Thursday, July 23, 2009

1 gold plz:Outland content

Hey all,

Remember when I said that Knothide leather sells well? Remember that I said to have a look at the AH competition, and that it should be quite low? Well a char of mine (Ariäni from Heroic totem)
Is alsmost done with Outland content, yes indeed 1 and a half more lvl of it. And I saw that it was the same for Fel Iron, Adamantite and really really good for Eternium.

Now this struck my interest a while back and I should have drafted it then, but as said most of this I write on the fly. Well some research later and I have come up with:

- Fel arnament sells gooooood and there aren't many of those actually on the AH
- Ores, herbs and leathers are in low quantity on AH and sell reasonably fast. (personal experience: max 2 relists)
- for Alliance: Elemental and Resto Shaman Gear! Serious! If it drops put it on the AH, especially the lvl58-60 ones, one relist needed and sold for a nice profit!
- Paladin healing gear: not that much though mainly the hands, feet and bracers that sell, a lower profit as the shaman gear though
- Disenchanting: The mats for Outland are selling for a price that I can't actually determin, on 3 servers 3 very diffrent prices, ranging from so low to moderatly high. Check your server for it.
-Aldor and Scryer reputation tokens (mark of kiljaeden) Sell fairly well, most by 1 or 10 get sold on the first listing.
- Gear req. lvl58 sells fairly well, as long as you don't put up anything stupid (blablabla of the wolf)

What not to sell?
- glowcap mushrooms and armanents of UB/SP the mushrooms are payement for the Sporegar and the others are reputation for cenarion (I think)... Don't buy them, too high of a price and they don't sell.
-Gems.... Seriously Ariäni is a JC and made about 100ish gems green quality... I always put them on by 3 (so 3x +6str, 3x +6agi etc) the only thing that remotly sells are the +str ones thats it.
-self made gear: Made gear by a proffesion (ex: Drainic boots) Don't sell at all, the quality is vastly infirior to what drops in the world, an dfor the blue items, you just need too much of mats (mats > good = loss)

I hope this were some good tips for the lvling Banker or player.


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