Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Deep Thoughts: So you want to be money capped?

Let's think about this for a while....

Greedy Goblin made 200K+ gold. Seriously: Gz for that.
I mean what do we need to do with so much gold?
Make another character and start a new with that one to reach it again?

Come on!
I have found a new Way of living actually, Right now my small banker has 10K gold on it. and 2K on my main on that realm...
And I am happy with that. I don't NEED anymore, and once you realise that you won't want anymore.
Ello├źn (my main) Does NOT have epic flying, why not? I don't need it. He's a skinner, so I can skinn anywhere I want to. I don't quest a lot with him, and if I need to fly to a raid, i can use the time to explain tactics etc on Vent, give the orders to the healers, figure out the tanks etc...

I have 10K with that small banker on Ravenholdt, and if I decide to take epic flying, I just need one week and i'll have the 10K again. I don't buy armor for my alts, I don't need to buy mats for my alts, the only thing i spend my money on is my guild. 50G for repairs, if we wipe too much (500G total = 1H of AH work), mats for great feasts: 100G for 10 great feasts which is enough for a week, and those 100G i get back by Raiding.
This doesn't mean I'll stop banking, I love it too much, and got too much to share with you all.
In my own freaky way ofcourse. But I will take a step back ingame. I don't have the time to Bank an hour a day. Certainly not now that Ari (my shaman) is speedleveling to 80. (40->57 in 20h anyone? - without rested, or help 10% from shoulders though) I'm raiding daily, blogging, keeping my guild running, working on the guildsite, working at work, learning in my free time and ofcourse giving the love to my wife that she deserves.

So AHgame, thank you soo much for the 100K on DMF but I'm content with what I have on Ravenholdt, so I'll be seeing you a bit less, maybe 10mins a day, just enough to post up all the trash i get by doing raids and lvling Ari.

PS: Don't worry, this blog will keep his regular posts


  1. I got the exaclty same feeling,
    and it come strike me (stronger each time) after my 10k mark.

    10/214 ? What's the meaning of getting there.
    I had no greed for the mammoth. Okay, may be some shortcut epic that save me from farming, but still. There aren't much way that I can spend my Gold. (I keep buying rare pets on my Do-not-touch guild-tab though... , I let my girlfriend access the rest, and always had 1kg cash there just incase she needed it)

    With the upgrade on non-epic flying, I'll sure cut off all my thoughts on the epic one. Beomce absolutely vanity to me now. Lossing incentive to make more gold, I am keen on finding out new ways of making it now ;) . (But I thought there are too many way, why they buy trash on AH :( )

    Isn't it Ironic that,
    you had to know what NOT to buy in order to be rich,
    but you don't have things to buy when you are rich.

  2. I've personally been stockpiling my gold because I'm working on the Insane title and I figure it will cost me something like 30-45k to buy my way to Exalted with them.


  3. Meh. better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.