Thursday, June 11, 2009

1G plz! : the needy without shame and a whine/rant

So you have a lvl10orso character without gold? Your broke and don't know where to start...
AH is to difficult or too time consuming? Get these Dirty tricks...

Do note that all of the following are frowned upon and will give you a name not worthy of remembering.

Guild charter signing: If you see someone spamming I'll give 1G if you sign my guildcharter do it! It's easy gold, just /gquit sign the charter get your gold, and get invited back to your guild. It'll get you the gold you need, and the guy had his sign for A couple of minutes. I haven't done it before but yesterday I was setting up TSB, and a guy Wd me that i had to watch out for it. Like i would spend a gold on a charter sign....

Beg: We all know this method, and frankly if you beg to me, you'll get more then you bargained for. But ofc its the ultimate do nothing get gold tactic.

Boosts: You can always boost people with your lvl80, though the pay is low, the work is hard; It can be fun... *cough*

Ninja: Ninja that BoE item! Ninja that BoP item, what ever just getthat piece of blue shiny things and sell it!

Master Ninja: Be a Raid leader/Master looter, and give the item to a friend (or yourself ofc) that didn't even roll or need it. if you take it = gold, if you give it to your friend = a favor to ask next time. (You tried it didn't you Water?)

Be a newb: say that you are a nub in a dungeon run and ask for help and have crappy gear. You'll need on everything, and you can sell it afterwards! then just take your full blue gear out of the bank again and go lvl!

Bah I'm sorry for this rather short and unhelpfull post. I'm just a bit mad right now, My former guildleader was a jerk yesterday (again!) tried to ninja something from a guildmember for another guildmember, did a horrible job as RL, forces people to play a certain style/way while we aren't even a raiding guild and discriminates certain people in the guild just cause they don't like Anime....

I'm terribly sorry for all my Fellow Guildmembers, I'm sorry for you blogreaders that you don't get a real update today, Sorry to Raven: Your a sweetie, but I can't take this S*** anymore from a 15y old. And ofc, I'm sorry Fraz and Ofan. It was good being together again, a part of the old guild. come and visit TSB again will you?


PS: sorry for the rant! I'm working my 14th hour straight now, i know it ain't an excuse, but It changes perspectives ^^


  1. Fun read anyway :)

    So check it out. You get lv 1 temporary alt, offer free enchants with the customer's mats, take the mats they give you, send to main, log out, delete toon.

    Works with crafting as well, provided they don't notice you are level 1 (decline group invites)

    :P~ could probably end up banned.

    Another scam, this one I've actually had done to me. Requires an item that shares it's icon with another, far less valuable item.

    Spam trade selling the valuable item at some unbeatable price, when a deal is made send the cheap item with the same icon as CoD, and there's a good chance they won't notice until it's too late.

    I got owned with some crappy pearl that I thought was a righteous orb.

  2. Thank you for enjoying the post ^^

    Do note that all things in the post and in comments are not our responsibility and if you try something you do it on your own risk!
    ... ^^