Monday, September 21, 2009

QA: Mining

I got an interesting Question from Shayline the other day:
How can I make money with mining and only a limited time to play?

Well this is a very interesting question and one that is a real problem for the casual player.

First off all: you have 2 proffesion slots: so take another one with you (a crafting one)
But about the mining now:
1st of all: get to know whats high priced in the server and what can be sold in large quantities.
Since your on my own server, mithril and saronite are both good for their time.
2nd off all: try to get to an agreement with someone that they will buy lets say 5-10 stacks from you, every week for a fixed price. That way you are sure of income.
3th: if you can't get someone to keep buying your stuff: AH.. never ever sell something that can be used to a vendor.. always to a real player, either by /2 or AH.
Since mining is a gather proffesion, you'll always have to spend time to gather which means you can't make more money then the time put in. Ofc if you are grinding for mines in scholozar basin, you can get up to 450-600G for an hour of farming. which is significantly lower than what I make for 30mins at AH.

What could also boost your income with mining:
Get someone to prospect your ore, and sell the gems instead, and see if it's worthwile it.

My recommendation for "casual" players: Get some money together, then drop the gathering proffesion and level jewelcrafting or inscription. You'll earn double the money with only half the effort!



  1. It is my opinion that the only 'good' time to farm, be it mining or herbing or other, is at the start of new content. After a month or so of existence, the prices go down so far that it pays more to have a second crafting profession instead.

  2. Jederus, that indeed is largly true.
    In my own humble opinion, it's also good if your fe. getting a second crafting prof on an alt.
    so you can dampen the costs just by farming yourselfs. ofcourse the "unkown" costs remain the same. (mats that aren't sold = loss = cost) and you spend time on it, but if don't have anything else to do it could be a good reasoning for "farming"

  3. If you have a limited time to play, I would suggest picking up a mod like Gatherer and couple it with the mod Routes. Play around with it for a bit, and you'll develop an optimal route for looking up nodes instead of flying/running around at random, hoping for the best.

    Don't sell copper ore short either. People are always starting new DK's, and they tend to buy mass quantities of ore so they can smelt it for the quick mining skillups. So even at lower levels, by making the most of your time you can still manage to pull in some decent gold.

  4. If you're really short on time, just buy out some are, smelt it, and put it back on the AH. Cobalt ore is almost always cheaper than the bars. This doesn't work as well with ores that are prospected frequently, but get to know your servers ore/bar prices and you'll see where money can be made with little effort.

  5. If you have limited time, don't waste it flying around competing with other players for nodes.

    Go to the AH and investigate where you can add value.

    Some examples:

    1. Make bars out of any underpriced ore you spot.

    2. Buy copper and tin, either in ore or bars, and make bronze.

    3. Make titansteel bars

    4. Make Felsteel bars

    5. Buy cheap stacks and sell expensive singles of just about anything, but bars work particularly well.