Wednesday, October 14, 2009

leveling enchanting: where did 1.5K gold go?

I logged in yesterday and was like: ok... I was at 120K and now i'm at 118K again... what happened to my 2K of money (1.560G to be honest)

Ooooh yeah the nether essences.... damn.

Leveling enchanting is a real pain in the butt. It's fairly slow and very, very expensive.
Ofcourse now that Vellums are available (since wrath) It's less painfull.
You can enchant the vellums and sell them on the AH, they don't have a cost to post so thats even better. Ofcourse you can also use the vellums for other characters, so If you are a altaholic like me it's nice to have about 10 diffrent scolls with enchants on your guildbank.

Nether essence is very difficult to farm (green weapons lvl40-45) so I didn't want to have my available time in Zul'farrak. And I bought the items: 1.5K gold for lvling enchanting from 200 to 295.

I'm keeping enchanting a bit around that lvl though, want to spend more time getting everything in order. (getting my alts to 80 and gearing the last 3 spots on my shaman)

Also: I don't know If I'm getting a blog up tomorrow. I can't play today (going to pool and poker this eve now that I have a bit more time between work, school and home situation) And I'm off to a booksalething. 20K+ books all for 90-75% cheaper then in a store. (if you live in Belgium or the Netherlands: Boekenfestijn, look it up)

A fortune starts with one copper.


  1. I never had problems with nether essences, although leveled enchanting 3x.

    I simply used Enchant Shield - Stamina until slvl245. It's yellow after 230 so doesn't give a point every time, but still better pt/G ratio

  2. Thank you Gevlon,
    I'll remind that for the next time.
    The nether essences on my server go for
    60-70G a piece (large ones)
    20-24G a piece for a small one.