Thursday, September 24, 2009

Crafters Corner: Alchemy

Alchemy jepz...
It ain't worth that much in the goldmaking aspect but it can be profitable.

Potions: Seriously potions, Greater Healing potions and mana potions sell very well these days.
Now that they stack in 20 and that pvp BG's are giving xp. people are buying them. I'm playing a warlock lvl23 (afflic) right now and seriously I have a full stack of healing/mana potions with me.
Why? It makes the BG easier, faster and increases your xp... YES it does. With those potions it makes it easier to carry the flag. It's easier to cap the flag, and if you cap the flag you get xp. It lets you live longer to do more damage in AB so that the horde/ally get less chance to cap a node. which means more points for you = more xp.

Also and I tried this and it actually work.. not for huge amounts ofcourse but it really does work:

[2. Trade][23:DamiƤn]: Now open for bussiness: The leveling [Alchemy] Store! Looking for potions and elixers? Get them here! Want to be a hunter with Stealth? [Lesser Invisibilty potion] Can help you! Want to kick that rogues butt in the BG's? [Greater healing potion] Will let you self heal and confuse him! I thought I was fighting a Warrior? Get them NOW!

Seriously I had 3 whispers from lowlvl (10-30) :
1 for a full stack of healing potions, 1 for for a stack of greater healing potions and a stack of mana potions, and one for 10 [Lesser invisibilty potion]s (and yes a hunter XD )

The first one said no after he heard the price, the second one bought the mats and gave me 10G gold fee and the third one just bought them with my mats.

So my tip for today: Don't forget the alts that are lvling through BG's they really want an edge to lvl faster and kick some horde/alliance butt.



  1. That actually made me laugh. Good idea :)

  2. Thanks ^^ I thought it was quite good of myself too :) (just kidding)

  3. Problem with mana and healing potions is that they are:

    1. Often used in alchemy powerleveling guide
    2. Drops from mobs. People don't loose mats by selling them.

    Those two points often means you will be selling them below material cost at the auction house. But offcourse if you can find some who wants them crafted for a fee go for it.