Thursday, August 6, 2009

100G to 100K: quick update

quick update:
started with 100G - and ofc the jewels ari made.
right now half sold: 500G in pockets still 500G on AH.
I don't feel quite good enough to right more right now, sorry


ps: ingame char: sethcopper (new banker)

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  1. I had a busy weekend.

    I have managed to turn over 30 or 40 epic gems, using the few cuts I have purchased (stam, str, arpen+stam, str+stam and dodge+stam)

    I think the arpen+stam cut was a mistake to buy, I was fooled by unrealistic high prices for these gems on the AH. None sold until the price dropped to about 210g each

    One more token and I will be able to get another gem cut, and I have no idea which one I should buy!

    Pls help! I was thinking perhaps get a yellow cut as I have blue and red cuts already... but no idea which would be a good option!

    It seems like all the epic gem prices have balanced out at around 200g, plus or minus about 20g.

    I unfortunately have no idea how much I have really made from JC since the patch, as some of my income is from selling scrolls and bags and metal bars, and of course disenchanting green rings.

    Over all I had about 500g after I finished upgrading all my gems on my main on patch day, and now I'm back around 3k or so.