Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1C to 100K : Inscription taking off ... slooowly

So My inscription is still only 300. No I'm not lazy or slow. (I just don't have any time to play these days - sounds familiar?)
Well just with lvling i make about 200G profit of inscription a day. now along with my 1K profit a day from JC i'm at a good 1.2K a day. Now that the drums are here too... i'm aiming on 1.5K before friday. this would ofc mean that I actually need to log in on my main characters this week... so I'm hoping I find some time to do this all this week.

how am I doing you might ask on the 100K thing? well about 30K right now so i'll only need 3-4 more weeks to actually hit the 100K.

How do I do this? quite easy:
buy epic gems.
Craft them
put them up

Really nothing more then that. fe. I buy something for 100G and I sell it for about 220G.
I do this for about 10-20 gems a day... so well do the math.
Now for the inscription: 5 of every glyph that even is slightly profitable, with about 100 glyphs a day.

And I only post once every two days, so i could actually already have more gold if I had more time and stuff.

I'll have another post up about the podcast a bit later today so stay tuned!
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