Monday, September 14, 2009

100 Gold to 100K : Scribe's Sanctum: 1-150

So Yesterday I started the Scribing bussiness. Well at least I tried....
Ari: Heralism: 300 ( ooh the grind, the grind! *horror*)
Ell: Inscription 150

Ell could've getten higher but I wasted enough time yesterday.
Now for the bad part:

Problem 1: 1-150: not many glyphs that are worth selling, or that sell for profit.
fe. kingsblood = 1.90G a piece = 38G for a full stack.
5 kingsblood = 2-3 usefull pigment x 5 = +/-12 pigment = 6 inks
6 inks = 3 x a two ink glyph or 6 x a one ink glyph. both of which only sell for about 4-7G...
so 6x 7gold = 42G okaj profit right?
42G - 10% AHcut = 37.8Gold

Problem 2: Even though I grinded most of the mats (so I can spend more money on the books of glyph) I still don't have enough and will have to buy more to lvl and lose money, granted due to my grinding i only lost about 60G yesterday (including buying the 32slot- bags)

Problem 3: From what I see : most money is made with minor Glyphs at low lvl and highlvl glyphs from books. Which means I have to spend more money on getting the books since they are one of the few profitables.

Now my question for you guys:
How do you know your glyphs are making money with the goblin way? (with other words: severe undercutting)

Do you guys use the same formula as me (blue in the post)? or do you have another one?


  1. No, there is a npc call Jessica in Dalaran, who will trade one ink of low level (any common) for one ink of the sea

    So, we'll only mill ink of the sea for crafting. (Unless that herbs is cheaper, but unlikely since herbs of northen had a great supply)

    Gevlon did a good calculation at his post
    I can calculate the base cost with 1 ink glyph and 2 ink, but I didn't bother yet...

    Hope this will help...

  2. Zekta,
    thx for the link, But I already read that post.
    I4m just looking for more of the similar.

    Since there are others not only using ink of the sea. (Fe. me, while lvling atleast)

    ty for the comment ;-)

  3. Try to buy ink of the sea it could save you a lot of money during leveling.

  4. I'm farming the mats while lvling inscription so no need tbh

  5. Buy ink of the sea and use it for leveling and sell mats you farmed. Goblin way:) Middle level herbs costs a lot (on my server at least and i've heard about this problem on other servers too) At least look at your server's ink of the sea prices.

  6. mats here are about 20-40G. so I'd better be off dropping it and taking alchemy. but yet again, Farming is a good way to get my head clear, I hate it, i really really hate it, but after what happened the last couple of weeks at work and RL it's a good way to just do no-brain stuff :-)

  7. Sounds like a burn out from work to me...
    Same things happened to me before, overworked on project, brain-juice-drained out for code and stress :(

    I grind AV back then...
    (Did some Slaughtering there)
    Farming is much more profitable...
    It really helps to have time for the brain to take a break...

    Oh, back to glyph
    minor glyph do sell better, since the new comer cannot undercut on those, however, for long term competition it's more-less the same.

    keep an eye for the book, but only buy when it's cheap enough, I took a long time to finish my book collection as well.

    Another tips on 32slot- bags, leather worker ocassionally sell it really cheap, since it's on the path on their leveling, wait till the price is right.

    A full set of glyph takes around 3 alts, and 11 32 slot to hold (no exact), and 3-4 bags for production...
    My setup is, 1 main with 4 bags to hold the material, and the result glyph, bulkmail to the 3 alts, and sell indivially (Each alts handle 2-4 classes).

  8. Zekta,
    I'm a lw so i can make them if I want, but they only cost 10G a piece on my servers so it's very cheap,
    Right now I have:
    1 farmer (when she dings 450 she's off to alchemy though
    1 producer (produces the glyphs - 4 32slot bags
    1 seller (4 32 slot bags + incomming in the bank)


  9. 20-40 g for north herb stack? Or for Ink of the sea stack? Some math - if you have kingsblood for 40g stack you are getting ink per 8g or so. So if someone is selling stack of ink of the sea cheaper than 100g it is definitly a way to go.

    Important thing to know - what do you want from your profession? If 1 transmute per day would be enough gold for you - just don't do anything else:) Gevlon's mass production inscription method is good but you need some time to start it rolling.

  10. what do you want from your profession?
    Well this is a money blog -_-
    What do you think?

  11. ok, sorry i am not a goblin so sometimes could spent too much time for stupid topics.
    back to topic:
    i am using ink prices as basic. This simplifies math a lot. You have set of formulas that will told to you when milling is profitable and set of formulas that say when glyph creating is profitable.

    inscription is two step process

    step 1 - milling
    Gevlon's post had them. They describe your profit from milling herbs into the inks

    step 2 - crafting
    [ink of the sea] price * [1 or 2] + patchment = cost to make a glyph:)

    Common mistake is to count herb -> glyphs cost. This is just wrong. Example.

    Stack of kingsblood - 40g
    6 glyphs created from it - 7 g each
    important part ink of the sea - 3g each

    so if you convert kingsblood to the glyphs.
    First step milling - 40 g stack to 6 inks is -22g
    Second step crafting - 6 inks - 6 glyphs 24 g gain.

    All of us are trying to get money from second step.

    Hope my math explained why 7g glyphs are gain.

  12. in theory your math indeed is correct.
    though you must see that: Glyph > costs of making them.

    which would mean that...
    If you buy the inks your glyphs > 22G = Profit
    if you buy the mats (for whatever "dumb" reason) > 40G = profit

    I see why your 6x7glyphs = 42G > 40G or 22G makes profit. (depending on the ink or herb.)

    Your math however is flawed.

    42G - 10% ah cut = 37.8G which would mean that if you bought the original herbs, you would lose money. if you boght the inks you'd ofc still make money.

  13. i am always forgetting about ah cut.

    Back to your 3 problems.
    1)in 150-300 there are much more good selling glyphs. Dk's for example. There are a lot of glyphs in this range that are just BiS for different specs.
    2)You don't have access to north herb milling yet. This is a big part of ink income as was shown earlier.
    3)3 sources of pricey glyphs are books, minor research & north research. Some of trainable glyphs are good too (sells a lot for 10g+) but for full money gains from inscription you need time and money investment.

    Main problem with glyphs is a small gain from one glyph. So if you are trying to figure out how much money will you get from this one glyph you usually spent more time you will get from it.

    At high level game is easy - you have price under which you are buying herbs. You have minimum price of glyphs you are producing. You have addons to spent as less time as you can for all this actions.

    I hope this discussion of beginner's inscription helped you.

  14. I leveled my DK professions herbalism 450 and inscription now at 406. My inscription was leveled by making 5 of whatever glyph was orange. I have never once bought a stack of herbs nor traded anything in Dalaran. I did/do minor research and now northern research as soon as it comes off cd. I made a ton of glyphs for friends and guildmates. Of all the 5 stacks I made and everything since, i just put them up on the AH undercutting 1-10g depending on what is up there. I herb and mill all my inks so the only cost in my time and playing the game is time but it is why i bought WOW to play (whether grinding, herbing, leveling, instancing, etc) so to me the only cost is parchment. 10g for stack of 20 resilients. (sure there was cost along the way when learning skills but those are long forgotten and the gold grinding mobs around the herbs paid for that, so unless I sell a glyph for 50s I am making money. Most of the ones I sell range from 2g up to 25g - i put everything up at 12h which I think costs 15c for most glyphs so I guess I should say unless i sell a glyph less that 50s 15c, I make money. I have mining and skinning on my main so I make 100g-200g a day on him too. I only currently have around 12k but I rarely spend it on anything so....................

  15. I could swear that the our faction AH is a 5% cut (listing fee is a deposit on that amount). 1g on a 20g sale (as an example).

  16. I still craft the cost > price glyph, so they can stay on my glyph posting alts, and QA will auto scan if the price is good again.

    Some glyph will never make it to be profitable though, the island on the leveling path, but that'll be a one time cost
    (if the price is lower than the cost, I don't post them = I don't need to recraft it again)

    Once in a blue moon, the market will be out of those, and you could sell a overpriced one :)

  17. IMO, there's isn't much profit to be made while you're leveling up inscription. At best you'll break even. But you'll make it up once you get above 300 (DK glyphs sell well, more minor glyphs and some good major glpyhs). Just put your head in the sand and grind it out :)