Monday, August 10, 2009

100G to 100K: 2K gold

I'm still sick, getting worse even, but the blog is something i want to keep alive.

so I continued my experiment.
Bought some epic gems and resold them: 2K in pockets and 3K on AH

all with rare and epic gems.
+spellpower and +ap are selling reaaaallly well.

For more to read I would suggest Greedy goblin ofc, and the new FU blog of my mate and Officer Myridin, both can be found at my blogroll.
ofc the others, like Zekta's are awesome too!



  1. Hurry up and get well. I want details, play by play, with pictures! J/K, hope you feel better soon, summer sickness is the pits.

    So is gems all anyone is buying? My only slighly overprice herbs are withering as we speak. Thank goodness the netherweave bags are still flying out the door! :)


  2. heh... Seems like lately people are searching the AH for stuff with my name beside it, and using it as ideas for making money... every market that I was selling in is waaaaay below market prices now. That and all the hackers in wintergrasp and scholozar are killing the ore and gem prices. I have been working on an alt while the dust clears... not much to do since additional instances cannot be launched. >.< At least its good to know there is action on other servers...

  3. Still hunger for your updates,
    hope you get well soon.

    3.2 hit the taiwan server, Finally...

    Will be a great war on selling tonight, had my finger crossed ;)

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