Monday, August 3, 2009

from 1C to 100K: SethOneCopper stepping into the world

Hey all,
Since I got as much comments I can actually hope for. (about 1 for every 100 readers) I think it's safe to say, I have the general idea:

So this eve, before my raid starts I'm doing the following:
setting up my bank: Sethonecopper, which will be a lvl1 gnome.
Giving him 100G.
Getting on Ari and with her craft about 20ish jewels, to get off my feet and up to aboutish 500G
(crafted products will be: +32ap +16int and +8int/3mp5) Since she's still only 71 I only have 5-6 recipes to choose from but it should be enough.
I will not purshace a bank at this point, but it is going to be a "reward" from my hard work.
The DK will probably start this weekend and lvl to 65: professions: engineer and bs. the DK will only be lvld and powerlvl his professions with the funds of my new bank (sethonecopper)

My Main is a LW so he'll not interfere with my new bank, but merly keep the old one at 10K for as long as necessary.

My goal? :
1: Reach 100K
2: give you guys some tips, pointers and must do's along the way.
3: Dominate the JC, ENG and BS market. (high tiers of it lvl80 items)

Side goal: Eradicate the need to farm my own mats. giving me an extra proffesion spot on Ari.

1 Weekly report, maybe Biweekly if enough happens (with other words: if I screw up, you get 2 posts a week!)

My Challenge for me and you:
Mine: to make money with a profession I never used past skill150 -my bankers have the basic skill since the first rings make quite a good deal of side money -
Getting gold not primarly by resale but by prospecting and crafting.
Try and delete the need of farming my own mats.

Yours: If you want, you can start the same project, and send me a mail. I welcome you guys to try out the same thing, and write some posts about it, that will be posted here, full rights granted to the person who wrote them.

In my previous post i also used the word: Help, now this came out so wrong.
I actually wanted: 1: some one who may be interrested in doing the same. or. nr.2 which will be a subject for further posts. IF this seems a bit wacky, or interresting, you'll can't wait what I have planned for NR.2

EDIT: to avoid confusion: My jewelcrafter (Ari) already has ore farmed which I will use to start the project. The 100G is used as funds for bags and posting, eliminating me to buy/resale something the first days. which actually make it harder.


  1. sounds good!

    Can we get a little bit more detail on how you are going to take 100 gold, buy (or prospect?) 20 gems and get 400% return using the three cuts you mentioned?

    The reason I ask is that I have been cutting gems for approximately 10g profit each, which doesn't seem like enough, certainly not enough to make 100k!

  2. Hey Zupa, the gems I already have, since my JC also farms saronite/cobalt.

    If I use the 100G to buy I'll do the following:
    5stacks of saronite (since the price fell from a 16G to 12G at AH in light of the patch notes)
    from those 5 stacks, i'll most likely prospect: about 5 blues, 20-40 green gems.
    The blues, i craft and sell (certainly a RED one.. they are about 60G (32+ap) at my server)
    the green's I sell raw.
    The 5 blues alone give me aobut 10G+ each so even if i only sell those alone I can come out even. with the green ones, I make profit, If a Red gem drops i double my start money.

    But as said, I also "farm" while lvling which cuts down the price a lot.

    To do it just from buying/selling I would advice to download: lill sparky's workshop, it will let you see which cuts grant you the most money.


  3. Looking forward to following the experiment. Maybe it will give me some motivation to either get my current JC leveled, or start a DK and level JC there. Also impatiently waiting to find out what nbr 2 ( in a futher post) will be!


  4. All of those crappy (ie not red) gems you prospect can be transmuted into epic gems as of 3.2

    It might be worth auctioning them off as uncut gems.

    Also, something I haven't seen mentioned around the blogs, is how easy epic gems will be to obtain via badges. I guess people's badge earning potential varies, but most of us can happily run a few heroics in a play session.

    Added to that more people will be running heroics now to get their triumph badges for the daily quest, and I predict a lot of players spending badges on gems instead of paying what will likely be exorbitant prices.

    I could be way off the mark here, but there has to be some balance point between the price of titanium ore (150 - 200g / stack) and obtaining epic gems by other means.

    I am considering selling my titanium ore tonight in trade for 300 - 400 g / stack, and letting someone else take the prospecting gamble, while I will check the AH, buy one or two gem cuts with my stash of JC tokens, and then just buy-cut-sell my way to piles of gold in the next week or so.

    What do you think???