Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Deep thoughts: Got reviewed

First off all:
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, RL has kicked me in the B*lls yesterday.
Now back to the post:

I got a review from Sarainy over on her site. A review that was actually much to my liking.
There are some good points in there, and I actually didn't know that some of my labels where empty.
Now Sarainy if you are reading this: Great review, but ya missed a negative point...
My youtube link is broken... I said to myself I would fix it... like said it a month ago, and still didn't get around to fixing it. But really the negatives and positives are all to my liking and fairly objective. (from my point of view) So Thank you and great post!

The Podcast: Friday is the big day! last day of recording and it's up. Had some difficulties with my cat.... seriously she wrecked my headphones. Don't ask me how, it's like the dog ate my homework, but this one is acually true. It also seems that I ain't the only one doing this: JM2C also has released his idea's for his goldmaking podcast so, good luck with it.

The site: When the podcast has gotten good "reviews" on the test show, I'm going to change the blog and podcast to a site of my own. For direct streaming, and the ability for you guys to download it. If anyone has a good provider for a pod/blogcast . Let me know.

I'm out of time here, so wrapping this up.
Later this week I promise to actually get some tips up again because it's been a while.


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  1. Wow how did I miss that! Hah!

    Glad you liked the review :)

    Can't wait till the podcast comes out! Been really looking forward to it actually. For pod/blogcast maybe try out Wordpress? It's a bit involved, but once you get used to it it's just a better version of Blogger really.

    There's a whole host of plugins specifically for podcasts too :)