Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hang-over: Feels like real

ooh God is it monday again? Already this late? Jeeez, I slept 4h from saturday morning untill now. Probably sick but refuse to go to a Doctor so bah..
The Hangover feels like real though, I crawled in bed at 5 in the morning, at 7ish I was awake again.

Well, I'm putting up a small post today about WoW, and its pixels.
Last week I had someone saying: "You don't know what I'm giving up to be here tonight"
to say it ingame my response was much like: O_O
You saw those guys too saying: "I'm poor"... No your not You are playing WoW, probably have a house, family, job.... How can you be poor? Go to Afrcia and have a look what poor is you *dirty comments here*

So today While you are reading this miniscule update, I would like you all to think about the game and RL. About the value you give to "Gold" and "Titles" and even the game itself. If you have done that, please post a comment about how you feel about the game and all it's glory, can you miss it? Do you feel bad if you don't have gold? Do you envy "rich" pixel goldfarmers etc?

These things I would like to know.

If it's too personal you may always mail me at: onecopper.blogspot@gmail DOT com. If you want to write a post about it, AND want to get featured here mail me the post and who to credit.
Otherwise leave a comment.
So we can all check how the state of our minds is, or we believe we are programmers or cabdrivers or what ever. Or do we believe we are a dual two-hander axe weilding killing machine.


PS: I'm also looking for new reading material, and I think my readers could also use some, so if you have a blog you want me to check out: Mail me!

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