Thursday, October 8, 2009

Podcast: Almost here!

Yes Yes the podcast is comming today! hopefully not 12h from now it's online.
Since it's a test episode it will be posted as a video here at the site and on YouTube.
If you like it or don't don't forget to comment.

Also the site is probably moving to a selfhosted site! Again comments or mails about the hosting (suggestions with other words) are most welcome!

If there is anything else you want to hear in the podcast: Comment or mail.!



  1. *Excited*

    Congrat on having your own host :)

  2. *Excited*

    Thanks Zekta :)
    Still need to do a lot this eve though, monday/thuesday/wednesday I couldn't do nothing (RL in the way) and yesterday somebody didn't show up. So need to record half the thing today O_°
    and ofc make all the nice sounds :)

    But it will be here! I'll work all eve if I have to!

  3. Really looking forward to this!

    As far as hosting/domains go you could try out Hostgator, that's an affiliate link if that's okay!

    Being self employed in the internet marketing profession, I've never heard a bad thing about Hostgator :)