Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bloggers Blog: something bad, something good

Let's skip the small talk and skip right to the bad news.

A few day's ago I got official confirmation that WoW-Coining it will shut down. Though It's not certain that the author of this excellent blog will shut down for ever, it's a blog that I certainly will miss.
So by this, I'm keeping the blog on my blogroll for a week or two more, to pay homage to the authors excellent writing.

Coffelord, I'll miss you around the blogosphere. Take care.

Now for slightly better news.
I'm giving one person the chance to blog along with me on (a Fortune starts with) One-Copper.
An example post and your credentials can be mailed to: onecopper.blogspot @gmail DOT com
No experience required. (everyone starts without experience and they should get a chance of gaining it -_- unlike what companies say -_- )
I'm looking for a person who can make 1 -3 posts a week (how much the person in question may choose himself)

So do you think you are able to keep readers happy? Find the right post at the right time? etc etc. Send me a mail and we'll see what we can do!


1 comment:

  1. I always feel sad on people leaving the blogosphere,
    Another nice place of reading and source of inspirating idea had lost...

    Thought we had not much contact before, I'll miss him, I am sure