Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jewelcrafting: Prospecting

I still don't know what to do exactly with the blog, my mind is twirling about the subject. Yes or No? Continue or stop?
But in the meantime I can continue posting some golden pearls... or at least the dust of adamantite.

One thing few Jewelcrafters and bankers realise is that lower lvl ore is quite profitable. And I don't mean grinding it, i already said that a couple of weeks ago. What I mean is prospecting, A small example of my server is thorium ore. The prices are down to 30G for a full stack which is about half it's normal price. This is a bussiness oppertunity not only for resale (for about 45G cause of the major competition) but also for the value it holds inside.

A full stack can be prospected about 4 times. And everytime you get a blue sapphire or large opal etc. Those gems go for about 10-20G a piece on my server, and most of the time you get 2 out of a prospect so lets say that we get 6 jewels and all sell for 15G....thats worth 90 gold... 3 times your investment! Thats something you don't see on a daily base, 3 times the money you put in if you sell it back on the AH....

Now thats a goldmaking oppertunity for minimal time and effort.


A fortune starts with one copper

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