Thursday, September 24, 2009

Podcast: Segments...

For my RSS readers: Crafters Corner: Alchemy Thats my real post for today.

As all of who listened to podcasts know, you need some segments in it.
The segments I'm playing with right now are:
-Crafters Gold -- What can you craft for money?
-1G please! -- making your first buck or make a stab at goldsellers/beggars
- My crops -- farming tips
- Hole in the purse -- On what NOT to spend money
- Ask Seth Copper -- Me awnsering your questions
- ....

Now those are all money making segments or at least to a certain degree connected with it. The poll is still going so it could be that there are more segments being added that are not about moneymaking:

-- Ding! -- lvling tips
-- Killing Blow! -- PvP Tips
-- In my old days... -- back in my day boy, we had something like Blackrock ......
-- Oh my you're so strong -- lvl80 tips (raiding/ dungeons etc etc)
-- ...

If you want to add more or have great Idea's make a comment! Because... I'm starting... THIS weekend... with recording... oki, I'm starting with recording tunes, and stuff. I want to learn how to work with audicity and implement some songs and stuff.
The Podcast itself could be only a week away or a month away. How come?
Well I need to get everything worked out , need to know what exactly you guys want etc etc.

Any questions for the podcast: send an email.
And guys Vote, seriously.. I had 400 visits yesterday and only 10 people voted on the poll, so if you want to have something to say, want something to hear on your mp3.. vote

Thanks all,



  1. Great names for segments....I was chuckling as I can see you having fun with some of those topics. I am looking forward to listening in.

    ET Phone Home - something on hearths, cooldowns, rings, summons, flight plans, portals, gateways, mounts, Amber Ledge and all the various ways we are able to get around the vast world of Azeroth and how that will change.

  2. haha :) superb Rich, ok If you won't mind, I am going to use ET Phone Home as a title for a segment,
    ofcourse giving the full credit of the title to you

  3. Great ideas! I wouldn't sacrifice quality to fit these segments however, although know you aren't likely to...just talking my mind ;)

    If a segment is on a rather important, current or in depth topic then I'd rather that other sections get dropped, shortened or postponed for the podcast rather than trying to fit them all in and sacrificing on the sections that 'matter'.

    Really would love to have you do a ecnomoy blog podcast though, rather than general WoW based (Which is what I voted) and it is something I've thought about doing myself :)

  4. I voted for a Goldmaking podcast. There are already plenty (and good) general WoW podcasts.

  5. I'd LOVE a podcast! I listen to stuff on my headphones a lot at work. I voted for the general one because I would be willing to listen to any of the suggested segments, but I have to admit I'd probably await the goldmaking features most eagerly.

    --Pellex on Hyjal