Tuesday, July 7, 2009

skinner and leatherworker? Do some Heroics!

Ahhh yes, Heroics! they almost give you nothing in gold, or things to sell effectivly (since every 80 wants epics) and yet they make me hordes of money!

If youre a skinner and leatherworker do the following:
run Old kingdom, VH and Ahn'ketet something... every day!
Well you skinn leather, chitin and dragonscales from there.
yes indeed most of these don't sell for a lot of profit... about 20-40G for a full stack (server dependent)
you can make ==> nerubian legarmor and even the purple icescale legarmors. These sell for 50G and 400G respectivly on my server.

Why running heroics then? (or even normal dungeons)
1) extra money while your doing it
2) chance of getting a boe blue
3) gearing up if your a Raider
4)to do something fun... if you don't wipe half the time ofc
5) emblems of heroism => jewels => profit

So doing about 1h-2h of heroics, gives you 5 benifits!
True not all in the form of money, but still just to get your mind of a hards day work. I know that a lot of people refrain from playing the AH since they view it as an half hour of pure boredom. And this is my little tip from today to get your money from minimum AH-"work".


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