Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday Morning Hang-over: Visitor thoughts

Hey all,

A weekend has passed and I saw 2 things on my Google-Analytics that struck me odd.
First off all: If I talk about the Podcast, if thats on my last RSS I drop from 350+ to around 200
Now this is a bit weird, and yet it's normal.

People come here to read about gold making, How do I make gold and how can you make gold.
So it's clear that me being all excited about a Podcast is not in the readers pattern. So If I'm going to talk about the Podcast again (and I will) I'll do it first so that my RSS feeder sais: crafting whatever or farming this or selling that.

Second off all and this was the real weird thing: normally in the weekend I have about 50-100 (maximum) views, now The podcast was submitted Friday eve (the preview) and saturday and sunday I had 150 views.. so I have less people that are interested in the podcast, but those that are interested come back every day weekend or not.

Now for today, I'm at work right now, after work I have an appointment for another work and after that I can go to see a "specialist" which is actually just a doctor specialized in (my case) throat and swallowing, So that means I can't work on my Podcast tonight.
For the people that are actually interested in the podcast: it's comming out before 15th october.
always fun to sneak in some news between everything else.

What did I do at the weekend? Suprisingly not much trading made about 300G profit and thats it. If you know me by now you should know I hate peeveepee. why? Ganking, I'm a huge altaholic and my alts keep getting ganked. Well My girl got ganked by a lvl77 rogue, and she got grieved by it , sooo much she was getting pissed about it. So I went on my 80 shaman, got my dps spec up, got some random voa125 pvp gear on and Griefed the rogue a whole freaking hour. I murdered him over and over and over again. then he took rezsickness to rez in his own town in helfire, so we got 5 guys together from the guild and murdered the town over and over again.
When we were done with him he logged out 'cause I standed by his corpse for 30 mins...
Yes I'm evil... Nobody griefs my girl, or anyone from my guild. I'll corpse camp that dude till he starts crying irl. Well He just caught me on a bad day thats all.
Now my warlock is solely lvling through pvp and I actually love it, he's 28 right now, has been on the top of damage, flag caps, base assaults since lvl 24ish. and its going good.
I even got some arenas done again on my hunter, and I'm slowly starting to love it.
But thats not why you're here.

A new Blog popped up: A fistfull of coppers (its also on my blogroll) It's starting up and while I think it needs some work, Its off for a good start. If you don't have much time to read and want some basic and fast tips this is a great blog for you. Short and to the point.



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