Sunday, October 11, 2009

Monday Morning Hang Over: Farming has started

My mate has challenged me this weekend to a race. A lvling race, since I lvld my first toons in a powerlvling guild I was pretty optimistic that I could win... but then I heard what he wanted to do.
Lvl all 10 classes to 80. Sadly enough I never turn down a bet. I accepted and am currently leading with: 2 x 80's / 1 x 47 / 1 x 40 / and others. Now I'm not going to extensivly lvl just yet. God knows that I have more time, now that I disbanded TSB. (my raiding guild=> wanted more time IRL so no more 3H a day raiding and 1H a day ahing etc) I'm going to grind Stonekeeper shards and Badges of conquerer things. the 10/20% lvling increase will hopefully get me the win.

Well that's that.

First off all Thank you for the comments on my first Podcast test show. All comments have been read and taken in account. Now depending on how many more comments and views I am going to get, the new site is going to be live this or next week.

So improvements on the Podcast that I'm looking at:
1. new mic. (really needed)
2. Being less nervous at the beginning of the show
3. better quality "cuts". No more roosters that make you topple of your chair.
4. Better research before recording
5. others on the way

Well thats it for this monday.



  1. Very good luck with that huge leveling...
    I'm too in the way of the "achievement" "ONE OF EACH CLASS" before Cataclysm lands.

    The BEST way to do that is:
    Create a 2nd account (even a 3rd or 4rd depending of your money) and link them with the "recruit a friend" system and play with all the accounts simultaneously.

    That way I've leveled 8 toons to 60 with 2 accounts... with around 20 hours /played for each pair of toons.

    Then when it comes to the Outlands leveling... you HAVE to have:
    2 x Heirloom (+20% XP)
    Epic Flying Mount just when you land on Hellfire.
    60 to 70 is a breeze...

    At 70, you will have a nightmare when you see that each level of each toon will take you about 3 hours IF THEY ARE RESTED!!!... that's 300 hours of playing...

    I'm now leveling a Paladin and a Hunter (level 75 both), have already a DK and a Shamy (lvl 80 both) and all the other classes at 60... It's a very hard work ;D but on the other hand... you will never, ever, say again...."hey, XXX class is overpowered....nerf it!!!" xDDDDDDD

    Good luck.

  2. Thank you Ano,
    I'm looking in the Dualboxing aspect and how to effectivly do it.
    one pc, 2 wows, so using autohotkey orsomething.
    just want to decide on what to go for first.