Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deep thoughts: Comments

First off all I would like to thank Gevlon for the link in his blog. The topic I wrote yesterday have brought on one of the heaviest discussions yet on this blog.

And Thank you for all the comments, good and bad, ofcourse more the good than bad, but both must exist.

Did I took on a topic that normally is written by Gevlon? Yes. Have I copied him? No, As said when I started this blog, YES I share the same views, but if my views are given, I'll give them on my own. With my own thoughts and writing. So for the Trolls that say I'm a knock off: Do your research.. oh right a troll, you do not have the mental capacity to do such things.

A nice comment I got here was the following (in blue) My comments about his comment are in black.

Unimpressed. I could care less what other people think about my own thoughts about social pressure. IF you actually read the whole post you should have known that

I read this post and I felt it was useless and unnecessary, and not only because it parrots Gevlon's pet theme. Same as what I said before.

I find your perspective immature. I believe you will look back on it one day and feel the same, and perhaps even be ashamed of yourself. Aaah yes, the mature perspective is: oooh the world is so great and I need to help the people that are too lazy to help themselfs to make the world a better place for all those who are too stupid/lazy to think for themselfs. I will go and feed the hungry with my golden spoon and become a hero.... Sorry not interrested... The world is cruel and the only thing that you have to do while you spend your time here is making your own time here as bearable as possible.

There will come a time in your life when you do not need to worry so much about looking after yourself and your loved ones. Then you will be able to spend some energy making the world a better place, perhaps bringing some peace and security to those less fortunate than yourself. Same as with the golden spoon thing, get your head out of the clouds and see whats around you. If there would be peace in this world you would probably starve to death. About half a billion people get payed because they are in the army, make weapons, make vehicules of combat, make security systems etc. etc. No war = Good bad for quality of life. Every revelution in economy and technology has come due to war. If there is non the economy would take a serious hit and it will probably be you that are "less fortunate". Don't get me wrong, I don't want to redeem war. but before you say such things be realistic.

At the moment you seem so caught up in your own personal struggle that you have no ability to care for anyone else. What if that struggle went away? If you had all the money you needed or wanted, would you still want more more more just for the sake of it, or would you turn around and make a positive impact on the lives of others? I do not have a "personal struggle". I have a great and good paying job, got a girlfriend and do what I like to do. If I had all the money I needed I would get some extra, why? If things go bad I'll have the extra. If i had the extra I would never ever turn around to make a positive impact on the lives of others. why not? Again I will not help the people that can't help themselfs. It is better to give a thirsty man a shovel to dig his well, then to give him water to drink.

Open your eyes, look at the world around you. I'm not even going to comment on that one.

We are all one. All life is one. Where will we all be in 100 or even 1000 years? The very atoms which comprise our physical bodies will still be a part of the living earth, as they always have been. No That is wrong, I am me and all the rest is the rest. in 100 or 1000 years I'm dead and decaying in the ground. And for your information. Our bodies haven't been a part of this world for ever and ever and ever. I was conceived 21 years ago. Before that I didn't exist, or maybe you like to count those 40 days as spermcell too. That still isn't "always a part of the world".

There is more to life than yourself, your business, your girlfriend and your bank account. Perhaps once those things are no longer of concern you will see the wonder in the world around you.No there isn't. I care about myself and the people close to me. If I would see someone shot in the street, I would not help. Because I'm not going to risk my life for someone I don't know. And neither would 99% of the world. I'm just mature enough to admit it. Instead of go cringing in a corner when that moment arrives.

You think the life is one big happy family and that you are obligated to help others to make the world a better place. It is appearant that you follow the social laws of others. This is why you will probably never feel truely happy. Because the rest ain't as "fortunate" as you.

Why isn't everyone as fortunate as me? Because they didn't work as hard.
I am the one with the real world view, you are the small boy that thinks everyone should have the same amount of riches.... and that the world should be saved from capitalism.
Comunism started out the same way... a good thought just not applicable in this day and age.


  1. To be honest Seth, I am somehow not surprised in the slightest that you received a whole load of people complaining about your last post - and no doubt you might get more of the same from this one.

    That doesn't make your points any less valid.

    As for 'copying' Gelvon...since when was it an idea original to him either? The whole point of the internet and blogs is to discuss and share things and thoughts. I'm not knocking Gelvon, but I don't see why people are bashing you for sharing the same or similar views and stating them on your *own* blog.

  2. I knew that I was going to receive such comments, complaining about my views, tbh thats also why I wrote it and why I wrote this 2nd piece about one of the comments.

    Why? To let people notice, that I really don't care about the social pressure, People expect me to not post this AGAIN. and to back off without so much of a comment and delete the trolls. Well I don't back off :-)

    But indeed, my points are valid for me and other "goblins" and thats the point. That some of uss have our own thoughts and don't follow the crowd.

    Also, Thank you for your thoughts on the copying gevlon comment. I was thinking the exact same. Yes He is the pioneer, and will always be the one who opened his thoughts about it all to the world first. but that does not mean no-one else has similar thoughts. And If I cannot say them without "copying" then what has the blogsphere come to? If Gevlon sais its a good post, why should anyone else try to say I shouldn't do it if he doesn't have a problem with it?

    Oki my thoughts are getting way to long for a comment.


  3. Zernam here, for some reason I'm unable to post with my LJ credentials.

    Might want to try a different color or font to highlight quoted text - didn't notice that you were except by reading the context and then putting my face up to the monitor to see the color change :)

    As to the current topics, I'm not sure if you're merely doing this to be adversarial and draw traffic or you feel its a topic you really want to explore. Your perspective is as valid as any, but the tone of your writing is very different.

  4. It's a Topic that I have been writing about these last months tbh, not always but sometimes, once a month mostly. If you'll go to august you'll see.

    One Question though... What do you mean that the tone of my writing is diffrent? Diffrent as in contrary to the previous post or against other writers?


    BTW: I have no need to draw traffic, I do well on my own, and don't care too much about the actual visitors, if there is one reading, and one understanding what I write here. Thats good enough for me.

  5. Zernam again:

    Ok, I did go back and look at your entries, took some time to get a sense for what I'm trying to objectively convey. As a point of note text is sometimes a difficult medium for expression (some people miss the nuances of inflection, facial expression, etc). Some commenters may just see what's on the surface.

    One of the people who replied to the previous entry suggested a bitterness to your comments, I felt it to be more purposefully confrontational instead of a "hey, this is how I feel". To have a mindset that you're here for yourself and not care too much about visitors seems contrary when you're asking often for opinion and critique about the direction of the site & items like the podcast.

    I enjoy the constructive elements to your writing, the questioning part - the part that looks to push the envelope on looking at things critically. This one seemed a little forced to me, that's all :)

  6. Well I ask for a lot of input from the readers to improve my writing so in that sense you are correct. About this one seeming a bit forced, I viewed it again and it indeed seems a bit more forced. though It wasn't, ooh well thanks for the comments, and I'll try and not to force anything :)

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  8. for the troll i'm going to delete, How can I be the leech If I'm the one that works and actually make money? The taxes I pay is enough, I'm not going to help the "M&S" in gevlons words, with the money I have left.
    Grow up, learn economics then come back and be man, post under a name.

  9. I wish you wouldn't delete the moron's I like reading them, it provides much need levity to my day.

    I hope that my thoughts did not come off as trollish. I wanted to convey that your Selfishness while an absolute necessity for your personal growth and advancement(and in turn added to the growth and advancement of others), seemed to come from a negative place.

    I think that "how" and "what" in your personal code is the correct way to approach life and in turn the rest of the world. I would challenge you to develop the "why" your current personal code is the best way.

    In any case I enjoy your posts keep writing.

    When haters hate you're usually doing something very right.

  10. Carl,
    I might take you up on that challenge next week ;)