Monday, August 31, 2009

Money Making: Jewelcrafting

Well after the changes to jewelcrafting (purple gems) I thought, okaj its short lived prices will drop soon enough and the money youll make of it will be nought to 3G a gem....

I was sooo wrong and I love it.

Right now the basic epic gem costs: 100-150G on my server. (most hanging around 120G)
So this is expensive but who cares if have some start capital.

The best thing to actually begin making money is get:
Red gem 130G: +spellpower
Yellow gem 110G: +hit rating
Green gem 145G: +Intellect and MP5
Orange 125G: +hit and spellpower
Purple 100G: +spellpower and mp5

I sell those for respectivly: 180;200;200;170;170 gold... I sell about 10 each day...
(well starting so hopefully)
so small math =
50G x10 = 500G
90G x10 = 900G
55G x 10 = 550G
70G x 10 = 700G

so 2650G - 400G+/- (relists+ ah costs) = 2250G (give or take a few coins) profit a day!
Yes the 2.2K gold is profit... total money in = about 10K and more...
which also means to do this you'll need about 10K gold...
ofcourse some of these gems have little competition so you can start in smaller nr.s on these.

The best tip I have for you before you start is the following: Start with 1 gem of each colors since the same color doesn't exactly enlarge your profits, it just makes the chance to sell bigger.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

100G to 100K; 4.9K worth!

Hey all! I'm back, I'm back, etc etc.
Well I'm slowly selling Runed cardinal rubys for about 200G a piece while the normal cardinal ruby costs 130G. So money is trickling in slowly. I haven't had much time for something else so gold is comming in about 1K a day. (200-300G profit)

This weekend I'll be unable to play again, so the money making bussiness is very unstable atm.
More updates and better explanations are comming soon.

Any questions related to the blog can be asked as a comment to this post, and I will awnser them this week.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Round-up: Epic fling and Vacation

Well after four tries of COS timed i finally got the bronze drake... 4 times.... did it every time and lost it: proves my luck in the game -_-

Oh well on the money making site: i lost 5K gold yesterday since I bought epic flying ofr Ari and got 1K on Sethcopper (getting bakc to 3K).

I also found that even with the fluctuated prices of titanium ore it can be still profitable with some luck. (got 3 epic gems on a stack) So maybe some of the gold of my banker is going to be redirected to that. rare gems are still selling, though in lower quantity and lower amount of gold it's still profitable. Due to my sickness I also lost control over the red and blue gem market. Need to pick that up and push the price again.

Since I'm leaving on a short vacation. ( from sunday till thuesday) I won't be blogging or gaming during that period. After that though...Well let's say It's possible that I will reveal part 2 of my master plan. Just because i've slacked a bit on the blogg. It's possible but I'm not saying it's going to happen for sure...
Also some screenies and video's will be comming up again so have an eye on the blog for it!

Not money making related:
Myri, Damn your anti-Linux thoughts! And I hope you get your stuff back soon.
Driana, Thanks for Raiding with uss and following my blogg, It was... euhm interresting and fun ofcourse.
The Guild: Sorry guys, really need the brake in healthy conditions from WoW.
All the Readers, thank you for putting up with this waste of space and sorry that I slacked on blog due to many reasons (sickness, work etc) just remember that RL > WoW!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thursday: Shopping for Raids: oooooh no!

Well as you all know Ari dinged 80 and is raiding.
Now the problems she has are the following:
- only 6 epics
- no enchants
- no flasks

So yesterday I took 3K gold from sethcopper (the new banker) and send it to ari to get a stock supplie of flasks, and get my gear enchanted.
Now This is a real setback for the money making since I have NOTHING on AH anymore.
I started scanning again yesterday and will continue today to do so to make up for the lost week of Data. Now hopefully I can start making some money again today so I can get my 3k gold back again.

Problems I forsee:
- On our server blue gems have dropped in price and they have dropped A LOT
- Epic gems are transmuted or bought with honour. So no real farming can be done. Or I should go for titanium ore but the price is still 2times the normal worth so it's better to actually sell them then to prospect them and hope for an epic gem dropping out.
It will be hard... But I will (hopefully) prevail.


Back from the Hospital

The day after my last post I was rushed to the hospital with a 40degrees fever.
Luckily for me it was just a couple of diseases that hit me on the same time. How? No Idea, well I'm back now, ofc, I haven't played in the meantime. But i'll start making gold again soon enough.

Ooooh and Yes I'm rerolling Goblins When/If they come out for my money making bussiness.
That's my memorial to the community.
Noobish quote: :-)

Grtz Guys hopefully see you soon!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1C to 100K: 39 degree fever baby

So still sick and not getting better at all... so auch

First of all:
Zupa, I'm crafting the spell power Ruby and the INT+mp5 eye of zul, and both give around 200-300G each. and I'm buying the gems at 150G a piece so ... ka ching ching. (gold sound)
This is also the way I'm making almost all of my profit right now.

WoW servers are down here in europe so I have no idea what I should have right now.
oki I'm off to lie in bed a few hours since I'm feeling like crap to be honest.


Monday, August 10, 2009

100G to 100K: 2K gold

I'm still sick, getting worse even, but the blog is something i want to keep alive.

so I continued my experiment.
Bought some epic gems and resold them: 2K in pockets and 3K on AH

all with rare and epic gems.
+spellpower and +ap are selling reaaaallly well.

For more to read I would suggest Greedy goblin ofc, and the new FU blog of my mate and Officer Myridin, both can be found at my blogroll.
ofc the others, like Zekta's are awesome too!


Sunday, August 9, 2009

something else: FU!

Hey guys,

still not good enough to actually start posting big stuff in here but here's a blog you MUST read: FU

Myridin, my man, Great job on that on , I actually laughed ^^

Thursday, August 6, 2009

100G to 100K: quick update

quick update:
started with 100G - and ofc the jewels ari made.
right now half sold: 500G in pockets still 500G on AH.
I don't feel quite good enough to right more right now, sorry


ps: ingame char: sethcopper (new banker)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

in health but not in sickness


I've been strucken by 3 viral infections one on my nose, one on my throat and one at my airways.

So i'll be taking a break of WoW and blogging untill I get better :(

Monday, August 3, 2009

from 1C to 100K: SethOneCopper stepping into the world

Hey all,
Since I got as much comments I can actually hope for. (about 1 for every 100 readers) I think it's safe to say, I have the general idea:

So this eve, before my raid starts I'm doing the following:
setting up my bank: Sethonecopper, which will be a lvl1 gnome.
Giving him 100G.
Getting on Ari and with her craft about 20ish jewels, to get off my feet and up to aboutish 500G
(crafted products will be: +32ap +16int and +8int/3mp5) Since she's still only 71 I only have 5-6 recipes to choose from but it should be enough.
I will not purshace a bank at this point, but it is going to be a "reward" from my hard work.
The DK will probably start this weekend and lvl to 65: professions: engineer and bs. the DK will only be lvld and powerlvl his professions with the funds of my new bank (sethonecopper)

My Main is a LW so he'll not interfere with my new bank, but merly keep the old one at 10K for as long as necessary.

My goal? :
1: Reach 100K
2: give you guys some tips, pointers and must do's along the way.
3: Dominate the JC, ENG and BS market. (high tiers of it lvl80 items)

Side goal: Eradicate the need to farm my own mats. giving me an extra proffesion spot on Ari.

1 Weekly report, maybe Biweekly if enough happens (with other words: if I screw up, you get 2 posts a week!)

My Challenge for me and you:
Mine: to make money with a profession I never used past skill150 -my bankers have the basic skill since the first rings make quite a good deal of side money -
Getting gold not primarly by resale but by prospecting and crafting.
Try and delete the need of farming my own mats.

Yours: If you want, you can start the same project, and send me a mail. I welcome you guys to try out the same thing, and write some posts about it, that will be posted here, full rights granted to the person who wrote them.

In my previous post i also used the word: Help, now this came out so wrong.
I actually wanted: 1: some one who may be interrested in doing the same. or. nr.2 which will be a subject for further posts. IF this seems a bit wacky, or interresting, you'll can't wait what I have planned for NR.2

EDIT: to avoid confusion: My jewelcrafter (Ari) already has ore farmed which I will use to start the project. The 100G is used as funds for bags and posting, eliminating me to buy/resale something the first days. which actually make it harder.

New Banker: New Idea: Interaction?

Soooo you'vel read my post earlier today I presume...
It's getting worse, wacky Idea's are running through my mind! and I can't help myself....

So this time it's YOU that will help me. Instead of hopefully the other way around.

These are the terms:
I'm setting up a scheme to reach about 100K gold again (or more whatever) I'm going to use JC as my first source of income (JC425 on Ariäni)
The rest I leave up to you guys:

I want awnsers on the following:

1. should I start a new banker?
2. if so A DK or again a lvl2 gnome?
3. if the banker is a gnome should i lvl a DK?
4. which proffesions does the DKbanker or the DKlvld need to have?
5. Whats the starting amount I should have? (maximum of 1K!)
6. What should be te goal? 100K,200K etc?
7. Should I make a weekly or daily report about it?
8. should it have it's own guild from the start?
9. Should I use another one to' help' me? -make a coalition with-(GF, Zéntrix, someone new?)
10.Would you like to "help"?
11. is there anything I forgot?

I'm giving you all untill Sunday to think about it!


Edit: corrected some errors

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hang-over:I'M BACK! ft. Manga & Zéntrix

Good God,
As usual I havn't sleeped well or much...
Though this time it was for a whole diffrent reason. Firstly some background: I'm a huge Anime fan, yes I know very nerdish of me. And so is my wife, if you looked at her you wouldn't say so but yes she has a bit of the bug too. So after looking at where we could buy some Manga and Anime, a small store in Antwerp was found, now the small store wants about 80bucks for a serie of anime. Which is kinda outrages since the normal going price if ordered online from a respectable site = 40Bucks... Goblinish as I am, I did not buy it. Now a mate of me found "some" Anime at a very low price (not even 1$ a box) so I kinda bought 450Gigabite of Anime last night... and the download was going alll night. 37 episodes of Ruroni Kenshin later, I wen't to bad, feeling a bit ashamed of staying up so long even though I began feeling tired at around 2 at night.

But that's not why youre here, your here for Gold!

If you read my friday post, I sad Gz and well done to Zéntrix. I did that because he dinged 80 and is looking forward to a place in our core-team. (with some help off uss gearing him up)
Now he dabbled around moneymaking a long time. And kinda succeeded in it. But as we all know Raiding is expensive, certainly when our core team raids a fast and hard 6 out of 7 days atm.
(minimum of 2 a week attendance required) So UL25 is a lot of wiping and pain. And it costs money. a lot of money.
Right now, after being tired of money making, I found that I'm turning to the AH more and more, buying up saronite and prospecting them. half of which is turned into Gems for myself, and the other half going on AH to break even.
Now after my proposition to go hand in hand with Zéntrix to actually teach him myself (instead of pointing to my and a few other blogs: blogroll) I kinda need to see whats changed this last month of non-active stock selling.

So beware and get the hell out of my way:

So what are my first actions?
-Scan for a week
- look at markets and use Marketwatcher to find trends again.
-going in whole diffrent areas: Armor kits and Jewelcrafting
-Setting up my DK in the near future (probz once ari's 80 so in twow weeks)
- undercutting the competition and destroying them by any means neccesary
- profit

What will I blog about?
All the above
-NOT about Zéntrix, like I said, I'm not Gevlon and while I share his idea's, and we do somethings the same, I have no intention of blogging about the exact same subjects or idea's.

So wish me good luck now that I'm exploring the deep and unknown oceans of Jewelcrafting and the shallow waters of Armor kits...

oooh and PS: Sorry for those 3 jewelcrafters in my guild, but you'll be out of a profit soon....
and sorry for the Alchemists/Inscriptioneers (or what ever) 'cause in 3 weeks time I'm taking your jobs too.
and sorry to the Blacksmiths... since if Ari dings 80 she's going to take your job too...
yet again: MOVE *insult here*, I'm back so get out of my AH!

One Question though:
Should I start a second banker to get banking again?
would be easier to track progress. but don't know if it's worth the trouble?