Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Death Knights can be usefull...

As long as you get them out of the battlefield and in the sanctuary of Dalaran or Ironforge.

I waited with this post soooo long and I still don't wan't to write it, why not? Well I'm not following my own advice on this one. Still not... and I should really get started.

First off all lvl a DK to 65. Yes I hate them too, just grid your theet for 4 hours and take a shower after that, 'cause you'll feel dirty and nubbish.
Second get 2 manufacturing skills on it. (JC and Inscription are both goodsellers)
Third: ? jk... get max skill.
Fourth: make gold.

Why Am I not doing this? Well to do this you need some seed cash or atleast a farmer.
I have neither, my shaman (lvl70) and warrior (lvl45) have the mining and herb skills. but both under the lvl cap, my main (for now) has Skinning so thats pretty useless since I have LW already. (and am not dropping it!)
The cash is also a drawback, i'll need about 5K to get him up max proffesions. And since my banker is at 10K for the last two weeks and I'm not even going to try and make more money on him for the time being, I don't want to spend that amount.

I'm thinking though that once Ari hits 77 I'm needing about 7K on her. so Once she's there I'm going to get money again. Why not now? well.. RL, Raiding, Guild, Work etc. I love making money but right now it seemed like a drag, I did the same everyday, no niches in EU Ravenholdt-A whatsoever,
Maybe if ArĂ¯'s skill get maxed out...
goldfever has struck again!
*picks up pick axe and runs like a mad man!*

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