Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday Morning Hangover: Experiment Explained

After this weekend's view on my Blog, i saw that a lot of people actually read the 1G plz!: Experiment. While it was nothing more then a personal experiment to have a laugh this proved to be quite interresting.

So here by further explanation of the experiment.

Approach: My approach isn't the standart need G plz, no money for mount plxxxx lolol! I used a more sofisiticated and friendly approach in the lines of: Hello , I'm sorry to disturb you, but it seems I'm a bit short on cash for my lvl30 Mount, is it possible ot receive a donation? or
Hello, I'm collectiong Gold for charity. A poor boy (me), needs a mount since the beasts have crippled him, sadly enough there isn't enough money to buy one, care to help out?

These mostly gave me a: hehe, where are you man? And a gold went into my pockets.
As one of the commenters said, if a reason is provided, people will give in easier. Not only that it let's them feel social. And WoW is played as a social game isn't it? Also a thing that you can't underestimate is the power of laughter. by whispering or /2 spamming in a silly but good humoured way you will likely have a better reaction. (which is also true on /2 in low population hours)

For the record: This experiment was done at Ravenholdt EU (A) A medium server with about 5K Ally people. (give or take a few) And it was done everyday around 5-6 in the afternoon. (also give or take an hour).

For an awnser to some of the questions that have been asked by people in my guild / mails etc.

1.Why? Well this is how I keep myself and my readers Entertained. And an experiment like this was overdue

2.Aren't you ashamed that you have done this?
NO, NO, NO....I share the Goblin point of view (well about 90ish % of it). They are being Social, and it's my right to take advantage of it. It's my duty actually, As a banker it's yours too.

3.Are you continuing this experiment?
No, I have learned enough, also its a 400G/2H = 200G/H... i make 5 times a much at the AH.

4.Did friends respond yo your whispers?
Well I was incognito, so yes a few responded. Though I think only 1 or 2 actually gave Gold...

5.Are you ashamed for taking the gold of friends?
Bussiness is Bussiness.... see nr.2

Any others may be asked by mail or Comment.



  1. I will admit it. That type of comment probably would have gotten a gold from me. Polite, full sentences and a sense of humor? How could I resist? I would have been having warm fuzzys all the way back to the AH , while I added an extra couple gs to the next auctions to make it back.. :)

  2. Re: Giving a Reason
    This works for selling in /trade, as well. I was selling a rare recipe inscription item for a good while.
    Nobody seemed to know where it came from and only one other person on the server was selling it, but only in the AH, and at ridiculous crazy high prices.

    I crafted a handful, gave a few to guildies for mat cost, then shipped the rest off to my banker.

    I would spend 15-30 minutes in trade at a time, maybe 2-3 times per day at most and I made a solid 10k over a week or so.

    I am 100% convinced that a lot of my sales were a direct result of my pitch. I would sometimes just use a straight pitch and sometimes a pitch with a reason. When I gave a reason, the /trade hecklers tended to leave me alone more AND the buyers tended to haggle less.

    Give a reason and think of a fun way to phrase your pitch so that it catches the eye/ear.