Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday morning hangover: oh my I help people!

Hey all,

Well, I didn't have a post friday, why? I had a "gastroscopie" with other words, they stuck a tube in my mouth to look at my stomach, throat and the thing you use for swallowing.
I was kinda high the rest of the day, so a post wasn't one of my priorities.

Well Good news first: on the last episode of Twisted nether My blog came up for a question so jeuj. (= happy) Always good to get some extra attention.
Goblinism also got some extra attention this week so that was quite well.

Now as I am a self proclaimed Goblin, I get quite a few comments that are saying "you are selfish and selfcentered". Now this is 90% true. But I want to explain a point here.

Being a Goblin doesn't mean that I don't help people. It's just I don't help the dumb, the lazy and the other. I Help people that are actually trying to make their "lifes" or "WoW" better.

Fe. I got some nice whispers yesterday that went like:

Can you spare me a gold?
- Yes I can
*invited you in a party*
- Declined
Where should we meet?
- Why should we meet?
For the gold...
You said you are going to give me one gold?
- I said I CAN spare one gold, I didn't say I would.

I would never ever give the milk/money what ever to someone. I would however teach them how to milk/ how to make money. Thats also the reason I blog. And I presume Gevlon blogs. I try and teach people to make gold, Gevlon does, Zekta does, JM2C does...
Do we give gold in game? 99% sure: NO.
in Goblinism I said that if needed I would fire 100 people to save my company. Now that's true as ever, I would fire everyone if needed as a matter of speaking. But what you should know is that the people that are staying are the ones who want to learn to milk. they don't necesarly need to be te "best", they need to want to be the "best".
Fe. In my guild, I always took 1 or 2 people that wanted to learn. I didn't care about their dps, the rest off uss can easily cover for them if we didnt do hardmodes. And after that raid, the next time we run they will dps more/tank better/heal better. And not because of the gear, because of what they learned. Prime examples: Galeo, Stralight, Panndora, Shayline. They all started with uss with lesser gear and lesser "experience" raiding. When yesterday I disbanded the guild, I could look back and see that they all improved soo much that they were the people I wanted for my core group. I teached total newbs from making 10G a day to a real competitor on the AH. And actually cutting in my profits.

So with this kinda rantpost: Goblinism doesn't say: me and the rest can screw themselfs. It sais: everyone that isn't willing to learn: Screw you. And I'll profit of you.
Well atleast thats Goblinism for me. And as with everything in this world: Goblinism is relative to the subject. (subject meaning person in this context)

let the flames come my way.



  1. I can't agree more with you...
    back in the uni day, people asked for my help on their programming assignment, I would actually talk with them about it (usually it takes over night) rather than do it for them...

    And I'll never help those just want the answer...

    I would say that...
    Give a man fish, he'll not learn to fish

  2. I agree with you both - got no time for people wanting handouts, yet if someone is willing to learn then that's fine.

    Seems to me that's why we do our blogs, if we weren't prepared to help people that really wanted help we might not!

    P.S. Seth my review of your blog is up, you can find at Blog Review : One Copper