Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Hey all,
As said yesterday I don't have too much time to write something up but this was important enough to let you all know.

IF I get 25 votes (GOD YES!) before tomorrow eve, the new website will be bought and ready for use this MONDAY including a podcast next week friday for your weekly shot of goldmaking sweetness.

If not, I'm waiting another week before starting the podcasts and website.

Social pressure, eh?


Afternote: okaaaaj that was quick... Who cheated?
Afternote2: go and congratulate Zekta He just got up his 100th post! Gz man, you earned it.


  1. Haha, "Social pressure"

    Ofc I support you on that.
    I just wonder if the weekly podcast will drain you too much
    (I couldn't do that myself too)

  2. Tbh Zekta, I had my doubts about it too.
    But now with a better work/home situation, I think it would be a great "passtime".
    Ofcourse it will drain a lot of moneymaking tips quite fast. But I already have some idea's for that ^^

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  4. "social pressure"
    I thought we were of a goblin mind here. =) There is no pressure.

    I didn't vote because I have not had a chance to listen. Good luck in whatever you decide.

  5. Hydra,

    We are of a goblin mind here,
    you'll see why I put it in tomorrow...