Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep thoughts: uhm yeah well...

This is the best part in a writers life: Writers Block.

Too much going on:
dinging Ari
raiding with Ell
WoW issues

so deep thoughts today about selfishness and guilds.

We all know that you play the game to have fun, and this actually gives everyone the right of being selfish, you play, your fun, don't care about the rest right?
Well no and yes actually, if your not in a guild this is a great way to play. though endgame raiding will become difficult.
If your in a guild it's a bit harder, even harder if your the leader or an officer. As an officer or leader you put the rest before yourself, you give up raidspots, donate cash, pay repairs, keep the morale up etc.
When the officer or leader doesn't do this we get GuildDrama.. and it's feared by all.

So let me know your guilddrama, your moneydrama, any kind of drama thats good for a laugh or tear.

Is it right to play selfish? if yes, even as a guildleader/officer?
if No, what about banking? aren't we selfish by ripping off other ppl?


  1. I had a ret paladin leave my guild last night saying "Sorry dude, I prefer hardcore raiding." In the meantime, this guy has missed the past 3 weeks of raiding, been online very sparingly and when he has been online has only been doing dailies. I simply sent him back a message saying that he made no sense.

  2. playing selfish is the ONLY way to have fun