Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Guest post: Inscription.

Heya I'm Carbon from A Gnome's Conquest and thank you for reading my guest post at One Copper.

I'm here to talk about Inscription and how its making absurd amounts of profit right now. In patch 3.2.2 Runescroll of Fortitude were implemented in the game allowing players to have the fortitude buff without a priest. Here I'll explain why Inscription is currently such a hot profession right now.

We'll start off with figuring out the cost per glyph. To figure this out we divide the cost of your adder's tongue or icethorn prices by 6. On average you will get 6 ink of the sea (12 azure pigment) from 1 stack of adder's tongue or icethorn. So if your adder's price is 20g a stack your ink of the sea will cost 3.3g each meaning your glyphs will cost 3.8g and 7.1g respectively (1 ink and 2 ink glyphs plus parchment cost). While this sounds expensive think about how many glyphs sell on your server for 10-20g. On top of that I sell glyphs on a regular basis for 400%+ mark up.

While that sounds great here is how you can simply make money just by milling your herbs without selling any glyphs. Runescrolls of fortitude take 1 snowfall ink and 5 resilient parchments to create. You will on a large enough scale get an average of 1 snowfall ink per adder's tongue and icethorn stack (2 icy pigment per stack). The recipe creates 5 scrolls for the cost of 1 ink and on many servers the runescrolls are selling for as much as 20g each. That means selling 5 runescrolls at 20g each is giving you 100g per snowfall ink. That stack of herbs that cost you 20g just returned 100g before you even touched glyphs. On my server for example the scrolls are selling for 7g each right now. That's still 35g per snowfall ink which is the same as 1 stack of high end herbs (my server 15-18g).

I hope you enjoyed my guest post today at One Copper and you can visit me at to read more.

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  1. Great post Carbon. Didn't get the time to check out your blog before, but I'm adding it to my bookmarks now :)