Monday, October 12, 2009

the path of life isn't written in stone

The path of life isn't written in stone
which means that everyone makes their own happiness and succes. Yes there are some things outside of your control. But be honest how large is the chance you are hit by a truck this morning?

YOU choose to work for something, to work at your own attitude, to work and get out of the snakepit you were born in. Don't go telling me that people that come from a bad background can't be succesfull... For every so many poor there is a "rich" one. And that one (most of the time) worked for it. When someone works hard enough he can get very far, not everywhere but very far.

Tools for the Needy
There are so many tools to help the "needy" out there, it's kind of a hoax.
Can't pay for university? Don't worry work hard and we will pay for you.
Can't pay for a house? Just take the effort to walk 500meters to the nearest office and we'll pay for you.
Came from another country? Don't worry we'll do everything for you
Can't speak the native thongue? Don't worry the people will adjust.
Don't worry the people will pay for your food, clothing, car, school, whatever you need! They will adjust.

"But he came from a 3th world country we have to help them"

Help them by learning to actually work for something. If he gets all the above thats fine. IF he actually starts working, and learns how to live in the western civilisation (spelling?) But if you got all that, would you even bother learning the language or work? It's a free day in paradise from my aspect. Getting EVERYTHING while doing NOTHING.

It always feels good when you see 3 foreigners in a BMW blasting music down the street, looking them stop at a OCMW (helpcenter) and get a paycheck where the working class is jealous off.
Why? because they came from wherever.

And dare to say anything about it and you'll be a racist...
We DON'T care about the race! It's just a great example, people from our own country do the same damn thing... it's called wellfare. WE work so we pay taxes, taxes in which are used to get wellfare money which in it's part goes to all the people that are too lazy to work.

Statistics in a random (truely) western country:
People from the country itself: age 18-67 working class: 89% (got to love decline in the economy)
Foreingers intigrated: age 18-67 working class: 42% (4% of total people in said country)
Total: 15% don't do sh1t with their lives.

so tbh.. They are just a "easy" group to pick on. It's more obvious. Though the group is waaay smaller.

The point being is: The Needy can get as much as every working (wo)man, by doing nothing.
IF you really don't want to achieve nothing in your life, if you don't want to have more then 90% of the country. Just stop working go to a wellfare office, and get the free ride through life.

How you ride your life is totally up to you.

I'm a goblin... I am that 10% And I'm not afraid to say: I feel GOOD about it. And I hate working for the 15% of people that don't do a fck with their life.
I'm a Goblin and I'm proud of it.

PS: can any of the 600 readers actually comment some feedback about the podcast? Thank you!

PPS: Just got my taxletter... isn't it pretty... another 6K spent on taxes this year, probz 4K to the welfare system. here you go take the workers money.


  1. Sorry for commenting so late,

    I just got time to sit down and listen to it till now. (Parent visiting need much attention)

    Gratz on the first podcast...

    As you said, you are quite nervous at the start, and that's ultra-high speed speaking, It's really hard for me to catch up on the first 1-2 session. After you slowed down, it's pretty fine for me.

    I notice that you use "seriously", "actually" and "to be honest" when you are nervous, I do that a lot myself as well...

    Much better after the Farming session as another commenter said..
    The session sound FX is not very attractive yet. It can give a good indication of a intermission.

    You'll need a silence period for audience to expect a sound FX coming. (The Q&A one is nicely done).

    Once again, happy to hear you on the Ethernet

    Do you really mean sheep? I have doubt when I hear MMO-champion along with it....

  2. Zekta, not a problem thanks for the comment.

    Yes I mean sheep, sheep as in M&S, followers, too "stupid" or "lazy" to think for themselves. Otherwise they wouldn't blindly follow the inscription guide without first thinking: hmm everyone is going to do that... how can I profit from this.

    Sincere Regards,

  3. Well I've already commented on your podcast, so instead I'll comment on your blog post.

    I couldn't agree more - far too many people are happy to accept handouts than to actually put any sort of work in.

    While not directly related to money, the learning English and benefiting from a different countries welfare bit struck home for me.

    My Mother lives in France, but is English - and where she lives nobody, and I mean nobody, speaks English. She has to use French at all times... nobody is 'letting her off' and they hate the English who can't speak French. Not only that but they all take a massive dislike to her on first impression as an English person living in France - expecting her to be leaching off the French welfare system and country.

    As soon as they find out that she is a professional content writer, they instantly change their minds and welcome her!

    It just struck me as funny how in some countries (England for sure) that you have to be accepting of foreigners no matter what, or you get called a racist. Whereas there, foreigners are instantly treated with a sort of disdain - at least for where my mother lives...

    Sorry for the sort of long rant, it's just that what you said is very true!

  4. Sarainy,
    let your mom be an example as how things should be :)

    and don't worry about the rant, it's a good one.