Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Well I'll be damned...
I've been sitting here the last months telling people: farm lowlvl stuff, and one of my favorite examples is Mithril and Thorium ore/bar.

MMO-Champion has made a new guide, using that farming info.
Ofcourse this is something any player with a mind can think of, so I'm not even suprised.

What bugs me though is: Now I have to find a way around my own lowlvl farming goldmaker....
And to be honest the only awnser there is: Farm yourself!


Crash the market... héhé thats an idea *evil thoughts*
Go into a bidding war so that the prices tumble down to below 50%, buy them all up, wait a week, and resell again at 80%

So that problem's fixed.

1 comment:

  1. As others have already mentioned - expect the price of thorium to skyrocket.

    As you say you might be better off farming to sell, rather than farming to prospect. Yet still buying the cheap mats when prices crash.

    Others will soon now doubt mention, but this guide is probably the worst released yet. It simply tells them to get thorium, prospect it, and then price it. Which is the total opposite of what you should do! You price first to make sure it is profitable!

    Oh well, I'm sure thorium sellers will be happy to make 100% increased profits for a while