Friday, July 31, 2009

Goldsellers: My B***es!!

I love Goldsellers! I mean it love them! soooo much! yes indeed!

oki if your not a banker or going to love or hate them,
hate them because they spam and w you
love them if you need the cash and are stupid enough to buy from them.

As a banker I <3 them!
Serious... A lot of goldsellers, use bankers... learn who those are... and search them (auctioneer => searches => general and search on name) you'll see that a lot of their mats are around 50ish percent of the market price! and ussually at wednesday there is a big post of them on the AH. (at least at my server) that I buy and sell it saturdays at 20-25% profit. (including the AH tip otherwise it would be around 30%)

Do I help the goldsellers with this? YES
Do I care? NO
why not? Cause if I don't get money out of it somebody else will.

So I get gold from Goldsellers without buying it! Do you catch my drift?

How to spot them?
lvl1 humans most of the time, still in their first outfit. and most of the time a normal name (only the spammers have a xfmdrs name)

So look for them, and use them!

PS: Totally of the record here: ZĂ©ntrix My main man, Gratz! you'll know why ;)


  1. Very good and goblinish point!

  2. Same as with the saronite farmers that are using hacks. Just do /who Wintergrasp from time to time (usually in the evening). Whoever is around lvl 70 there, that's your farmer. They usually have a guild, cause there is also a level 1 in the main faction city doing the selling. Type /who "guildname" of the farmer, and you'll find the lvl 1 seller. They change often as their accounts may be banned. But I find them and thus I buy saronite ore for 10-13g per stack (10g you read it well, don't worry) and Titanium ore for 130-160g per stack (while the AH is listed at 220g and above). Happy chinese farmers hunting !