Thursday, July 9, 2009

1G PLZ! : Experiment

I've had a little experiment going the last week...
just for the 1G plz section of this blog, I did something I had never done before...

I begged in WoW!

More actually I begged 4 times!

At lvl 5, 15, 30 and 40 I begged with a warrior i created: Bedelaar (dutch for beggar)
(All begging did in IF by the bank)
So my findings of my experiment:

lvl5 (2h begging) 50Gold not many wanted to give me gold, low lvl you don't need it etc.
nothing to report with hmi

lvl15 (2h Begging) ~67Gold Same reason here, low lvl's don't need it...

lvl30 (2h begging) about 400G!!! I said i needed gold for my Mount... And actually a lot fell for it ! even some in /2 /w me to ask where i was. A lot of people seem to think that the mount is needed, that its needed to survive. Very interesting though

lvl40 (2h begging) About 150G. I was begging and my reason was i wanted to buy plate.. Not many responded

Well if you see these nrs. I certainly Know why there are beggars around. Do note that this begging that i did was from 16h to 20h. and always no more then 30mins a piece.
So 30mins begging, 30min wait, 30mins begging ...

So if your a Goblin and you don't mind taking money from helpfull people: let your lvl30 begg for a bit and it'll get enough money to lvl70ish.



  1. That's a great experiment! I never though that "justification" can make the "freindly social ppl" to give more.

  2. In the beginning I gave someone a gold piece and when asked (after the transaction) why he does this and if that will shut him up, he responded:

    "No, didnt you jsut give me a gold, so Ill keep doing this"

    Very very valid, if there are 100 people like me on the server that night then he makes 100G.

    Its still very very lame as making gold in WOW is so easy and actually takes less time then begging if done right.

  3. I have given out a few gold pieces now and then. And yes, people need a good reason to get a few from me. Missing 5g for a lvl 30 mount would be a good reason. Not being able to afford your new spells at level 10 à 20 too. In that case, 5g should be plenty.

    Oh, all those people were also polite and were writing in full, correct English sentences. Don't come to me with "Can I hav some gold plz". I'll just tell you to go fuck yourself. Idem dito for a lvl 60+ begging. Or for an epic mount. Or for new items. Or for anything other really.

    And yeah, I also have to be in a really good mood.

  4. I could never ever do such a thing. I mean begging. Not even for the good course of "science", making an "experiemnt" for a good blog post. It's strange, but there is a barrier that can't be crossed. I would feel so ashamed that I lack words for it.

    On the other hand I would never ever give gold to beggers either. No matter of what reason they present. And I'm not ashamed about it either.

    But if a friend pops into my server, rolling an alt, I immediately will offer them some gold to make life a bit easier. They dont' even need to ask.

  5. "can i has some gold plzzzzzz :P i need my mount plzzzz"

    "yes, you can have all my gold. unfortunately, all the mobs and quest givers in azeroth are holding it for me right now. you can go get it though if you want."

  6. I would say some of this depends on the server, more people, more suckers. Maybe faction as well.

  7. This is another version of a pretty well-known psychological/social experiment. In that case, it was done around an office copier. There were several researchers involved in the experiment, posing as office workers.

    In the first trial, the experimenter waited until someone was at the copier with a big stack of papers but had not started copying yet. The experimenter asked if he could copy his paper first (he only had one). In all cases the subjects let him go ahead. No reason was given.

    In the second trial, Experimenter #2 had a bigger stack of papers and asked to go first. No reason was given. The subjects usually refused.

    In the third trial, Experimenter #3 had a big stack of papers and asked to go first. This time the experimenter gave a "nonsense" reason, i.e. "I have to copy these papers." (No kidding! So does the regular office worker!) However, several subjects allowed the experimenter to proceed first anyway.

    In the fourth trial, Experimenter #4 asked to go first but gave a "logical" reason, i.e. "My boss says she needs these right away for a big meeting." All subjects let him go ahead (some reluctantly, but they let him).

    Lesson here? Just give a reason, any reason, and most people will accept it at face value and fulfill your request.

  8. I think it would also come down to your approach. If you come at the mark using real words and not a bunch of netspeak, ("gold plz kthx"), more people would be inclined to part with their money. At least, that's my theory.