Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Crafter's Gold:

Hey all,
Yesterday i checked prices from Mining materials on my server. And as we all know end-game mats of vanilla (thorium/mithril) are expensive. Now what i also saw is that (on my server atleast) they are worth more then saronite...
Saronite full stack = 20G
Mithril full stack = 50G
Thorium full stack = 70G

Even old gems are going for 15G a piece! some even for 30-50G (I'm looking at you Azerothian diamond!)
While I see hihglvl gems going for the same and even a lesser price!
So my advice for you: Are you lvling mining? or lvling a character? or just a high lvl miner and bored?
Try to go to some old locations with mithril/thorium (every 50-60 area is great! except for feralas) And see how much money you can make..
AriƤni lvld the past week, and while I didn't go out of my way to get anything. I came up with 3 stacks of mithril that I couldn't use anymore, and some stones and lowerlvl gems.
While lvling I made 250G just from those stacks. in a lvl 50ish area...
I don't know if you remember but...250G was a big deal back when on vanilla. Now 250G is enough for a raidnight and thats it, but while lvling this can get you a long way.
So again, if your lvling or want to start it, get mining... It's a pain in the ass from tin to iron (gap is quite big) but after that you'll thank me.



  1. That sparked an idea,

    how about an 50-69 lv Alt for mining. that'll be +10% mount-speed miner. Optimized miner that would be :)

  2. Zekta,
    indeed it would,
    +speed enchants (or riding crop)
    100% land mount
    and go... ^^

  3. The best miner alt is an unholy deathknight. +20% mount speed and the ghoul pet. How many times you need to fight a mob before being able to mine a vein ? And sometimes, while doing that, someone else got to mine it instead. Well, the pet will take care of that. So, in my opinion +20% mount speed + ghoul pet = win.

  4. Archangel, You have a Valide point there.
    also it already starts at a higherlvl which means, you don't need to spend a lot of time lvling...
    Park him at lvl65 and probz one of the best grinders...
    Do something thats even better... a 70 druid

  5. Everyone now and then rolls an alt or levels a new profession, and what better time to try to make money (or more likely ideas) while leveling that profession!?

    I recently leveled jewelcrafting and have found a few areas that sell well. Cheap copper and tin ore, smelted to bronze bar, when the time is right, you can double your investment.

    Fel Iron ore and adamantite ore are one of my favorites. leveling JCers need 30-50 green gems which only come from fel iron and adamantite (the adamantite also yields powder). I have run into little competition selling these green gems for 6-10g a pop, while the powder goes for around 5g as well.

    And finally, thorium ore is often flooding my servers AH (20g or less a stack this last weekend!) I spent over 3k on thorium this last week and have already started trickling its gems onto the AH for 15g a pop average (azerothian diamons are flooded right now to 10g :( o well).

    All these examples are times when I needed the gems and remembered then once i was 450 JC.

    Also, check out the profession leveling guides, everyone else is, time to exploit them :)

  6. There are changes coming with 3.2, so start making money from them. Stock up on Forest Emeralds if you have an Alchemist; and maybe start running/farming Heroics again.

    I've even begun stockpiling Frozen Orbs for JC xmuting.