Friday, July 31, 2009

Goldsellers: My B***es!!

I love Goldsellers! I mean it love them! soooo much! yes indeed!

oki if your not a banker or going to love or hate them,
hate them because they spam and w you
love them if you need the cash and are stupid enough to buy from them.

As a banker I <3 them!
Serious... A lot of goldsellers, use bankers... learn who those are... and search them (auctioneer => searches => general and search on name) you'll see that a lot of their mats are around 50ish percent of the market price! and ussually at wednesday there is a big post of them on the AH. (at least at my server) that I buy and sell it saturdays at 20-25% profit. (including the AH tip otherwise it would be around 30%)

Do I help the goldsellers with this? YES
Do I care? NO
why not? Cause if I don't get money out of it somebody else will.

So I get gold from Goldsellers without buying it! Do you catch my drift?

How to spot them?
lvl1 humans most of the time, still in their first outfit. and most of the time a normal name (only the spammers have a xfmdrs name)

So look for them, and use them!

PS: Totally of the record here: Zéntrix My main man, Gratz! you'll know why ;)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Death Knights can be usefull...

As long as you get them out of the battlefield and in the sanctuary of Dalaran or Ironforge.

I waited with this post soooo long and I still don't wan't to write it, why not? Well I'm not following my own advice on this one. Still not... and I should really get started.

First off all lvl a DK to 65. Yes I hate them too, just grid your theet for 4 hours and take a shower after that, 'cause you'll feel dirty and nubbish.
Second get 2 manufacturing skills on it. (JC and Inscription are both goodsellers)
Third: ? jk... get max skill.
Fourth: make gold.

Why Am I not doing this? Well to do this you need some seed cash or atleast a farmer.
I have neither, my shaman (lvl70) and warrior (lvl45) have the mining and herb skills. but both under the lvl cap, my main (for now) has Skinning so thats pretty useless since I have LW already. (and am not dropping it!)
The cash is also a drawback, i'll need about 5K to get him up max proffesions. And since my banker is at 10K for the last two weeks and I'm not even going to try and make more money on him for the time being, I don't want to spend that amount.

I'm thinking though that once Ari hits 77 I'm needing about 7K on her. so Once she's there I'm going to get money again. Why not now? well.. RL, Raiding, Guild, Work etc. I love making money but right now it seemed like a drag, I did the same everyday, no niches in EU Ravenholdt-A whatsoever,
Maybe if Arï's skill get maxed out...
goldfever has struck again!
*picks up pick axe and runs like a mad man!*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep thoughts: uhm yeah well...

This is the best part in a writers life: Writers Block.

Too much going on:
dinging Ari
raiding with Ell
WoW issues

so deep thoughts today about selfishness and guilds.

We all know that you play the game to have fun, and this actually gives everyone the right of being selfish, you play, your fun, don't care about the rest right?
Well no and yes actually, if your not in a guild this is a great way to play. though endgame raiding will become difficult.
If your in a guild it's a bit harder, even harder if your the leader or an officer. As an officer or leader you put the rest before yourself, you give up raidspots, donate cash, pay repairs, keep the morale up etc.
When the officer or leader doesn't do this we get GuildDrama.. and it's feared by all.

So let me know your guilddrama, your moneydrama, any kind of drama thats good for a laugh or tear.

Is it right to play selfish? if yes, even as a guildleader/officer?
if No, what about banking? aren't we selfish by ripping off other ppl?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hang-over: Feels like real

ooh God is it monday again? Already this late? Jeeez, I slept 4h from saturday morning untill now. Probably sick but refuse to go to a Doctor so bah..
The Hangover feels like real though, I crawled in bed at 5 in the morning, at 7ish I was awake again.

Well, I'm putting up a small post today about WoW, and its pixels.
Last week I had someone saying: "You don't know what I'm giving up to be here tonight"
to say it ingame my response was much like: O_O
You saw those guys too saying: "I'm poor"... No your not You are playing WoW, probably have a house, family, job.... How can you be poor? Go to Afrcia and have a look what poor is you *dirty comments here*

So today While you are reading this miniscule update, I would like you all to think about the game and RL. About the value you give to "Gold" and "Titles" and even the game itself. If you have done that, please post a comment about how you feel about the game and all it's glory, can you miss it? Do you feel bad if you don't have gold? Do you envy "rich" pixel goldfarmers etc?

These things I would like to know.

If it's too personal you may always mail me at: onecopper.blogspot@gmail DOT com. If you want to write a post about it, AND want to get featured here mail me the post and who to credit.
Otherwise leave a comment.
So we can all check how the state of our minds is, or we believe we are programmers or cabdrivers or what ever. Or do we believe we are a dual two-hander axe weilding killing machine.


PS: I'm also looking for new reading material, and I think my readers could also use some, so if you have a blog you want me to check out: Mail me!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

1 gold plz:Outland content

Hey all,

Remember when I said that Knothide leather sells well? Remember that I said to have a look at the AH competition, and that it should be quite low? Well a char of mine (Ariäni from Heroic totem)
Is alsmost done with Outland content, yes indeed 1 and a half more lvl of it. And I saw that it was the same for Fel Iron, Adamantite and really really good for Eternium.

Now this struck my interest a while back and I should have drafted it then, but as said most of this I write on the fly. Well some research later and I have come up with:

- Fel arnament sells gooooood and there aren't many of those actually on the AH
- Ores, herbs and leathers are in low quantity on AH and sell reasonably fast. (personal experience: max 2 relists)
- for Alliance: Elemental and Resto Shaman Gear! Serious! If it drops put it on the AH, especially the lvl58-60 ones, one relist needed and sold for a nice profit!
- Paladin healing gear: not that much though mainly the hands, feet and bracers that sell, a lower profit as the shaman gear though
- Disenchanting: The mats for Outland are selling for a price that I can't actually determin, on 3 servers 3 very diffrent prices, ranging from so low to moderatly high. Check your server for it.
-Aldor and Scryer reputation tokens (mark of kiljaeden) Sell fairly well, most by 1 or 10 get sold on the first listing.
- Gear req. lvl58 sells fairly well, as long as you don't put up anything stupid (blablabla of the wolf)

What not to sell?
- glowcap mushrooms and armanents of UB/SP the mushrooms are payement for the Sporegar and the others are reputation for cenarion (I think)... Don't buy them, too high of a price and they don't sell.
-Gems.... Seriously Ariäni is a JC and made about 100ish gems green quality... I always put them on by 3 (so 3x +6str, 3x +6agi etc) the only thing that remotly sells are the +str ones thats it.
-self made gear: Made gear by a proffesion (ex: Drainic boots) Don't sell at all, the quality is vastly infirior to what drops in the world, an dfor the blue items, you just need too much of mats (mats > good = loss)

I hope this were some good tips for the lvling Banker or player.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let's look around...

Hey all,

I hit a writers block today, can't come up with anything.
I would suggest looking at:
Heroic Totem for a good read about shamans, leveling and healing

and if you don't actually know what you want to read have a look at:
WoW Headlines
Which has every important class and AH blog (including mine ^^)

Sorry for the no-update update.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Deep thoughts: Goblin thoughts

Deep thoughts wednesdays brings the mind of no-one less then myself.... well at least it clears the cobwebs in there a bit...

If you have been here from the start, you know I started this blog in the honour of Gevlon.
I was a bit scared he would say farewell to blogging after reaching the goldcap, even worse when he reached it a second time. From the moment he started blogging he was bringin uss great tips and deep philosophies. Hereby a Thank you for being honest, greedy, not being "social" and for sharing it with uss.

As I also said in the beginning of this blog, I will not copy his style or blog like him. Why not? well I have my own style, I post "airish". I post light stuff, and most of the time I try to be somewhat funny. Not that I succeed in it though... (1g Plz has a post with moderate succes in humour though)

So I started this blog to actually fill up an emptyness within myself. Though Gevlon kept posting and kept the blog, I didn't stop since I enjoyed this, I enjoyed that the numbers and guests rised on my blog and that I got moderate succes.
I started at around 10ish viewers a day, and went to 200 a day. Right now I'm not even sure how many views i actually have a day, sometimes 250 the others 450 to even 700! (1012 views on this)

what I notice though is that the Goblin that started this, actually is also responisble for half my traffic.

So does this mean I'll mimic him? I rather not, since I like to be original.
Does this mean I should set up a project to take someone under my wing?
Hell no, since no-one would actually care and I don't have the time. I'm already guiding 4 persons to more wealth (a friend, my gf, a guildie, and a random who /W'd about the blog)
Should I continue making gold? I'm sticking my new banker on 10K and he's staying around that number. just because I don't need more, if I lose some (buying flight fe.) i'll make it up in a day or 2.
Should I stop blogging? Still don't know that yet, but thinking it over slowly.
Should I continue this post? Probably not, since it's sounding like a rant to me. Which it wasn't supposed too..

oh well, you'll read me later, I"ll see your traffic another day.

bb for now!

Jewelcrafting: Prospecting

I still don't know what to do exactly with the blog, my mind is twirling about the subject. Yes or No? Continue or stop?
But in the meantime I can continue posting some golden pearls... or at least the dust of adamantite.

One thing few Jewelcrafters and bankers realise is that lower lvl ore is quite profitable. And I don't mean grinding it, i already said that a couple of weeks ago. What I mean is prospecting, A small example of my server is thorium ore. The prices are down to 30G for a full stack which is about half it's normal price. This is a bussiness oppertunity not only for resale (for about 45G cause of the major competition) but also for the value it holds inside.

A full stack can be prospected about 4 times. And everytime you get a blue sapphire or large opal etc. Those gems go for about 10-20G a piece on my server, and most of the time you get 2 out of a prospect so lets say that we get 6 jewels and all sell for 15G....thats worth 90 gold... 3 times your investment! Thats something you don't see on a daily base, 3 times the money you put in if you sell it back on the AH....

Now thats a goldmaking oppertunity for minimal time and effort.


A fortune starts with one copper

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hang-over: They are quiting all around...

If you haven't noticed already, the blogging community is getting thin... not even that, the wow community is getting thin...

It's summertime and a lot are quitting the stuff.
To be frank, I had some lvl of succes in blogging, but I'm beggining to wonder myself...
I mean what do I offer to the readers that's diffrent from my blogroll?
Zekta, Greedy Goblin, jm2c, AH antics...
They all talk about making money, they all talk about personal exp and filosofie (spelling?)

I don't blog to get my thoughts on paper, I blog so someone could read them, pass time, or just find it interesting.

Now most members i get here, are comming from above sites. So that means that they already found something interesting... Is it really needed that I continue this Blog?

I don't know...I'm doubting actually...
You tell me ...


Monday, July 13, 2009


I've been informed yesterday eve, that i'm leaving today (in an hour) to Germany untill Friday evening. So I have no idea what so ever if I can continue the blog untill then.

Updates on this problem will hopefully follow, but if you don't see me untill monday At least you know why...

Sorry guys.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday Morning Hangover: Experiment Explained

After this weekend's view on my Blog, i saw that a lot of people actually read the 1G plz!: Experiment. While it was nothing more then a personal experiment to have a laugh this proved to be quite interresting.

So here by further explanation of the experiment.

Approach: My approach isn't the standart need G plz, no money for mount plxxxx lolol! I used a more sofisiticated and friendly approach in the lines of: Hello , I'm sorry to disturb you, but it seems I'm a bit short on cash for my lvl30 Mount, is it possible ot receive a donation? or
Hello, I'm collectiong Gold for charity. A poor boy (me), needs a mount since the beasts have crippled him, sadly enough there isn't enough money to buy one, care to help out?

These mostly gave me a: hehe, where are you man? And a gold went into my pockets.
As one of the commenters said, if a reason is provided, people will give in easier. Not only that it let's them feel social. And WoW is played as a social game isn't it? Also a thing that you can't underestimate is the power of laughter. by whispering or /2 spamming in a silly but good humoured way you will likely have a better reaction. (which is also true on /2 in low population hours)

For the record: This experiment was done at Ravenholdt EU (A) A medium server with about 5K Ally people. (give or take a few) And it was done everyday around 5-6 in the afternoon. (also give or take an hour).

For an awnser to some of the questions that have been asked by people in my guild / mails etc.

1.Why? Well this is how I keep myself and my readers Entertained. And an experiment like this was overdue

2.Aren't you ashamed that you have done this?
NO, NO, NO....I share the Goblin point of view (well about 90ish % of it). They are being Social, and it's my right to take advantage of it. It's my duty actually, As a banker it's yours too.

3.Are you continuing this experiment?
No, I have learned enough, also its a 400G/2H = 200G/H... i make 5 times a much at the AH.

4.Did friends respond yo your whispers?
Well I was incognito, so yes a few responded. Though I think only 1 or 2 actually gave Gold...

5.Are you ashamed for taking the gold of friends?
Bussiness is Bussiness.... see nr.2

Any others may be asked by mail or Comment.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

1G PLZ! : Experiment

I've had a little experiment going the last week...
just for the 1G plz section of this blog, I did something I had never done before...

I begged in WoW!

More actually I begged 4 times!

At lvl 5, 15, 30 and 40 I begged with a warrior i created: Bedelaar (dutch for beggar)
(All begging did in IF by the bank)
So my findings of my experiment:

lvl5 (2h begging) 50Gold not many wanted to give me gold, low lvl you don't need it etc.
nothing to report with hmi

lvl15 (2h Begging) ~67Gold Same reason here, low lvl's don't need it...

lvl30 (2h begging) about 400G!!! I said i needed gold for my Mount... And actually a lot fell for it ! even some in /2 /w me to ask where i was. A lot of people seem to think that the mount is needed, that its needed to survive. Very interesting though

lvl40 (2h begging) About 150G. I was begging and my reason was i wanted to buy plate.. Not many responded

Well if you see these nrs. I certainly Know why there are beggars around. Do note that this begging that i did was from 16h to 20h. and always no more then 30mins a piece.
So 30mins begging, 30min wait, 30mins begging ...

So if your a Goblin and you don't mind taking money from helpfull people: let your lvl30 begg for a bit and it'll get enough money to lvl70ish.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crafter's Gold:

Hey all,
Yesterday i checked prices from Mining materials on my server. And as we all know end-game mats of vanilla (thorium/mithril) are expensive. Now what i also saw is that (on my server atleast) they are worth more then saronite...
Saronite full stack = 20G
Mithril full stack = 50G
Thorium full stack = 70G

Even old gems are going for 15G a piece! some even for 30-50G (I'm looking at you Azerothian diamond!)
While I see hihglvl gems going for the same and even a lesser price!
So my advice for you: Are you lvling mining? or lvling a character? or just a high lvl miner and bored?
Try to go to some old locations with mithril/thorium (every 50-60 area is great! except for feralas) And see how much money you can make..
Ariäni lvld the past week, and while I didn't go out of my way to get anything. I came up with 3 stacks of mithril that I couldn't use anymore, and some stones and lowerlvl gems.
While lvling I made 250G just from those stacks. in a lvl 50ish area...
I don't know if you remember but...250G was a big deal back when on vanilla. Now 250G is enough for a raidnight and thats it, but while lvling this can get you a long way.
So again, if your lvling or want to start it, get mining... It's a pain in the ass from tin to iron (gap is quite big) but after that you'll thank me.


Deep Thoughts: So you want to be money capped?

Let's think about this for a while....

Greedy Goblin made 200K+ gold. Seriously: Gz for that.
I mean what do we need to do with so much gold?
Make another character and start a new with that one to reach it again?

Come on!
I have found a new Way of living actually, Right now my small banker has 10K gold on it. and 2K on my main on that realm...
And I am happy with that. I don't NEED anymore, and once you realise that you won't want anymore.
Elloën (my main) Does NOT have epic flying, why not? I don't need it. He's a skinner, so I can skinn anywhere I want to. I don't quest a lot with him, and if I need to fly to a raid, i can use the time to explain tactics etc on Vent, give the orders to the healers, figure out the tanks etc...

I have 10K with that small banker on Ravenholdt, and if I decide to take epic flying, I just need one week and i'll have the 10K again. I don't buy armor for my alts, I don't need to buy mats for my alts, the only thing i spend my money on is my guild. 50G for repairs, if we wipe too much (500G total = 1H of AH work), mats for great feasts: 100G for 10 great feasts which is enough for a week, and those 100G i get back by Raiding.
This doesn't mean I'll stop banking, I love it too much, and got too much to share with you all.
In my own freaky way ofcourse. But I will take a step back ingame. I don't have the time to Bank an hour a day. Certainly not now that Ari (my shaman) is speedleveling to 80. (40->57 in 20h anyone? - without rested, or help 10% from shoulders though) I'm raiding daily, blogging, keeping my guild running, working on the guildsite, working at work, learning in my free time and ofcourse giving the love to my wife that she deserves.

So AHgame, thank you soo much for the 100K on DMF but I'm content with what I have on Ravenholdt, so I'll be seeing you a bit less, maybe 10mins a day, just enough to post up all the trash i get by doing raids and lvling Ari.

PS: Don't worry, this blog will keep his regular posts

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

skinner and leatherworker? Do some Heroics!

Ahhh yes, Heroics! they almost give you nothing in gold, or things to sell effectivly (since every 80 wants epics) and yet they make me hordes of money!

If youre a skinner and leatherworker do the following:
run Old kingdom, VH and Ahn'ketet something... every day!
Well you skinn leather, chitin and dragonscales from there.
yes indeed most of these don't sell for a lot of profit... about 20-40G for a full stack (server dependent)
you can make ==> nerubian legarmor and even the purple icescale legarmors. These sell for 50G and 400G respectivly on my server.

Why running heroics then? (or even normal dungeons)
1) extra money while your doing it
2) chance of getting a boe blue
3) gearing up if your a Raider
4)to do something fun... if you don't wipe half the time ofc
5) emblems of heroism => jewels => profit

So doing about 1h-2h of heroics, gives you 5 benifits!
True not all in the form of money, but still just to get your mind of a hards day work. I know that a lot of people refrain from playing the AH since they view it as an half hour of pure boredom. And this is my little tip from today to get your money from minimum AH-"work".


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Monday morning hang-over: it feels like I lost a week...

So It's monday again, and i haven't been on the blogosphere a whole week!
This took a lot of control on my part, not to check it every day but i managed.

Not only that, i haven't played WoW except for my daily Raids and keeping my guild inorder.
So For now, I suggest to have a look at my BlogRoll and take your reading material there.

On another note:
On my last post i got the comment of: Thuesdays are great for flask selling...
Well: I'm on a European server... Wednesday is THE day to sell flasks my man, Wednesday!

Small post I know, but i want to check up onPTR patchnotes, and other blogs before I start giving advice that maybe outdated!