Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crafting: Drums of whatever.

The new Drums and scrolls (kings/fortutide and more I thought) are actually so... not needed.
Granted for leveling by yourself it would be awesome but tbh at lvl80 you aren't really lvling anymore. For 5 mans they are sweet too, but who wants to spent such gold on a pug? if 99% doesn't take a flask (when undergeared, if that is even possible) why take a drum/scroll?

Tbh, there are so many Paladins and priests that for a raid it's practicly worthless.
I have a leatherworker and the income of those drums is abmyssal. I had to repost 3(!!) times before 1 sold. No competitors even close to my figure (just above mat price+ ah fee + 1% profit)

I have checked the price on other servers, but ofc, don't know how fast they are selling.

Right now I do not think its worth the gold and is " a hole in my pocket".


PS: last day of recording on the podcast tomorrow. So that eve or saturday morning it's up!


  1. I'm in a 10 man guild and since we don't have a priest for us the stam buffs are used in every run after every wipe.

    However we have 3 inscribers in the core 10 man group and so we don't buy these from the AH.

  2. Well yeah that's it:
    75% of the 10/25 guildruns have a priest
    the other 24.99% have at least one scribe in the guild that can produce it and put them in the bank.

    same goes for paladins tbh

  3. The most useful one I have found is the Kings one. Simply because in our 10 man raiding roster we only have one paladin (Myself) and so I do wisdom/might/salv and then we use the drums of kings.

    But yes, they are more of a convenience than anything else.

    Personally I'd like to see a 'Something of Bloodlust/Heroism' - it is a pretty major increase on dps, so much so that a lot of people see having a shaman for it a requirement. Definitely needs to be added!

    As for if it is worth selling... well the Fort scrolls turn a profit on my server *if* you can sell them - there's just so many people trying to.

    For me, it's just easier to sell inks at the moment due to them being so overpriced! A 1g loss in profit for guaranteed sales and no extra crafting works is worthwhile in my opinion.

  4. I did actually got some sale (not much) for the scroll.
    For 10 man, those item actually sells.
    (Chances of not having a priest for pug is good)

    I guess it's harsh for drum,
    but for us glyph seller, snow ink is dirt cheap...
    (by product of glyph selling anyway)

    I use this as one of my way to get off those dreadful snow ink.... (If it sell, it actually sell more than 50% then the bulk sale cost I offer to those card makers...)

  5. One last good luck on the pcast and looking forward to listening in. Have a great weekend all.

  6. Thank you, same for you Rich :)