Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Deep thoughts: Goblin thoughts

Deep thoughts wednesdays brings the mind of no-one less then myself.... well at least it clears the cobwebs in there a bit...

If you have been here from the start, you know I started this blog in the honour of Gevlon.
I was a bit scared he would say farewell to blogging after reaching the goldcap, even worse when he reached it a second time. From the moment he started blogging he was bringin uss great tips and deep philosophies. Hereby a Thank you for being honest, greedy, not being "social" and for sharing it with uss.

As I also said in the beginning of this blog, I will not copy his style or blog like him. Why not? well I have my own style, I post "airish". I post light stuff, and most of the time I try to be somewhat funny. Not that I succeed in it though... (1g Plz has a post with moderate succes in humour though)

So I started this blog to actually fill up an emptyness within myself. Though Gevlon kept posting and kept the blog, I didn't stop since I enjoyed this, I enjoyed that the numbers and guests rised on my blog and that I got moderate succes.
I started at around 10ish viewers a day, and went to 200 a day. Right now I'm not even sure how many views i actually have a day, sometimes 250 the others 450 to even 700! (1012 views on this)

what I notice though is that the Goblin that started this, actually is also responisble for half my traffic.

So does this mean I'll mimic him? I rather not, since I like to be original.
Does this mean I should set up a project to take someone under my wing?
Hell no, since no-one would actually care and I don't have the time. I'm already guiding 4 persons to more wealth (a friend, my gf, a guildie, and a random who /W'd about the blog)
Should I continue making gold? I'm sticking my new banker on 10K and he's staying around that number. just because I don't need more, if I lose some (buying flight fe.) i'll make it up in a day or 2.
Should I stop blogging? Still don't know that yet, but thinking it over slowly.
Should I continue this post? Probably not, since it's sounding like a rant to me. Which it wasn't supposed too..

oh well, you'll read me later, I"ll see your traffic another day.

bb for now!


  1. The same happened on me, regarding money making, I don't envy on Mamamoth or Chopper, therefore I had little need for gold now.

    And by trading, we had developed a sense of what to buy and what'll sell. It's kinda boring to me now, the gold just keep on coming.

    I do try out of new market, just for the fun of it. And even give up on snatching cheap random goods and resale, since it's too time-consuming.
    I am also trying to share my thoughts with my girlfriend, and successfully conviced her milking moron is much more profitable on farming ourself. (By an example on she selling 5 stack of leather vs I sell an overpriced random pet on AH)

    But hell, I am lonely and bored on this quest now... hope my fellow trader RL friend will back to the fame and share my joy again.

    Will continue reading, and commenting/trolling here, Hehe

  2. I welcome your reading commenting and trolling here Zekta ^^

    But i do know what you mean, If you perfected it, and see all the money coming on a daily basis, it's boring. the first time its a thrill even the second time, but once it gets like that everyday... well game over, we won.

    we'll see what happens though