Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rant: Guild divorce

Aaaah the rant, its been a fairly long time since I really had something to rant about.

Well yesterday after 16H of work I came home logged infor WoW and saw 18 people missing! (9 people but each with alts)
Half of our core raid team, and an officer left. why? they wanted to start a Hardcore raiding guild (since TSB is Semi-Casual)
Well I don't blame them, for me and TSB members that stayed RL > WoW, if they want WoW > RL that ofc is their choice.

What bothers me is that my Officer, and some "close" WoW friends left with out saying anything, not even a mail. The one who left to set up his guild, let me a mail, but the rest? never heard of them again.

So after almost downing Yogg-Saron TSB is back at the first stage, not raiding and expanding our core team again. At least we are lucky enough that with a bit of training we can fill in our 2 most needed spots (Tanks).

oooh well, we'll see what happens next, one thing is sure though: I'm not giving up TSB is known and loved, and it's going to rise over the destruction, and emerge even stronger.
As always...
1 guild => officer left, i didn't have many time to play so we disbanded the guild
2nd guild emerged in july of this year.
2nd guild first problem: an officer got into a personall vendetta and tried to change the guild: he left, A week later Naxx was on farm and ul progression got up to kologarn.
2nd guild second problem: 2 core raiders didn't had time to play anymore. trained new people, recruited again: a week later we downed the keepers and another week later we were at Yogg
Now with this Problem we are going to down Yogg and ToC i'm sure of it.

I promise it even.


  1. IF someone tries to have a go on me, please be (wo)man enough to post under your name :-)

  2. what are you guys looking for in your guild? what server are you on?

  3. Josh we are looking primarly for Tanks and DPS at the moment, and we are playing at Ravenholdt-EU (A)

    everyone that know how to play at lvl80 is welcome though.


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  5. thank you for the comment!
    just checked your site out: really nice writing there!

    just put you in the bloggroll, and going to mention you in a post soon :)

    keep up the excellent work!