Thursday, October 15, 2009

Social pressure, eh?

I thought I had more goblins reading this blog tbh...

I had 10 votes over 5 days on the latest poll (should I continue the podcast)
Now yesterday I asked you all to vote or I wouldn't continue with the new site etc etc.
And I even said "social pressure, eh?"...
Now Hydra made a good comment about being in a goblin blog....

Social pressure is worthless... I don't ever do anything because I'm forced to do it by pressure.
If I don't do this, another person won't do that. That just doesn't work with me. Now from the 600 vistors yesterday, 30+ voted. which means that there are 30something that haven't yet learned the way of the goblin. Ofcourse I'm very happy to get the votes, so now I know to continue or not. But this was an easy lure and some of you got catched by the trap.

This actually also reinforces my statement that a lot of people are being let on by social aspects of life. Otherwise I would have had the normal +/- 2 votes a day.

So what did you think of my small trap yesterday? Was there social pressure to vote? If you have voted, why? and why not if you didn't? These things intrest me today.

Sorry for the small post, I'm having a meeting at work and don't really havethe time for anything larger today. This weekend I'll also buy the new site, so keep on the lookout for my farewell post on blogger.



  1. I don't really like polls tbh.
    Though I would like more podcasts!

    Speaking of social, I'm adding you to my site this weekend... And setting up my blog :)

    Can't let you have all the blogging fun.


  2. hehe thank you. I'll share the fun with you (added to blogroll)

  3. On the other hand, other than social pressure...
    There are other explanation on voting.

    What's take you to click on a vote?
    and what take you to have a podcast to enjoy.

    I doubted any goblin wouldn't click the button if he likes the podcast :)
    ofc some people will have the free-ride...
    "Oh 20 ppl already voted",
    "Other ppl will care enough to vote, so I don't need to"
    "Who cares"

    But still, it's 5-10 seconds of your life on clicking that... Not much a trap for me :)

    (and I said so, because I voted... lol)

  4. I haven't really figured out the whole "podcast" thing.... is it like talk radio? I prefer music myself... Can't really see voting either way because of stated reasons.

  5. I voted the first day the poll went up - howevr in some ways I feel it is vital to mention the fact that poll is even there in your posts.

    This is because a lot of people, myself included, read blogs primarly in a Reader, not actually on your site. As such they would never even see if you had a new poll up, because they are only ever viewing your posts.

  6. Ano, the podcast thing is indeed like talk radio,
    only you decide when to actually listen to it.