Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Thursday: Shopping for Raids: oooooh no!

Well as you all know Ari dinged 80 and is raiding.
Now the problems she has are the following:
- only 6 epics
- no enchants
- no flasks

So yesterday I took 3K gold from sethcopper (the new banker) and send it to ari to get a stock supplie of flasks, and get my gear enchanted.
Now This is a real setback for the money making since I have NOTHING on AH anymore.
I started scanning again yesterday and will continue today to do so to make up for the lost week of Data. Now hopefully I can start making some money again today so I can get my 3k gold back again.

Problems I forsee:
- On our server blue gems have dropped in price and they have dropped A LOT
- Epic gems are transmuted or bought with honour. So no real farming can be done. Or I should go for titanium ore but the price is still 2times the normal worth so it's better to actually sell them then to prospect them and hope for an epic gem dropping out.
It will be hard... But I will (hopefully) prevail.


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