Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Banned: Controlling the market.

Now this is pure pure bull.

If you force a market to a specific price, and control the whole market for a specific part. oooh let's say herbalism. You'll get banned. I'm not joking either. You will get banned.

Missuse of game mechanics....
I mean what the F***. Missuse of game mechanics? It''s just a monopolie...

First off all:
Everyone that reported persons for something like that, you should get banned and go back to school. A monopolie is one of the most risky things to do in game. The amount of money you have to spend to get that monopolie. And you have to camp the AH to be sure you can buyout everything thats lowerpriced then your goods. It's hard work, so don't go whining.

So this one is for my fellow Banker: Trissing, Bad luck man, hope you're alright.


Must HAVE!

This: Crafting Spreadsheet.

I haven't tested it yet (since I can't play today). But from what I have seen and heard it's really good. thanks to Sarainy, full Credit to her for making this piece of art.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get it!

PS I know this sin't an addon but I'm putting it in the section anyway since its equally important.


Podcast: TestShow

It's almost here folks, the testshow.
I still need to do some effects with audicity for my segments and stuff but the script for the first record is almost ready.

I just need one more thing before I can record. And thats: A mail.
I would like a mail from you, with a question or topic you like to see awnsered or discussed on the podcast.

So if you have something mail it to: onecopper.blogspot AT gmail DOT com

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deep thoughts: Comments

First off all I would like to thank Gevlon for the link in his blog. The topic I wrote yesterday have brought on one of the heaviest discussions yet on this blog.

And Thank you for all the comments, good and bad, ofcourse more the good than bad, but both must exist.

Did I took on a topic that normally is written by Gevlon? Yes. Have I copied him? No, As said when I started this blog, YES I share the same views, but if my views are given, I'll give them on my own. With my own thoughts and writing. So for the Trolls that say I'm a knock off: Do your research.. oh right a troll, you do not have the mental capacity to do such things.

A nice comment I got here was the following (in blue) My comments about his comment are in black.

Unimpressed. I could care less what other people think about my own thoughts about social pressure. IF you actually read the whole post you should have known that

I read this post and I felt it was useless and unnecessary, and not only because it parrots Gevlon's pet theme. Same as what I said before.

I find your perspective immature. I believe you will look back on it one day and feel the same, and perhaps even be ashamed of yourself. Aaah yes, the mature perspective is: oooh the world is so great and I need to help the people that are too lazy to help themselfs to make the world a better place for all those who are too stupid/lazy to think for themselfs. I will go and feed the hungry with my golden spoon and become a hero.... Sorry not interrested... The world is cruel and the only thing that you have to do while you spend your time here is making your own time here as bearable as possible.

There will come a time in your life when you do not need to worry so much about looking after yourself and your loved ones. Then you will be able to spend some energy making the world a better place, perhaps bringing some peace and security to those less fortunate than yourself. Same as with the golden spoon thing, get your head out of the clouds and see whats around you. If there would be peace in this world you would probably starve to death. About half a billion people get payed because they are in the army, make weapons, make vehicules of combat, make security systems etc. etc. No war = Good bad for quality of life. Every revelution in economy and technology has come due to war. If there is non the economy would take a serious hit and it will probably be you that are "less fortunate". Don't get me wrong, I don't want to redeem war. but before you say such things be realistic.

At the moment you seem so caught up in your own personal struggle that you have no ability to care for anyone else. What if that struggle went away? If you had all the money you needed or wanted, would you still want more more more just for the sake of it, or would you turn around and make a positive impact on the lives of others? I do not have a "personal struggle". I have a great and good paying job, got a girlfriend and do what I like to do. If I had all the money I needed I would get some extra, why? If things go bad I'll have the extra. If i had the extra I would never ever turn around to make a positive impact on the lives of others. why not? Again I will not help the people that can't help themselfs. It is better to give a thirsty man a shovel to dig his well, then to give him water to drink.

Open your eyes, look at the world around you. I'm not even going to comment on that one.

We are all one. All life is one. Where will we all be in 100 or even 1000 years? The very atoms which comprise our physical bodies will still be a part of the living earth, as they always have been. No That is wrong, I am me and all the rest is the rest. in 100 or 1000 years I'm dead and decaying in the ground. And for your information. Our bodies haven't been a part of this world for ever and ever and ever. I was conceived 21 years ago. Before that I didn't exist, or maybe you like to count those 40 days as spermcell too. That still isn't "always a part of the world".

There is more to life than yourself, your business, your girlfriend and your bank account. Perhaps once those things are no longer of concern you will see the wonder in the world around you.No there isn't. I care about myself and the people close to me. If I would see someone shot in the street, I would not help. Because I'm not going to risk my life for someone I don't know. And neither would 99% of the world. I'm just mature enough to admit it. Instead of go cringing in a corner when that moment arrives.

You think the life is one big happy family and that you are obligated to help others to make the world a better place. It is appearant that you follow the social laws of others. This is why you will probably never feel truely happy. Because the rest ain't as "fortunate" as you.

Why isn't everyone as fortunate as me? Because they didn't work as hard.
I am the one with the real world view, you are the small boy that thinks everyone should have the same amount of riches.... and that the world should be saved from capitalism.
Comunism started out the same way... a good thought just not applicable in this day and age.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Dark Legacy Comics last episode showed the real goblin-way.
If I would have seen this comic 3 years ago, I would have scuffed it, since I was of the aspect that one should always help his fellow man. After some events and the wisdom of years I came to the understanding that this is one of the worst ways to go through life. Right now I think about 2 people Me and my Girlfriend, and everyone else can do their own thing without my help. Why should I loan a friend money? Half the time you don't get it back. Why should I spend time helping them if they don't return the favor?

The only way to live a decent life is think about yourself. If you have a company that can survive a year longer by laying off 100 people. Do it. So what if those people have kids to feed and homes to pay? IF they don't get layed off, you'll go bankrupt and they will be in the same misery 3 months later. not only that all of your employes will be without a job, and even worse, you will be out of a company with bills to pay. The goblin way is the ruthless company way, and besides of luck the only way to get filthy rich or atleast more then average money.

I know that what I'm saying is "mean" and "uncaring". Why should I care about people that don't care about me? The only reason why I give money to charity (120$ a year) is because I can refund it from the taxes. I'm not going to give a homeless guy/gal a dollar, I'm not going to sponsor someones surgery or whatever. I deduct the maximum taxes of charity each year and thats enough.

We all live by social laws, the only diffrence between me and you is that I make my own social laws. I don't live by any other, I'm not going to boost because It's "Friendly" and "Social". I'm not giving the homeless guy a dollar because "it's the right thing to do". Go get a job!

Am I wrong with this post? Most of you will think so. But to be honest, I don't care. I'm right in my own rules. That's what I care about.

I Value people's opinion, on blogs and ways to work etc. But not about my train of thought, my social rules etc. I have the goverment telling me what to do and that's enough, My social views are my own. Deal with it. And while you are at it, make your own social rules and laws, don't let other people force them through your throat. Do what YOU want to do, not what people expect you to do.


Edit: Spelling + link fixed

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday Morning Hang-over: Visitor thoughts

Hey all,

A weekend has passed and I saw 2 things on my Google-Analytics that struck me odd.
First off all: If I talk about the Podcast, if thats on my last RSS I drop from 350+ to around 200
Now this is a bit weird, and yet it's normal.

People come here to read about gold making, How do I make gold and how can you make gold.
So it's clear that me being all excited about a Podcast is not in the readers pattern. So If I'm going to talk about the Podcast again (and I will) I'll do it first so that my RSS feeder sais: crafting whatever or farming this or selling that.

Second off all and this was the real weird thing: normally in the weekend I have about 50-100 (maximum) views, now The podcast was submitted Friday eve (the preview) and saturday and sunday I had 150 views.. so I have less people that are interested in the podcast, but those that are interested come back every day weekend or not.

Now for today, I'm at work right now, after work I have an appointment for another work and after that I can go to see a "specialist" which is actually just a doctor specialized in (my case) throat and swallowing, So that means I can't work on my Podcast tonight.
For the people that are actually interested in the podcast: it's comming out before 15th october.
always fun to sneak in some news between everything else.

What did I do at the weekend? Suprisingly not much trading made about 300G profit and thats it. If you know me by now you should know I hate peeveepee. why? Ganking, I'm a huge altaholic and my alts keep getting ganked. Well My girl got ganked by a lvl77 rogue, and she got grieved by it , sooo much she was getting pissed about it. So I went on my 80 shaman, got my dps spec up, got some random voa125 pvp gear on and Griefed the rogue a whole freaking hour. I murdered him over and over and over again. then he took rezsickness to rez in his own town in helfire, so we got 5 guys together from the guild and murdered the town over and over again.
When we were done with him he logged out 'cause I standed by his corpse for 30 mins...
Yes I'm evil... Nobody griefs my girl, or anyone from my guild. I'll corpse camp that dude till he starts crying irl. Well He just caught me on a bad day thats all.
Now my warlock is solely lvling through pvp and I actually love it, he's 28 right now, has been on the top of damage, flag caps, base assaults since lvl 24ish. and its going good.
I even got some arenas done again on my hunter, and I'm slowly starting to love it.
But thats not why you're here.

A new Blog popped up: A fistfull of coppers (its also on my blogroll) It's starting up and while I think it needs some work, Its off for a good start. If you don't have much time to read and want some basic and fast tips this is a great blog for you. Short and to the point.


Friday, September 25, 2009


After I've been messing a bit with all kind of stuff, I came up with this little gem... and my girlfriend helped me record it. well "gem" depends on how you look at it.
It only lasts 10 seconds or so but if you love it say so, if not say so too


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Podcast: Segments...

For my RSS readers: Crafters Corner: Alchemy Thats my real post for today.

As all of who listened to podcasts know, you need some segments in it.
The segments I'm playing with right now are:
-Crafters Gold -- What can you craft for money?
-1G please! -- making your first buck or make a stab at goldsellers/beggars
- My crops -- farming tips
- Hole in the purse -- On what NOT to spend money
- Ask Seth Copper -- Me awnsering your questions
- ....

Now those are all money making segments or at least to a certain degree connected with it. The poll is still going so it could be that there are more segments being added that are not about moneymaking:

-- Ding! -- lvling tips
-- Killing Blow! -- PvP Tips
-- In my old days... -- back in my day boy, we had something like Blackrock ......
-- Oh my you're so strong -- lvl80 tips (raiding/ dungeons etc etc)
-- ...

If you want to add more or have great Idea's make a comment! Because... I'm starting... THIS weekend... with recording... oki, I'm starting with recording tunes, and stuff. I want to learn how to work with audicity and implement some songs and stuff.
The Podcast itself could be only a week away or a month away. How come?
Well I need to get everything worked out , need to know what exactly you guys want etc etc.

Any questions for the podcast: send an email.
And guys Vote, seriously.. I had 400 visits yesterday and only 10 people voted on the poll, so if you want to have something to say, want something to hear on your mp3.. vote

Thanks all,


Crafters Corner: Alchemy

Alchemy jepz...
It ain't worth that much in the goldmaking aspect but it can be profitable.

Potions: Seriously potions, Greater Healing potions and mana potions sell very well these days.
Now that they stack in 20 and that pvp BG's are giving xp. people are buying them. I'm playing a warlock lvl23 (afflic) right now and seriously I have a full stack of healing/mana potions with me.
Why? It makes the BG easier, faster and increases your xp... YES it does. With those potions it makes it easier to carry the flag. It's easier to cap the flag, and if you cap the flag you get xp. It lets you live longer to do more damage in AB so that the horde/ally get less chance to cap a node. which means more points for you = more xp.

Also and I tried this and it actually work.. not for huge amounts ofcourse but it really does work:

[2. Trade][23:Damiän]: Now open for bussiness: The leveling [Alchemy] Store! Looking for potions and elixers? Get them here! Want to be a hunter with Stealth? [Lesser Invisibilty potion] Can help you! Want to kick that rogues butt in the BG's? [Greater healing potion] Will let you self heal and confuse him! I thought I was fighting a Warrior? Get them NOW!

Seriously I had 3 whispers from lowlvl (10-30) :
1 for a full stack of healing potions, 1 for for a stack of greater healing potions and a stack of mana potions, and one for 10 [Lesser invisibilty potion]s (and yes a hunter XD )

The first one said no after he heard the price, the second one bought the mats and gave me 10G gold fee and the third one just bought them with my mats.

So my tip for today: Don't forget the alts that are lvling through BG's they really want an edge to lvl faster and kick some horde/alliance butt.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Podcast Idea's

The real post of the day is right under this one so you can skip this if you don't want to read anything about me starting a podcast.

Okaj let's get started

Soooo right now I've got 8 people that want me to start a podcast (2 want Goldmaking 6 want it all)
and one that said: Heeeeelllll NO.

so of right now: the dude who said: heeeeelllll NO, I'm sorry but you'r losing and the podcast is probably going to start in the next couple of weeks.

Well about the post right now:
If the podcast is comming I don't want a 2minute thing.. I want the 30min-1h podcast every week.
But ofcourse I need a couple of things for this. Ideas, collumns, Q&A, etc etc.

Now to come to my point tbh:
IF you have an idea, comment, want something in the podcast: Comment/mail me.
IF you want to help, do a show with me, got some questions you want awnsered at the podcast: Mail me.
IF there is anything else: comment.

And trolls I'm talking to you too! I know I atleast have one so please give me some trolling love and do a comment.


1C to 100K : Inscription taking off ... slooowly

So My inscription is still only 300. No I'm not lazy or slow. (I just don't have any time to play these days - sounds familiar?)
Well just with lvling i make about 200G profit of inscription a day. now along with my 1K profit a day from JC i'm at a good 1.2K a day. Now that the drums are here too... i'm aiming on 1.5K before friday. this would ofc mean that I actually need to log in on my main characters this week... so I'm hoping I find some time to do this all this week.

how am I doing you might ask on the 100K thing? well about 30K right now so i'll only need 3-4 more weeks to actually hit the 100K.

How do I do this? quite easy:
buy epic gems.
Craft them
put them up

Really nothing more then that. fe. I buy something for 100G and I sell it for about 220G.
I do this for about 10-20 gems a day... so well do the math.
Now for the inscription: 5 of every glyph that even is slightly profitable, with about 100 glyphs a day.

And I only post once every two days, so i could actually already have more gold if I had more time and stuff.

I'll have another post up about the podcast a bit later today so stay tuned!
-- and vote if you can! --

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bloggers Blog: Podcasts and "stuff"

Welcome again for the second edition of the Bloggers blog. Before I start I would say: Welcome to the 105th post! seriously I went past 100 with out seeing. so yeah...

Oki I listend to my first Podcast: The Instance.. after the first episode I just downloaded all the ones on Itunes. then went back and downloaded Twisted nether too.
I loved it , seriously I love it. I'm sitting at work with my Ipod (120G baby!) in my ear just listening while working. And its awesome.

Why did I download my first Podcast? Well.... I'm thinking... of like... euhm... you know... starting one...

On other news... again have a look at my Blogroll, a lot of intereting things are going on on the blogsphere.

Most important (for me) is this:
Hit The Cap, Is a new gold-making money blog and it's great. Seriously it's off to a great start, nicely written and I can't wait untill the next post. The author said I - and many others - inspired her to write the blog and if that's true: Thank you.
Greedy Goblin left his guild and is switching servers! Great posts and fairly big news in my limited Blogsphere.

So to conclude I'm having a poll at the side: Do you want a general/goldmaking WoWblog by yours truly? (and friends)


Edit: changed the "around the blogsphere" part

Monday, September 21, 2009

QA: Mining

I got an interesting Question from Shayline the other day:
How can I make money with mining and only a limited time to play?

Well this is a very interesting question and one that is a real problem for the casual player.

First off all: you have 2 proffesion slots: so take another one with you (a crafting one)
But about the mining now:
1st of all: get to know whats high priced in the server and what can be sold in large quantities.
Since your on my own server, mithril and saronite are both good for their time.
2nd off all: try to get to an agreement with someone that they will buy lets say 5-10 stacks from you, every week for a fixed price. That way you are sure of income.
3th: if you can't get someone to keep buying your stuff: AH.. never ever sell something that can be used to a vendor.. always to a real player, either by /2 or AH.
Since mining is a gather proffesion, you'll always have to spend time to gather which means you can't make more money then the time put in. Ofc if you are grinding for mines in scholozar basin, you can get up to 450-600G for an hour of farming. which is significantly lower than what I make for 30mins at AH.

What could also boost your income with mining:
Get someone to prospect your ore, and sell the gems instead, and see if it's worthwile it.

My recommendation for "casual" players: Get some money together, then drop the gathering proffesion and level jewelcrafting or inscription. You'll earn double the money with only half the effort!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rant: Guild divorce

Aaaah the rant, its been a fairly long time since I really had something to rant about.

Well yesterday after 16H of work I came home logged infor WoW and saw 18 people missing! (9 people but each with alts)
Half of our core raid team, and an officer left. why? they wanted to start a Hardcore raiding guild (since TSB is Semi-Casual)
Well I don't blame them, for me and TSB members that stayed RL > WoW, if they want WoW > RL that ofc is their choice.

What bothers me is that my Officer, and some "close" WoW friends left with out saying anything, not even a mail. The one who left to set up his guild, let me a mail, but the rest? never heard of them again.

So after almost downing Yogg-Saron TSB is back at the first stage, not raiding and expanding our core team again. At least we are lucky enough that with a bit of training we can fill in our 2 most needed spots (Tanks).

oooh well, we'll see what happens next, one thing is sure though: I'm not giving up TSB is known and loved, and it's going to rise over the destruction, and emerge even stronger.
As always...
1 guild => officer left, i didn't have many time to play so we disbanded the guild
2nd guild emerged in july of this year.
2nd guild first problem: an officer got into a personall vendetta and tried to change the guild: he left, A week later Naxx was on farm and ul progression got up to kologarn.
2nd guild second problem: 2 core raiders didn't had time to play anymore. trained new people, recruited again: a week later we downed the keepers and another week later we were at Yogg
Now with this Problem we are going to down Yogg and ToC i'm sure of it.

I promise it even.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Addon: Panda!

it's been long since I last praised an Addon. Too long even.
So today I'm talking about Panda.
It's light, it's easy, its superb!

What is it? Well its used to auto (dis)enchant, mill, prospect etc.
Lil sparky's workshop works with it too so you can see if fe. the herb is worth more than the ink and vica versa.

I would say go to curse, download it and if you like it you may pay a donation.

Deep thoughts Wednesday: Q&A

So since I'm posting full time on this blog again. I want to give everyone the oppertunity to ask me some Questons.

Ranging from where have you been to what is leatherworking usefull for...

So post a comment throw me a Question and I'll post the awnser in a following post!

On other thoughts...
Cataclysm is comming out .. .yes it is... and my thoughts about it are:
BAD BAD blizzard! BAD BAD blizzard, OFF! OFFF!!!

no seriously, I love them for making the old world new again but I don't want to say goodbye from old world. make it an instance or something! seriously ... plz...

Other problem includes LORE.... so we killed ragnaros.. we defeated the outland threats, we are kiling Arthas.... but VanCleef is still alive.... and stronger then ever....
hmmm... I think I killed the bastard about a 100times already.
Why are we even going to Outland and Northrend when the new azeroth hits?
Arthas = DEAD , outland = Peacefull...

think about it, what do you say on all that?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bloggers Blog: something bad, something good

Let's skip the small talk and skip right to the bad news.

A few day's ago I got official confirmation that WoW-Coining it will shut down. Though It's not certain that the author of this excellent blog will shut down for ever, it's a blog that I certainly will miss.
So by this, I'm keeping the blog on my blogroll for a week or two more, to pay homage to the authors excellent writing.

Coffelord, I'll miss you around the blogosphere. Take care.

Now for slightly better news.
I'm giving one person the chance to blog along with me on (a Fortune starts with) One-Copper.
An example post and your credentials can be mailed to: onecopper.blogspot @gmail DOT com
No experience required. (everyone starts without experience and they should get a chance of gaining it -_- unlike what companies say -_- )
I'm looking for a person who can make 1 -3 posts a week (how much the person in question may choose himself)

So do you think you are able to keep readers happy? Find the right post at the right time? etc etc. Send me a mail and we'll see what we can do!


Monday, September 14, 2009

100 Gold to 100K : Scribe's Sanctum: 1-150

So Yesterday I started the Scribing bussiness. Well at least I tried....
Ari: Heralism: 300 ( ooh the grind, the grind! *horror*)
Ell: Inscription 150

Ell could've getten higher but I wasted enough time yesterday.
Now for the bad part:

Problem 1: 1-150: not many glyphs that are worth selling, or that sell for profit.
fe. kingsblood = 1.90G a piece = 38G for a full stack.
5 kingsblood = 2-3 usefull pigment x 5 = +/-12 pigment = 6 inks
6 inks = 3 x a two ink glyph or 6 x a one ink glyph. both of which only sell for about 4-7G...
so 6x 7gold = 42G okaj profit right?
42G - 10% AHcut = 37.8Gold

Problem 2: Even though I grinded most of the mats (so I can spend more money on the books of glyph) I still don't have enough and will have to buy more to lvl and lose money, granted due to my grinding i only lost about 60G yesterday (including buying the 32slot- bags)

Problem 3: From what I see : most money is made with minor Glyphs at low lvl and highlvl glyphs from books. Which means I have to spend more money on getting the books since they are one of the few profitables.

Now my question for you guys:
How do you know your glyphs are making money with the goblin way? (with other words: severe undercutting)

Do you guys use the same formula as me (blue in the post)? or do you have another one?

Monday Morning idea's edition

Hey hey !
*song* I'm back I'm back*

So I've been quiet lately, long hours at work, and some personal problems made WoW, blogging and others a bit difficult. Well it should be over now.

So i've been doing a lot of trading this week and now fully control the Rigid King's amber and the Runed Cardinal Ruby market. (post once every day for only 10G profit +/- 160G)
No-one is even trying to get under my price, and if they do I sell with 1G to even 50s silver. (including the AH cut etc etc)

But There was something missing... I Don't have enough time to do my daily JC quest everyday, and most off the tokens I use for the Dragons eye to improve my raiding gear.
So I needed another way to make decent money.
So what did I do?
invested 8K gold in gems, and are selling slowly to have a steady income. (about 500-600G a day)
Bought 2x Mychals botanic bag. (800G)
Dropped mining on Ari and picked up herbalism (240skill right now)
Dropping Skinning on Elloën. and....



Yes before all the rants start... I said I would never ever take inscription. Yes, uhuh I know.
Yes, indeed, uhuh, now SHHHH!
As a "bussiness" man I had to take the opertunity. The market for glyphs is so huge, and uncontrolled that well it needs a banker... seriously.
I see glyphs selling for 60-100G! I can cut the price in half (customer happy), Get some good and easy gold (I'm happy) and others will sell a lot less (sellers not happy, which in turn makes me happy)

So yes Ari is maxing out her herbing skill so that Ell has enough herbs to minimize the costs.
When the skill is maximized I can start making profit on it.
When that is done, I'm going to grind for some more herbs. Then drop herbing and take Alchemy. To get my hand in the Alchemy market.

So if all goes well in 1 to 2 weeks time I'll have my hand in:
-Parts of the gem market
- whole Glyph market
- LW market (not that this actually is worthwile -_-)
- Alchemy market (mainly changing and selling gems)

Hope all goes well!
Any ideas or some comments are welcome!!!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Writer's block

Just a quicky today:
IF you didn't notice, I've hit a writer's block the last days,
with almost no time on wow, and a busy RL the words don't flow out of my fingers as they normally do. So as I'm writing this, I'm working on a new Vid. and some pictures of my small Gem bussiness.
(Certainly now after a weekend with no WoW it seems kinda lame -_-)

So stay Tuned, better updates will follow in the course of this week.

Questions as always may be asked through every available way! ( comments, mail etc)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Deep Thoughts Wednesday: I missed ya!

Oooooh I missed Deep thoughts wednesday! Yes I have.

'Cause it's been so long I'm just going to spit out everything at once, just "smaller" as I would normally do:

First off all: Yogg-Saron. Our guild came in inches yesterday of downing him for the first time.
Time after time we failed. We discussed what went wrong, changed it and tried again. We didn't even made it through the first phase. A lot more trying and clear heads are needed before we are going to ever down him.

Officers: I love my officers I swear I do. But if they start messing up the schedule of Raiding that I made = Bad. Got one member pissed, 3 in confusion. It was bad. Though it wasn't drama, it could've been if we weren't as tight as we are.

Catacalysm: Can't wait... I want a goblin banker, just for the sake of it and I want a Worgen Druid and Warlock! Could they get on and give uss more info already?

Weekends: God last month I hated weekends, every weekend full with vacations and work.
Vacation to Ieper (ypres), La Roche, Spa and work on other 2 ... Can't I just take a breath?

Leveling: Started lvling with my girlfriend again, she wants a kitty dps, I started a mage and I don't know if it's the best way to go... also no 20% speed increase. God's help me but I want to see azeroth again before they fck it up and blast it into nothingness. (comments about something with synergy or a good lvling pair for druid kitty are welcome)

Banking: This is something I love and yet with all the raids, lvling, work, study etc etc I don't have much time for it these days... if I just got my weekends back... *mumbles*

aaaand all the other mashizzle.
Got something to get off your chest do it in this post, put it in this comment and hope it makes you feel a lill better.