Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hang-over: They are quiting all around...

If you haven't noticed already, the blogging community is getting thin... not even that, the wow community is getting thin...

It's summertime and a lot are quitting the stuff.
To be frank, I had some lvl of succes in blogging, but I'm beggining to wonder myself...
I mean what do I offer to the readers that's diffrent from my blogroll?
Zekta, Greedy Goblin, jm2c, AH antics...
They all talk about making money, they all talk about personal exp and filosofie (spelling?)

I don't blog to get my thoughts on paper, I blog so someone could read them, pass time, or just find it interesting.

Now most members i get here, are comming from above sites. So that means that they already found something interesting... Is it really needed that I continue this Blog?

I don't know...I'm doubting actually...
You tell me ...



  1. No one can tell you that.
    It's your call and yours only.

  2. Oh, Another time you got the same thing in my mind...
    Are you sure you didn't read my mind?

    On a post I had wrote on June, (I wasn't quiting back then, but maybe sounds like I was)
    There was a saying that, 90% of the company opened will shut their door at its first year. I guess it goes true for blog as well, but in a much shorter span (one or two month I guess)...
    The Blogosphere is not shrinking I guess, just on a vacation.
    (I do believe many blog started at April stopped at the 1-3 month threshold though?)

    I was worried about you from the beginning, I must confess.
    I recall that couples of email we discuessed on focus,
    at that time you was having 3 blogs altogether...

    I am having a hard time to position myself on the blogosphere as well,
    Given that , Gevlon is great on philo-article and there are others gave little tips on money making as well.

    I give up on giving out tips altogether, since that don't interest me (on writing it), and easily avaiable.
    It sound a little grim on the post on I found the recipts selling as well. There are much tips around, scattered opertunity in the game.

    Yet I found my comfortable spot on thee sphere by trying to explain thing I see in the game, not just money-making, but to raid, pug and guild.
    I still got tons of thoughts on that, if I can gather enough time to craft those article out.
    (Position myself as the undercover economist in Azeroth, Sign me up :) )

    On the gold-making-tip sites, you had the most update frequent...
    but it's easily wear out. I can't get that much time on writing myself as well.
    (I wonder how Gevlon manage to give a decent article daily thought....)

    As Gevlon said, the only person can answer the question are you.
    If you feel exhausted, find a comfortable spot,
    that you enjoy writing and sharing, and twist the topic a little,
    try to start a new perspective, or topic....
    (I started to offtopic a lot myself as well)

    I personally would enjoy having you around (selfishly).
    But it's you to decide wenther it really worth your time or not.
    If gold tips make you bored, try sth new ;)

  3. Ask yourself why you blog in the first place? Is it for yourself or for others?

    If it's for others, probably time to quit. If it's for yourself, keep going even if you don't feel it's necessarily contributing any more than anyone else. But it probably is because each person reads something differently. What they may not catch in another's post, they might pick up in yours.