Friday, August 21, 2009

Round-up: Epic fling and Vacation

Well after four tries of COS timed i finally got the bronze drake... 4 times.... did it every time and lost it: proves my luck in the game -_-

Oh well on the money making site: i lost 5K gold yesterday since I bought epic flying ofr Ari and got 1K on Sethcopper (getting bakc to 3K).

I also found that even with the fluctuated prices of titanium ore it can be still profitable with some luck. (got 3 epic gems on a stack) So maybe some of the gold of my banker is going to be redirected to that. rare gems are still selling, though in lower quantity and lower amount of gold it's still profitable. Due to my sickness I also lost control over the red and blue gem market. Need to pick that up and push the price again.

Since I'm leaving on a short vacation. ( from sunday till thuesday) I won't be blogging or gaming during that period. After that though...Well let's say It's possible that I will reveal part 2 of my master plan. Just because i've slacked a bit on the blogg. It's possible but I'm not saying it's going to happen for sure...
Also some screenies and video's will be comming up again so have an eye on the blog for it!

Not money making related:
Myri, Damn your anti-Linux thoughts! And I hope you get your stuff back soon.
Driana, Thanks for Raiding with uss and following my blogg, It was... euhm interresting and fun ofcourse.
The Guild: Sorry guys, really need the brake in healthy conditions from WoW.
All the Readers, thank you for putting up with this waste of space and sorry that I slacked on blog due to many reasons (sickness, work etc) just remember that RL > WoW!


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