream at the new site so be sure to check it out!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

later today: ???

this eve the Podcast is being recorded and will be placed on my NEW SITE.
So be sure to check it out!
There you can also see: ALL the new posts. the Itunes link! and just a bigger and better website ^^


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


To all,

Don't forget that One Copper has moved to!!

Any links may be updated
So must your RSS feed.

A lot of tips and tricks can now be found there!

Sincere Regards,

Sunday, October 18, 2009

(one of the) last posts

So the new site is ready to go and while it's still finnicky I'm probably going to stop posting here.
With this I would all like to thank you for comming here on a daily basis. And I hope that you all find the new and improved site as great as this one. Both in Content and lay out.

Also please update your feedreader since this is also going to change.

For all who linked me in their blogroll:
Thank you.
If possible please update the link to

Also I got a new email: seth AT one-copper DOT com.
Any new questions can be sent there.

Hope you enjoy the new site!


preview: oooh my!

new one-copper site

Want something changed let me know.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Social pressure, eh?

I thought I had more goblins reading this blog tbh...

I had 10 votes over 5 days on the latest poll (should I continue the podcast)
Now yesterday I asked you all to vote or I wouldn't continue with the new site etc etc.
And I even said "social pressure, eh?"...
Now Hydra made a good comment about being in a goblin blog....

Social pressure is worthless... I don't ever do anything because I'm forced to do it by pressure.
If I don't do this, another person won't do that. That just doesn't work with me. Now from the 600 vistors yesterday, 30+ voted. which means that there are 30something that haven't yet learned the way of the goblin. Ofcourse I'm very happy to get the votes, so now I know to continue or not. But this was an easy lure and some of you got catched by the trap.

This actually also reinforces my statement that a lot of people are being let on by social aspects of life. Otherwise I would have had the normal +/- 2 votes a day.

So what did you think of my small trap yesterday? Was there social pressure to vote? If you have voted, why? and why not if you didn't? These things intrest me today.

Sorry for the small post, I'm having a meeting at work and don't really havethe time for anything larger today. This weekend I'll also buy the new site, so keep on the lookout for my farewell post on blogger.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hey all,
As said yesterday I don't have too much time to write something up but this was important enough to let you all know.

IF I get 25 votes (GOD YES!) before tomorrow eve, the new website will be bought and ready for use this MONDAY including a podcast next week friday for your weekly shot of goldmaking sweetness.

If not, I'm waiting another week before starting the podcasts and website.

Social pressure, eh?


Afternote: okaaaaj that was quick... Who cheated?
Afternote2: go and congratulate Zekta He just got up his 100th post! Gz man, you earned it.

Guest post: Inscription.

Heya I'm Carbon from A Gnome's Conquest and thank you for reading my guest post at One Copper.

I'm here to talk about Inscription and how its making absurd amounts of profit right now. In patch 3.2.2 Runescroll of Fortitude were implemented in the game allowing players to have the fortitude buff without a priest. Here I'll explain why Inscription is currently such a hot profession right now.

We'll start off with figuring out the cost per glyph. To figure this out we divide the cost of your adder's tongue or icethorn prices by 6. On average you will get 6 ink of the sea (12 azure pigment) from 1 stack of adder's tongue or icethorn. So if your adder's price is 20g a stack your ink of the sea will cost 3.3g each meaning your glyphs will cost 3.8g and 7.1g respectively (1 ink and 2 ink glyphs plus parchment cost). While this sounds expensive think about how many glyphs sell on your server for 10-20g. On top of that I sell glyphs on a regular basis for 400%+ mark up.

While that sounds great here is how you can simply make money just by milling your herbs without selling any glyphs. Runescrolls of fortitude take 1 snowfall ink and 5 resilient parchments to create. You will on a large enough scale get an average of 1 snowfall ink per adder's tongue and icethorn stack (2 icy pigment per stack). The recipe creates 5 scrolls for the cost of 1 ink and on many servers the runescrolls are selling for as much as 20g each. That means selling 5 runescrolls at 20g each is giving you 100g per snowfall ink. That stack of herbs that cost you 20g just returned 100g before you even touched glyphs. On my server for example the scrolls are selling for 7g each right now. That's still 35g per snowfall ink which is the same as 1 stack of high end herbs (my server 15-18g).

I hope you enjoyed my guest post today at One Copper and you can visit me at to read more.

Thanks again,

leveling enchanting: where did 1.5K gold go?

I logged in yesterday and was like: ok... I was at 120K and now i'm at 118K again... what happened to my 2K of money (1.560G to be honest)

Ooooh yeah the nether essences.... damn.

Leveling enchanting is a real pain in the butt. It's fairly slow and very, very expensive.
Ofcourse now that Vellums are available (since wrath) It's less painfull.
You can enchant the vellums and sell them on the AH, they don't have a cost to post so thats even better. Ofcourse you can also use the vellums for other characters, so If you are a altaholic like me it's nice to have about 10 diffrent scolls with enchants on your guildbank.

Nether essence is very difficult to farm (green weapons lvl40-45) so I didn't want to have my available time in Zul'farrak. And I bought the items: 1.5K gold for lvling enchanting from 200 to 295.

I'm keeping enchanting a bit around that lvl though, want to spend more time getting everything in order. (getting my alts to 80 and gearing the last 3 spots on my shaman)

Also: I don't know If I'm getting a blog up tomorrow. I can't play today (going to pool and poker this eve now that I have a bit more time between work, school and home situation) And I'm off to a booksalething. 20K+ books all for 90-75% cheaper then in a store. (if you live in Belgium or the Netherlands: Boekenfestijn, look it up)

A fortune starts with one copper.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well I'll be damned...
I've been sitting here the last months telling people: farm lowlvl stuff, and one of my favorite examples is Mithril and Thorium ore/bar.

MMO-Champion has made a new guide, using that farming info.
Ofcourse this is something any player with a mind can think of, so I'm not even suprised.

What bugs me though is: Now I have to find a way around my own lowlvl farming goldmaker....
And to be honest the only awnser there is: Farm yourself!


Crash the market... héhé thats an idea *evil thoughts*
Go into a bidding war so that the prices tumble down to below 50%, buy them all up, wait a week, and resell again at 80%

So that problem's fixed.

Monday, October 12, 2009

the path of life isn't written in stone

The path of life isn't written in stone
which means that everyone makes their own happiness and succes. Yes there are some things outside of your control. But be honest how large is the chance you are hit by a truck this morning?

YOU choose to work for something, to work at your own attitude, to work and get out of the snakepit you were born in. Don't go telling me that people that come from a bad background can't be succesfull... For every so many poor there is a "rich" one. And that one (most of the time) worked for it. When someone works hard enough he can get very far, not everywhere but very far.

Tools for the Needy
There are so many tools to help the "needy" out there, it's kind of a hoax.
Can't pay for university? Don't worry work hard and we will pay for you.
Can't pay for a house? Just take the effort to walk 500meters to the nearest office and we'll pay for you.
Came from another country? Don't worry we'll do everything for you
Can't speak the native thongue? Don't worry the people will adjust.
Don't worry the people will pay for your food, clothing, car, school, whatever you need! They will adjust.

"But he came from a 3th world country we have to help them"

Help them by learning to actually work for something. If he gets all the above thats fine. IF he actually starts working, and learns how to live in the western civilisation (spelling?) But if you got all that, would you even bother learning the language or work? It's a free day in paradise from my aspect. Getting EVERYTHING while doing NOTHING.

It always feels good when you see 3 foreigners in a BMW blasting music down the street, looking them stop at a OCMW (helpcenter) and get a paycheck where the working class is jealous off.
Why? because they came from wherever.

And dare to say anything about it and you'll be a racist...
We DON'T care about the race! It's just a great example, people from our own country do the same damn thing... it's called wellfare. WE work so we pay taxes, taxes in which are used to get wellfare money which in it's part goes to all the people that are too lazy to work.

Statistics in a random (truely) western country:
People from the country itself: age 18-67 working class: 89% (got to love decline in the economy)
Foreingers intigrated: age 18-67 working class: 42% (4% of total people in said country)
Total: 15% don't do sh1t with their lives.

so tbh.. They are just a "easy" group to pick on. It's more obvious. Though the group is waaay smaller.

The point being is: The Needy can get as much as every working (wo)man, by doing nothing.
IF you really don't want to achieve nothing in your life, if you don't want to have more then 90% of the country. Just stop working go to a wellfare office, and get the free ride through life.

How you ride your life is totally up to you.

I'm a goblin... I am that 10% And I'm not afraid to say: I feel GOOD about it. And I hate working for the 15% of people that don't do a fck with their life.
I'm a Goblin and I'm proud of it.

PS: can any of the 600 readers actually comment some feedback about the podcast? Thank you!

PPS: Just got my taxletter... isn't it pretty... another 6K spent on taxes this year, probz 4K to the welfare system. here you go take the workers money.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monday Morning Hang Over: Farming has started

My mate has challenged me this weekend to a race. A lvling race, since I lvld my first toons in a powerlvling guild I was pretty optimistic that I could win... but then I heard what he wanted to do.
Lvl all 10 classes to 80. Sadly enough I never turn down a bet. I accepted and am currently leading with: 2 x 80's / 1 x 47 / 1 x 40 / and others. Now I'm not going to extensivly lvl just yet. God knows that I have more time, now that I disbanded TSB. (my raiding guild=> wanted more time IRL so no more 3H a day raiding and 1H a day ahing etc) I'm going to grind Stonekeeper shards and Badges of conquerer things. the 10/20% lvling increase will hopefully get me the win.

Well that's that.

First off all Thank you for the comments on my first Podcast test show. All comments have been read and taken in account. Now depending on how many more comments and views I am going to get, the new site is going to be live this or next week.

So improvements on the Podcast that I'm looking at:
1. new mic. (really needed)
2. Being less nervous at the beginning of the show
3. better quality "cuts". No more roosters that make you topple of your chair.
4. Better research before recording
5. others on the way

Well thats it for this monday.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Podcast: Testshow: Finally here

So... YES the testshow is finally here.

first off all before you start listening:
1 - This is being recorded with a fairly bad mic, a better one will be bought if the podcast is to your liking.
2- In the podcast you'll hear me say sheep, I listened to the podcast again and I thought it came out as cheap, so trust me if I say it's meant as SHEEP.
3- any comments or ideas are more then welcome as long as they are constructive.
4- I was very very very nervous so be gentle. You'll probably hear it in the beginning and a little lest at the end, so be sure to give me info about that.
5- this podcast isn't downloadable at this point. I want to see how the reactions are before pumping money into a site.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Podcast: Almost here!

Yes Yes the podcast is comming today! hopefully not 12h from now it's online.
Since it's a test episode it will be posted as a video here at the site and on YouTube.
If you like it or don't don't forget to comment.

Also the site is probably moving to a selfhosted site! Again comments or mails about the hosting (suggestions with other words) are most welcome!

If there is anything else you want to hear in the podcast: Comment or mail.!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crafting: Drums of whatever.

The new Drums and scrolls (kings/fortutide and more I thought) are actually so... not needed.
Granted for leveling by yourself it would be awesome but tbh at lvl80 you aren't really lvling anymore. For 5 mans they are sweet too, but who wants to spent such gold on a pug? if 99% doesn't take a flask (when undergeared, if that is even possible) why take a drum/scroll?

Tbh, there are so many Paladins and priests that for a raid it's practicly worthless.
I have a leatherworker and the income of those drums is abmyssal. I had to repost 3(!!) times before 1 sold. No competitors even close to my figure (just above mat price+ ah fee + 1% profit)

I have checked the price on other servers, but ofc, don't know how fast they are selling.

Right now I do not think its worth the gold and is " a hole in my pocket".


PS: last day of recording on the podcast tomorrow. So that eve or saturday morning it's up!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deep thoughts: Got reviewed

First off all:
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, RL has kicked me in the B*lls yesterday.
Now back to the post:

I got a review from Sarainy over on her site. A review that was actually much to my liking.
There are some good points in there, and I actually didn't know that some of my labels where empty.
Now Sarainy if you are reading this: Great review, but ya missed a negative point...
My youtube link is broken... I said to myself I would fix it... like said it a month ago, and still didn't get around to fixing it. But really the negatives and positives are all to my liking and fairly objective. (from my point of view) So Thank you and great post!

The Podcast: Friday is the big day! last day of recording and it's up. Had some difficulties with my cat.... seriously she wrecked my headphones. Don't ask me how, it's like the dog ate my homework, but this one is acually true. It also seems that I ain't the only one doing this: JM2C also has released his idea's for his goldmaking podcast so, good luck with it.

The site: When the podcast has gotten good "reviews" on the test show, I'm going to change the blog and podcast to a site of my own. For direct streaming, and the ability for you guys to download it. If anyone has a good provider for a pod/blogcast . Let me know.

I'm out of time here, so wrapping this up.
Later this week I promise to actually get some tips up again because it's been a while.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday morning hangover: oh my I help people!

Hey all,

Well, I didn't have a post friday, why? I had a "gastroscopie" with other words, they stuck a tube in my mouth to look at my stomach, throat and the thing you use for swallowing.
I was kinda high the rest of the day, so a post wasn't one of my priorities.

Well Good news first: on the last episode of Twisted nether My blog came up for a question so jeuj. (= happy) Always good to get some extra attention.
Goblinism also got some extra attention this week so that was quite well.

Now as I am a self proclaimed Goblin, I get quite a few comments that are saying "you are selfish and selfcentered". Now this is 90% true. But I want to explain a point here.

Being a Goblin doesn't mean that I don't help people. It's just I don't help the dumb, the lazy and the other. I Help people that are actually trying to make their "lifes" or "WoW" better.

Fe. I got some nice whispers yesterday that went like:

Can you spare me a gold?
- Yes I can
*invited you in a party*
- Declined
Where should we meet?
- Why should we meet?
For the gold...
You said you are going to give me one gold?
- I said I CAN spare one gold, I didn't say I would.

I would never ever give the milk/money what ever to someone. I would however teach them how to milk/ how to make money. Thats also the reason I blog. And I presume Gevlon blogs. I try and teach people to make gold, Gevlon does, Zekta does, JM2C does...
Do we give gold in game? 99% sure: NO.
in Goblinism I said that if needed I would fire 100 people to save my company. Now that's true as ever, I would fire everyone if needed as a matter of speaking. But what you should know is that the people that are staying are the ones who want to learn to milk. they don't necesarly need to be te "best", they need to want to be the "best".
Fe. In my guild, I always took 1 or 2 people that wanted to learn. I didn't care about their dps, the rest off uss can easily cover for them if we didnt do hardmodes. And after that raid, the next time we run they will dps more/tank better/heal better. And not because of the gear, because of what they learned. Prime examples: Galeo, Stralight, Panndora, Shayline. They all started with uss with lesser gear and lesser "experience" raiding. When yesterday I disbanded the guild, I could look back and see that they all improved soo much that they were the people I wanted for my core group. I teached total newbs from making 10G a day to a real competitor on the AH. And actually cutting in my profits.

So with this kinda rantpost: Goblinism doesn't say: me and the rest can screw themselfs. It sais: everyone that isn't willing to learn: Screw you. And I'll profit of you.
Well atleast thats Goblinism for me. And as with everything in this world: Goblinism is relative to the subject. (subject meaning person in this context)

let the flames come my way.