Friday, October 9, 2009

Podcast: Testshow: Finally here

So... YES the testshow is finally here.

first off all before you start listening:
1 - This is being recorded with a fairly bad mic, a better one will be bought if the podcast is to your liking.
2- In the podcast you'll hear me say sheep, I listened to the podcast again and I thought it came out as cheap, so trust me if I say it's meant as SHEEP.
3- any comments or ideas are more then welcome as long as they are constructive.
4- I was very very very nervous so be gentle. You'll probably hear it in the beginning and a little lest at the end, so be sure to give me info about that.
5- this podcast isn't downloadable at this point. I want to see how the reactions are before pumping money into a site.



  1. Hi Seth,

    First of all, thank you answering my question! While I expected you to say they should be used (Don't know any serious AH player who doesn't) it was interested to hear you comment how you don't care that it gives you a distinct and possibly unfair advantage - because profit is what matters. My take is slightly different, and it was thought provoking to see how you felt.

    Secondly, thank you for mauling my sites name! Haha, I kid, I was glad for the plug ;) Feel free to just call me Sarainy by the way :)

    My only 'criticism' if you can call it that, was that some of the sound effects were much louder than your voice. So much so that the Cockerel one actually scared me and made me jump lol

    You did sound very nervous indeed at some points during the podcast, especially near the beginning like you say. You seemed to grow more comfortable as time went on however and by the end of it you seemed fairly relaxed :)

    If you can progress that quickly in a single podcast, you should be a pro in no time!

    Oh about the whole "Sheep" thing, the first time you said it, it sounded like "s**t" to me :P Which to be blunt, is probably true too ;)

    Overall a very very good podcast, and amazingly so for your first attempt! Much looking forward to hearing the second episode.

  2. Very good first attempt.

    Sarainy already commented on the 'sound effect' volume. I'll go further and say just get rid of them completely. I found them irritating and a distraction.
    Consider recording the different parts of the podcast as seperate recordings you stitch together afterwards. That way if you make a mistake such as mangling someones website name, or using language you probaly would prefer not too you can re-do that section without impacting the rest of the broadcast, or having it take to long to do. Remember you're not broadcasting live so you can go back and re-do stuff until it's right.

    Finally if you are going to suggest items to craft, either to sell or disenchant, be specific, even if you have to go online to look things up before you do the recording. In the podcast I thought you were fine once you settled down and started to refer to the Spidersilk boots or the Mithril/Thorium but the section just before that was less effective.

    looking forward to the next one

  3. First off, in the begining don't start talking until the intro sound bit thing is done playing. And I'de say turn that down x3. And talk about x4 louder. I had my speakers turned all the way up and was still having problems hearing you.

    Second, hold the microphone about *pauses for changing inches to centimeters* 4 or 5 centimeters away from your mouth. The reason is just that you are getting alot of your breathing on the sound recording.

    Third, I wanted to say that overall I really liked it! =D

    Coffelord Jenkins

  4. Nice work :)
    I'll feature you on my site.

    Cameron Smith

  5. Hey Seth awesome podcast. Was entertaining while I was making glyphs :)

    A suggestion (or two), I agree with the previous posters commenting about the sound effects. It's a cool idea but I think it would either be better if it was a digital sound effect rather then (what seemed to be) live.

    Other then that awesome podcast and I can't wait to listen to more. Definitely something to do while making hundreds of glyphs ;)