Monday, August 3, 2009

New Banker: New Idea: Interaction?

Soooo you'vel read my post earlier today I presume...
It's getting worse, wacky Idea's are running through my mind! and I can't help myself....

So this time it's YOU that will help me. Instead of hopefully the other way around.

These are the terms:
I'm setting up a scheme to reach about 100K gold again (or more whatever) I'm going to use JC as my first source of income (JC425 on Ariäni)
The rest I leave up to you guys:

I want awnsers on the following:

1. should I start a new banker?
2. if so A DK or again a lvl2 gnome?
3. if the banker is a gnome should i lvl a DK?
4. which proffesions does the DKbanker or the DKlvld need to have?
5. Whats the starting amount I should have? (maximum of 1K!)
6. What should be te goal? 100K,200K etc?
7. Should I make a weekly or daily report about it?
8. should it have it's own guild from the start?
9. Should I use another one to' help' me? -make a coalition with-(GF, Zéntrix, someone new?)
10.Would you like to "help"?
11. is there anything I forgot?

I'm giving you all untill Sunday to think about it!


Edit: corrected some errors


  1. 1k gold to start? I say 100g, making that first grand is the hardest! DK farmer and bank alt is something I have been thinking about a lot too. Although I don't care much for gnomes, I would still read a bi-weekly report of your progress. It could make for an interesting case study.

  2. Hi!

    I don't really think you have to start a new banker, 'cause your current banker is doing just fine. You already have a lot of gold, you've scanned a lot, you know your market, others know you,... A new banker means more work, possible confusion and I personally don't really think it's necessary. It's not going to change the market.

    What I do think would come in handy is that lvled DK. He's a good farmer and because of this you can win you a lot of gold.
    As you already said, I think herbalism is a good profession and for the best profit I think mining is also a good goldmaker.

    Your goal should totally be up to you! How far do you want to go in making gold? Do you still enjoy it? If you do, just keep banking and farming, if you don't: take a break or quit it. Just keep your goals low in the beginning and set higher goals after you've succeeded at the first ones.

    A weekly report would be very nice to read:-) But I don't think that the extra guild's necessary. You already have a guild and another one only costs more money.

    Help from the outside (for example from your girlfriend or a friend) would come in handy, so you're not alone in you're little experiment and so you'll keep liking the game and the banking itself. (Personally: I would love to help, 'cause hey: I am your GF :) surprise surprise, I finally commented on one of your posts!!!)

    Further I don't have anything to comment on at this topic, but these are just some of my thoughts about your questions.

    Love you!! <3 :-)
    (K) Sara'tje (K)

  3. Im with Hesperus- 100g, ,make it a little challenging LOL I second (third? ) the DK thought. I have a one main - not 80 yet but several alts at various levels because I wanted to try out different professions. I am a99% soloer so just play them as I want. I started JC on a mage, and I just cant seem to level her, shes too squishy. Before this gets way too long..
    1. Yes 2. DK , I want to see your pros and cons of this :) 3. See 2 4. Id vote for JC/Mining, but I think you have that covered already? 5. 100g 6. 100k , for now 7. I would say bi weekly. Daily is too much pressure, weekly you might forget something that would have been interesting. 8. Your choice, Im thinking about that one myself. 9. My vote -solo ( purely a self serving vote ) 10. What kind of "help" did you have in mind? 11. Probably, but I wont be any help in that area. :)


  4. 1. Yes, comment on pros and cons.
    2. No need for a DK, it's only a bank.
    3. Yes, another high level means 2 more professions to make money from.
    4. You are already using ore because of JC, inscription has been covered already, same partially with tailoring so I would say leatherworking and engineering for a challenge, or if that is too extreme switch one for enchanting or alchemy.
    5. 200Gold, I think most could afford a small risk like that to try and get into goldmaking themselfs.
    6. 100.000 is a good goal.
    7. I would read it daily for sure, but would you want to devote that kind of time to it?
    8. Make it a reward, after having earned 500g you can get a guildbank, when you're starting with a low amout you probably don't need the additional space right away.
    9. I think the dymanic of you and you're girlfriend working together would be great, but most would probably prefer it to be a solo project.
    10. The "help" would probably keep it from becomming a grind, doing the same over and over week after week untill you hit your goal, but most won't put the same thought into it as they would if it was their own money, it's safer having someone else use their money to test your theory.

    11. I am guessing most people reading your blog are intrested in learning how to make gold for themselfs. So I think it's important that you start slow at a level where a non auction player feels like they could give it a go and see what happens.
    I think gathering professions would be a mistake, after a while they become just another daily, I think a good goal is to have a good income with little time spend earning it.

  5. I am very much looking forward to reading about your domination of the JC market!

    I just finished leveling my JC about a week ago, and while I cut a few gems I really haven't been taking advantage of this profession and the AH to make tons of gold.

    So, obviously what I want to hear all about is how you make money with JC and the AH. Forget farming, I don't know why people are mentioning that in the comments.

    I would vote for the following:

    500g starter gold. It's not beyond the reach of anybody else to start with this much gold, so I think it wont affect the usefulness of the experiment but will save a little bit of time in the first couple of days.

    Bank alt - Level 1 gnome. There is no real need for additional professions or free bags in this experiment.

    Level a DK for fun and profit by all means, but I think it is beyond the scope of this experiment.

    Your DK when (if) you level/bank him should have professions that fill in the gaps left by your other toons. ie: don't have an enchanter? level enchanting on the DK, etc.

    The goal should be 100k. It is worthy, respectable, and if you can make 100 you can make 200 using the same techniques.

    You should make a weekly report as a minimum, but I would like to see midweek updates also, or updates whenever something interesting happens.

    It should not have it's own guild until having it's own guild will yield some significant benefit, but not from the outset.

    You should not use a coalition, as that will make your results less relevant to those readers who do not have a coalition.

    I would love to help! I play on US Frostmourne, and can also perform editorial tasks such as proofreading etc. Email me if you think there is anything I can do. If you wanted to do this on a new server, I can provide 500g starter cash and disenchanting services.

    Can't wait to hear all about it! I am going to be copying much of what you do. I'll make sure I let you know how much success I have!


  6. Thank you all for your comments,
    from what I see, there are a lot of common views.

    Zupa, I can't seem to find a mailadress to contact you, can you mail me or with your correspondance please?

    Thank you all, and enjoy the "experiment"!

  7. I would like to see with no gold as a start like I have lol took me awhile but since I started to read his blogs I've made over a 100 gold from nothing and just in like 3 days