Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Deep thoughts Wednesday: Q&A

So since I'm posting full time on this blog again. I want to give everyone the oppertunity to ask me some Questons.

Ranging from where have you been to what is leatherworking usefull for...

So post a comment throw me a Question and I'll post the awnser in a following post!

On other thoughts...
Cataclysm is comming out .. .yes it is... and my thoughts about it are:
BAD BAD blizzard! BAD BAD blizzard, OFF! OFFF!!!

no seriously, I love them for making the old world new again but I don't want to say goodbye from old world. make it an instance or something! seriously ... plz...

Other problem includes LORE.... so we killed ragnaros.. we defeated the outland threats, we are kiling Arthas.... but VanCleef is still alive.... and stronger then ever....
hmmm... I think I killed the bastard about a 100times already.
Why are we even going to Outland and Northrend when the new azeroth hits?
Arthas = DEAD , outland = Peacefull...

think about it, what do you say on all that?


  1. Well the thing is, in the 'leveling' lore you are meant to be at or around the lore level of where you are... kind of.

    If you are leveling up in Outlands, Kaelthas is still a threat, as is Vashj etc. You kind of have to ignore the bigger picture thing.

    Like when you do all the quests leading up to the battle of the Undercity etc - up until that point Putris is on your side and so on.

    It's odd, but I guess it kinda works for people that are freshly leveling.

  2. Well indeed that worked, but with the new land and deadwing getting up your going backwards in time:
    lvling 1-60 => deadwing threat
    lvling 60-70 => kealthas is a threat (going back in time)
    lvling 70-!0 => arthas threat (also back in time)
    lvling 80-85 => deadwing again back in the current time,

    thats what is a bit annoying, but maybe is just personal.

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